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  1. Hi Al, Wire will serve you better. Your reel is a good one, if it is a # 30 or 45. I've used Torpedo Wire since it came out . Their web site is: http://www.torpedodivers.com/ . Have a great season & good luck.
  2. Gary & Karen, I would like to offer my condolences. our family just went through the loss of our beloved pet two years ago & still talk about them and tell their stories.
  3. Jason it was nice to see you at the LOTSA show Sunday! The new flies from Big Weenie are going to so hot this year I can't wait to run them. Those are the winning combos you posted.
  4. Terry, I've used the 19 strand since it came out. I've attached the the link. http://www.torpedodivers.com/index.asp
  5. Happy Birthday Mike!!!!!! Hope you have a great day & many more, you got a lot of fish to catch yet.
  6. Isaac, If it were me looking to go in those waters for the first time, I'd hire a guide first. Most of the guides will teach a lot about the waters, fish & how to stay safe. Capt Vince Pierleoni is one of the most knowledgable Capt/Guides on those waters.
  7. Jason, Happy Birthday, man enjoy cuz it's your day. You goin to the LOTSA show? send me a text, # is on my web site
  8. Mike, Very nice fish! I thought I gave a sweat shirt to wear when you're doing great fish pictures. lol I will be in touch soon.
  9. I've used every release they have available for the great lakes & none of them stayed on the boat a season. Then came the Chamberlain Release which both my mate & I love. We've used the Chamberlain since it came out, I think 4 years now.
  10. Hey Joe, I can help you out. We do teaching charters. My mate & I like doing those trips. Our boat is at the Lighthouse Marina, so we can fish from the 9 mile power plant to Henderson Harbor. In June one of our favorate places to fish is just north of Sandy Pond. Take a look at our web site and if I can be of help call me
  11. Merry Christmas Gary, Karen, Rod & all the LOU members. Hope this is your best Christmas and may all the Big Weenie flies fill your boat with tons of Salmon in the New Year.
  12. Look out we will have a new host for Hell's Kitchen lol
  13. John, I've used a lady outside of Binghamton, NY for years. She will do an order of one. I think she does nice work & like I said I've used her service for years. You can contact her @607-343-2945
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