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  1. Best place for new rigger

    if brand isn't an issue, check on Magnumz. Formerly Vector. Not affiliated in any way with them, but they were across the aisle from us at the NF show....looked pretty solid and price is good....
  2. for sale : usa 2002 Pursuit Express

    Can't wait to see her RD9!
  3. Releases for copper and leadcore.

    We've got setups of varying lengths of core, so we are putting the releases on the braid backing. If you only had limited rods, say just a 5 color, you can compensate for the needed changes in depth by using snap weights on the core itself. John
  4. Dunkirk?

    Sorry for delay in replying.....PC acting up... Anyway, agree with RD9. For us, the June fishery starts in the inside waters and gradually moves out. There is some structure 6-7 miles west that can hold fish. We also have done well trolling 45-55 right out in front of the harbor. There is a Clarion hotel right at the marina; a couple more at the I-90 exit. Lake Erie State park about 7 miles west.
  5. Dunkirk?

    Final Flight: I'm out of Dunkirk and can give you the lowdown. PM is ok. John
  6. I'll drop the price to $90 for the pair, and I'll ship. Rods are 1 season used. Very good condition. I used as rigger rods and it just didn't work the way I wanted it to. John
  7. I don't think they have enough backbone to handle that. John
  8. Okuma coldwater rods C702-MH For Sale: (2) Okuma Coldwater rigger rods #Cw-C702-MH There are 7', 2 piece rods, used 1 season. Great rods but didn't really do what I wanted them too. Very good condition. Pics available. If you want to save on shipping I can hold until Niagara Falls show. New retail $85-89. Asking $50 per rod plus shipping. John
  9. I tried to buy this boat twice in the past. Very neat and clean. As a fellow 27 Open owner, they are great fishing boats!
  10. for sale : usa 2002 Pursuit Express

    Any interior or cockpit photos?
  11. Just spoke to seller. All items sold. Thanks for looking.