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  1. Let me know if it doesn’t go, I will be in Mexico too.
  2. Love mine. On an Amberjack 290 working a Mercury 20.
  3. Did short morning hunts the last 2 weekends out of Mexico. Last Saturday came up dry and did 4 for 4 on Sunday. Yesterday had one knock off, that’s it and today did 1 for 3. I just try to search inside the temp and find bait. Play it day to day for me being a weekend warrior.
  4. No base. I can get the diameter and pics for you this weekend.
  5. Thanks Skinny. If it doesn’t find a home maybe my buddy will want to try it out on Cayuga.
  6. Looking to part with this vintage rig but not exactly sure what it is used for. I have seen / read a few different things online and want to be sure I know what I have in hand as nothing matched up exactly. I’m sure some on here has some absolute knowledge on this and would appreciate any help so I know what I am parting with. And if someone is interested reach out. Rod is about 4’ long with a roller guide at the end. Reel is tagged Californian, Manufactured by D & W Company Seattle Washington and loaded up with heavy copper. The, what appears to be, copper sleeve that connects the rod to the handle is splitting and that is the only flaw seen other than showing shelf life. I do not see any boat / road rash and minimal handling. Input is appreciated.
  7. Any update on how this ended up? Contemplating on trying it out myself.
  8. Doubt this will reach the correct individual but there have been a few items sitting at the Pulaski football field access of the salmon river for the last 2 days. Reach out to me on this and I will work on getting them back to you.
  9. On the 5 that I know of. Trying to upgrade to a bigger rig and this is a show stopper…
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