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  1. Thanks all that have gotten to me about these lures. Still have not been able to get any yet though🤨
  2. Launches are definitely going to make trouble this season. Need hip waders definitely. Any word on the eye or pike bite out there
  3. Very cool all responses 👍. There is much to learn as fisherman that's what makes it so much fun
  4. That is interesting. Do you think they are feeding on trout?
  5. Hello landshark did you give any thought to them 900's
  6. What are you thinking that the water is to warm
  7. I may have mistyped what I was after on this post. I am not looking for your spot I am looking for gerneral areas such as rocks weeds depth ect. Looking for bigger fish class. Thanks for looking
  8. They are awesome lures the 700s I think are better than the 800s. 900s have to be better yet. How deep they run
  9. Any idea on what you would want for some of them
  10. I do not use them yet they are hard to come across I only have the 700s and I use them a lot
  11. Where I jig walleye we use bucktail jigs with crawler on hook. Most generally a subtle jig apposed to a very agressive motion.
  12. I know these are not made anymore but there has to be a few out there collecting dust😎
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