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  2. more pictures please
  3. several salvage yards in your area. North side salvage 585 381 9667
  4. awesome.We will be there this evening. Nice to get an idea of where to start
  5. Fished our last trip with Capt Earl on the Beautiful Bag Lady.Went three for six all majors.All CAUGHT 550 FT TO 400 FT OF WATER. I say last trip capt. Earl is retiring this year and wii certainly missed by us. Thank you for the education and thank you for the many memories made with you and your first mate Dorise.
  6. remind her .NO BANANAS. lol
  7. also fished fair haven sunday.ran out to 300 saw nothing.came into 107.Went 3 for 4. 3 on dipsy out 225 on 3 setting.Had one monster on 300 copper broke leader off at copper.First year of copper . Bought copper from charter captain never changed leader. My bad. Was fun day
  8. Screwie Louies in Fair Haven have a large selection
  9. does anyone know the date for flea market in Watkins Glen is this year
  10. I want these spoons if still available phone me at 315 730 2076. Scott
  11. goog to hear your back on the water
  12. I would like to order 2.I have never bought anything off this site before.So i dont know the first step,please contact me at 315 730 2076 ask for scott.Watkins glen is not that far from me I could pick them up,cash deal.Thank you
  13. save yourself the headache and toss it in the garbage can where it belongs
  14. nice to hear the wind finally changed directions we are going there tomorrow. Thanks for the wonderful report