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  1. I will get them off to you this evening Thanks Al
  2. SOLD It is with sadness that I am selling my Lund Classic. I have owned it for 2 1/2 yrs with not an issue. If any interest please email me at [email protected] for any further info that I have missed in the description below. 2008 1775 Lund Classic SS Lund cover,small tear, will repair for buyer 2007 Yam 90hp / 4 stroke 2000 Yam 8hp / 4 stroke longshaft kicker EZ load trailer with brand new spare tire and wheel 1 year old Cannon downrigger high speed Minkota max 65 electric,24 volt,2 batteries incl. Eagle Elite 502C with hotmaps premium Canada sd/prem c3 X 67 C finder with mount for trolling motor New Vhf radio last year. Fully mainted,no leaks,no damage. If interested we can make a deal possibly for: 3 salmon trolling rods,spoons,dipsey diver,and salmon net. I can take pictures if you are interested. $16750 Serious inquiries only please. Thanks for looking Al
  3. Yup for sure this is what I will be doing,don t need to be hanging off the back of the motors to fix something,and the costs..245 vs 40 says it all,if a fellow wanted he could go to the local hardware and get a piece of threaded rod and a couple ball joints and make one for 20 or less. thanks for the in put everyone.
  4. Anyone have an experience with connecting the kicker to the main motor,I looked at the EZ steer thing,not sure about it,read some reviews,more than half were not happy,just wondering what else is out there that is reliable and good value. have an 8 Yam to a 90 Yam. Thanks Al
  5. I am looking for a 2005 + Yamaha 4 stroke long shaft 6 - 9.9 hp kicker,prefer charging system but not necessary. Thanks Al
  6. I will check out the flea flicker mono ty
  7. Thank you. I will look into this.
  8. i will check it out thank you
  9. Hi. I have not used wire for trolling ever,I am thinking I might give it a shot this year as the fleas are irritating out there and when you get a nice fish on and you can t get it in because of the fleas. I have used braid and mono only, my question is, can any reel be strung with wire ? I have an extra Convector that I would like to load up with,but am not sure if one needs a specific reel for wire. thanks Al
  10. I am looking to replace a couple downrigger rods, the ones i have are old and would like to update, both are 8'6" which I think they don't even make anymore,I see 9 & 10s out there,just looking for a basic mediocre rod for rigging,dipsey and flat lining a bit. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Al
  11. Sorry I should have been more specific, looking for inline boards.
  12. Looking for new or used planer boards, suitable for Lake O, and possibly some for smaller inland lakes
  13. whats the difference between the one you have and Cannons 1902100 mag 10 hs???
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