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  1. Has anybody been able to get in touch with vettman about these?
  2. Sold / Closed

    Sold...Thanks LOU
  3. OK, They dont make 3/4 so i figured id ask

    1. gunnysargent12


      Really?  I'll check scale one more time.  I'll send pic on the pic.  

    2. gunnysargent12


      12 on left side of pic are 3/4.   3 on right side is 1/2 oz 


      i just jig.  Bought with intentions.  


  4. Sold / Closed

    3/4 oz for sure, I hit the scale before I listed. Had all intentions on using on Lake Erie. Tired of taking for boat ride. Consolidating some items off.
  5. (15) Binsky blade baits For sale are (15) new, never seen blade baits. 12 are Binsky blade baits 3/4 oz. in weight(all 12 on the left), 3 are Johnson thin fisher 1/2 oz(3 on the right next to Plano). Don't use, my loss, you gain. Will be shipped in Plano 3500 series box, which is includes. asking $30 shipped TYD, OBO. PayPal is fine, check, or MO. Any questions, please ask. Thank in advance.
  6. I have a bunch of 9s and 11s. Tried that....the copper paint I have isn't quite the same shade of Rapala copper.
  7. Thanks capt. I thought I hit a gold mine with one website called Showed in stock, no,luck with him. I'll keep wishin.
  8. Need deep tail dancer, not the td9, there's a difference. I'll look. Thanks for heads up
  9. Thanks Mike. Let me know. Send em off, I'm caught up for the time being.
  10. ISO Rapala deep tail dancers, copper flash Anyone have any Rapala deep tail dancers in bleeding copper flash in size 9 and 11 willing to sell or trade? See pic for color I'm looking for. Looking for a bunch of them. Let me know what you got and price and if your willing to ship. If trades are welcome, I have a bunch of custom painted Bandit Walleye Deep or deep husky jerks I could trade 2 of mine for 1 of yours. Thanks in advance
  11. Sold pending payment. Thanks Browneye71 and LOU