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  1. I'll drop the price to $90 for the pair, and I'll ship. Rods are 1 season used. Very good condition. I used as rigger rods and it just didn't work the way I wanted it to. John
  2. I don't think they have enough backbone to handle that. John
  3. Okuma coldwater rods C702-MH For Sale: (2) Okuma Coldwater rigger rods #Cw-C702-MH There are 7', 2 piece rods, used 1 season. Great rods but didn't really do what I wanted them too. Very good condition. Pics available. If you want to save on shipping I can hold until Niagara Falls show. New retail $85-89. Asking $50 per rod plus shipping. John
  4. I tried to buy this boat twice in the past. Very neat and clean. As a fellow 27 Open owner, they are great fishing boats!
  5. for sale : usa

    Any interior or cockpit photos?
  6. Just spoke to seller. All items sold. Thanks for looking.
  7. Again, these aren't mine....I'll see if he can get me pics. Thanks for looking.
  8. For sale: Jr Thundersticks/Kabooms For sale: (1) lot of 30 Deep diver Jr. Thundersticks. Asking $5 per for a total of $150. (1) lot of 40 deep diver kabooms. Asking $5 per for total of $200. Would consider negotiating price on each lot, or selling in smaller lots. Assorted colors. Contact Paul at 716-397-6134. Please note: I am posting this for Paul. I have no interest in this sale, nor do I know condition or colors of lures. Please contact Paul with questions.
  9. WTB-used truck 16 year old son is getting to the point that we need to address getting a car. Drivers Ed now, road test coming. He's a huge fisherman/hunter, so thinking truck. Something he can stink up instead of my F150! Prefer smaller size, 4 x4. Expecting older to be affordable. Say, under 5k. Suggestions?