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  1. Sorry whaler I heard it here first lol
  2. The beautiful Ivanka Trump visited us at our work facility on Monday. My crew was asked to put on a paving demonstration for her. She was very personable and spoke to all of us individually. She is even photobombing me in the newspaper lol. It was a pretty cool experience regardless of your political beliefs Sent from my XT1710-02 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. 11 inch paddle with meat. It beats going to the gym
  4. I also want to thank a member of this site who messaged me and let me know he found my throw ring that I didn't even realize I had lost. I guess it paid having my board LOU name on it. Thanks CUTTERMAG1, people like you make this site special
  5. On the water at sunrise, set up in 140. The first rigger fired with a Big Weenie meatrig with a MC Rocket with five minutes. Ran a single 400 chute copper, two dipsys, two riggers. Took 7 hits and the guys were able to boat 3. Either the fleas were a lot less or switching from 30 to 40lb big game made a big difference on the fleas. We were off the water about 10am. Dipsys were run 220 and 280. Meat rigger was 80 and spoon rigger at 60 Sent from my XT1710-02 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Rig up two buckets. One for each side. It will make netting easier
  7. Next year for the summer LOC they are giving away special prize for whoever can bring in the most dry weight of fleas the last day of the derby 😁
  8. Let's just say I had a nice little conversation with the folks at LOC and it was changed to BW Fly. That is fine I'm good with that. He claimed he didn't know what B WEEN was. I say bs. I know the game they have played in the past.
  9. I would.like a couple 16s as well. Please pm me with price and thanks. PayPal address as well
  10. So a couple of my buddies head up this morning and I gave them a couple Big Weenie meat rigs to try. Well, they boated some fish with a 22 lb 14 oz fish they weighed in. Sean Taylor is the name. He wrote B Ween on the weigh in form. Obviously there is nothing offensive about B Ween. So it originally appears as Ween on the LOC leaderboard but now it shows no lure. It just says Trilene? Anyone know why? 018_Summer (7).pdf
  11. I'll send ya 75$ PayPal if you will ship em
  12. I did really well on oneida with them a month ago
  13. That Shark Week fly is deadly.
  14. I applaud all of you. Those of you who have served and to those who took them out. 😳
  15. Screwy Louie is about 15 miles to Oswego and Woody's would be the closest of the Pulaski shops at about 20 miles
  16. Does it work on mud chickens Todd?
  17. Most who do troll at night with f18s. I've already said too much.
  18. I haven't seen any results yet. I'm glad you had fun Rod and it was great to see you at the OOO
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