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  1. Been a great boat! Enjoy!
  2. Listing my 1989 Tiara Pursuit 2700 Open Twin 270 crusaders, about 1670 hrs on each side
  3. YT... Not worried about the insulated .....looking for 3 season......so that seems like a good one?
  4. At the end of last season, it became apparent my Gander Mountain Guidewear wasn't stopping any rain. Looking to get a new set for this season, and wonder what folks are using? John
  5. And to be clear...only til 4/29. I expect longer....maybe all of May....but maybe not whole season..... Similarly....PA cancelled school today. They are done mid June normally. Despite the fact that upstate is holding its own...is there any way Andy can't cancel school now Get it done. We distance til June 1 and go from there... my thoughts....
  6. First...I don't support this...but working in an "industry" that is dealing with this..... The thought process has to be …..too many folks at the same time, same place....AND you touch the docks....no one is cleaning them... where do you go if you have to pee? It all sucks...but lots of you posted pics on line last week of over flowing parking lots and 200 boats at the catt…..what did you think was going to happen? As a charter...and many of my friends...we are loosing $$ starting now.....just saying....
  7. No affiliation with this information but try Paul at 716-569-2154. He has some of these rods for sale.
  8. I know a guy that has what you are looking for. No affiliation, and price would be between you guys. Paul 716-569-2154
  9. Thank you for the interest. Combos are sold.
  10. I have 2 Okuma coldwater combos..... Reels are 303D, rods are CW-C-862M. Both new in 2017. Some sun fading on rods and reels. $75 per combo. Save on shipping if you want to pick them up at my booth at Niagara Falls Show. Pics available. John
  11. Gill-T: That was the discussion we had on the boat....that we need to find whatever that "new" speed is that works.....and then target that. John
  12. So, ran two different depth raiders for last 10-11 years or so....decided to make the move to the Fishhawk XD4 after fishing deeper than I ever have any time, this year in WIlson. Get back home to Lake Erie...and finding the down speed is way different that I knew with the DR. Anyone have experience making this switch and what did you find? I'm easily 1.0 mph faster on probe..... John
  13. Unit is sold pending payment. Thanks. John
  14. Located in Dunkirk. Shipping is an option.
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