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  1. I am selling my 1978 Penn Yan Tunnel Drive. It is in very good condition. All runners and ribs are in very good condition. The engine has 300 hours on it. It comes with two cannon downriggers, new this year i put on Moor Sub-Troll system, Autopilot, new last year cd player and speaker. The trailer is a 1988 shorelander trailer in very good condition. Asking $4500.00 or best offer. Please feel free to call, email or text with any questions as i am sure i am leaving some stuff out. 315-806-1950 [email protected] thanks, Joe
  2. Hi guys, I am looking for a decent price on a slip on sandy pond or maybe henderson harbor. Does anyone know of a private individual with a slip for rent for the season? thanks again, Joe
  3. thanks for the info guys. I will check out all seasons. thanks todd.
  4. Hey guys, Have any of you used the cabelas depthmaster combo for copper? If so what model should i go with and what size copper/backer? Any info would be appreciated as i have never used a copper setup. Thanks, Joe
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone fishes down near the mouth of the salmon river out of a canoe or small boat during the thaw for browns
  6. Hi guys, I have noticed on some fishing gear websites the rod and reel combos are listed as being a lead core setup. Would the lead core setup and copper setup be the same? Thanks, Joe
  7. Its nice to see a fishing show that is about the great lakes. I just wish they would show more fishing and less of the people and fish after they were caught. Show is very choppy, but with that said it is better than no show. just my two cents
  8. Hey guys, I think i have decided to go with the bigfoot 9.9 for my kicker on my 22' penn yan. Should i go with the 20 or 25in shaft. I was thinking about getting a mounting bracket that raises when not in use. Any info would be appreciated. Also still looking for advise for attaching to rudder on the tunnel drive. Thanks again, Joe
  9. Thanks guys. George, I will give you a call sometime early this spring.
  10. Hi guys, I moved up here about six years ago. I have been trying to learn how to troll for the last few. I have only caught 1 king. We usually go out about 40 times a year. So needless to say my sons and I are beginning to get very discouraged. I would like to get a charter out of the Sandy pond area sometime in June to show me what i am doing wrong. Any info on charters in the area that would be willing to do that? thanks again, joe
  11. Hi guys, I plan on adding a Mercury 9.9 kicker to my boat this spring. What model do you guys recommend and what would be a good mounting bracket? Also any tips on connecting it to the steering on the tunnel drive?? Thanks again, Joe
  12. I have been just been using the swivels that come with the spin doctors. I have not been releasing the clutch, so that should not be it. I have been setting them around 20'-40' behind the ball. I will shorten up there. We go out of reiters marina on Sandy Pond. I will try off of Port Ontario. Thanks again!!
  13. I am still trying to learn the art of trolling with downriggers. I am having trouble with my flies getting twisted up with my spin doctors. I have been running with about 22"-24" leader that comes prerigged on the atomik flies. My trolling speeds are between 2 - 2.8 mph. Any tips you guys might have would be great. Also my sons and I fish out of Sandy Pond and are still looking for our first fish trolling. We have been out fiver or six times to about 300ft with no luck at all. So any tips you may have would be very much appreciated. Thanks again, Joe
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