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  1. Floats are still for sale
  2. PM replied payment pending.
  3. For sale are 46 floats. Some in better shape than others, all do what they are intended to "FLOAT". Great lot for someone just starting out or for someone just looking to restock. Asking $50 shipped for the lot. Not willing to split at this time. See picture
  4. For sale are 6 long extra deep diver bay rat crankbaits. None of them have ever seen a cast. One will come with upgraded trebles (2x strong gammakatsu ewg style trebles). Two will come with original hooks. The other three have split rings only (I store baits without hooks and never replaced them). Asking $40 shipped for the lot. Not willing to split them up at this time.
  5. Really appreciate the feedback guys. I was able to fix it up myself
  6. Excellent! Appreciate the help brother
  7. Local Rod Repair Contact? Looking for someone in the Rochester to Buffalo area with experience wrapping guides. Second guide from my tip came out of the wraps and just needs to be re-wrapped and epoxied, very small job. If anyone on her is personally interested or knows of someone I can contact please comment or share their contact below. Appreciate the help. Tight lines
  8. 11'3" 10-20lb, original graphite. Rod has never seen a cast. Have a pair and this one doesn't see any use. Absolute king murderer. Asking $400 shipped obo, open to trades as well.
  9. Looking for yecks (zippers), KO's, and locos
  10. If you have any of the spoons I mentioned I am interested, not looking to buy a whole lot to only get a few of the ones I want but I appreciate the feedback
  11. Getting to be that time of year seeing if anybody has some tackle they want to thin out. I am looking for: Yek Zippers KO Wobblers Locos #3 or #4 Can be used or new condition doesn't matter Let me know what you guys got!
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