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  1. I'll take the pirates. PM me to figure out the logistics.
  2. Okuma Magda Pro/Triton rods Posting these for a friend.... 3 Okuma Magda Pro 30 linecounters. Asking $25 per, about 5 seasons old, light use. 2 Shimano Triton 8'6" downrigger rods. These are older but in decent shape. Asking $20 per. Any question should be directed right to seller. I have no first hand knowledge of condition. Seller will be at Niagara Falls Show in the Times Two Charters booth all 3 days, so that would save on shipping and you can view items. Contact Gary (716) 785-5580.
  3. Convector 45/rods I have 1 Convector 45 line counter for sale, 3-4 seasons old. Asking $40. Show some wear on outer, works great. 2 8' 6" Classic Pro Okuma rods, asking $20 per. Don't be afraid to offer, worst that can happen is I say no. Available at NF show so you save shipping. John
  4. Rolmops...I'm sure there are...but not driving...enjoyed having dinner and a few sodas after the show and within walking distance........ Was just inquiring to see what others found....
  5. Finsntin....exactly why I was asking....the Quality Inn was cheap last couple years. Looked at link to Sheraton...room price is $69....but bumps to $90 with "fees".....
  6. I think last year someone on here had talked about special rates for some of the hotels near the NF show. Any talk yet?
  7. Seller informed me today that the unit is sold. Thanks for the interest.
  8. For Sale: Fish Hawk X-4. Full Unit, works great. $350. Contact Paul at 716-397-6134. NOTE: I am listing this for Paul...I have no knowledge of how it works, nor do I get anything if it sells. All that is between you and the seller. Thank you. John
  9. Still available....$650.....
  10. A familiar boat in our harbor....sad to see her go, but she catches fish! Good Luck!!
  11. jstfshn: I did not get a pm from you. As noted in ad, I simply listed these for a friend. Best bet is to contact him directly at 716-680-2375. John
  12. 3 Shimano Charter Captains Special reels. Limited use, good condition. Asking $50 per. 2 "shaft savers", originally bought for $450 for a baha. Asking $150 for the pair. 3 9' Ugly Stiks rods, 2 8'3" Ugly stick rods, $20 per. Contact Bud at 716-680-2375 or reply to me and I will relay. Note: I have no interest in this sale, nor can I speak for the items. Listing for a friend, deal is between buyer and seller. Thanks for looking. John