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  1. custom lures

    Pm sent also keep it a secret for now just in case they haven’t seen that color yet. If anyone seems my stuff on eBay, please don’t buy off eBay. Message me direct unless you like to spend more more.
  2. custom lures

    FISH NUT...that’s my listing on pennswoods. All ligit. I sell bandits at $10 each shipped TYD and $9 each shipped TYD for a bulk order over 10 lures. Yes, I can also give your provided lure a facelift and make her look pretty for $3 each. All lure are airbrushed then I use a 2 part epoxy for durability. There’s quite a few guys on LOU that has me stuff. Pap even has some kabooms I’ve done up for my brother to sell. PS. thanks Reel Overtime for the compliment.
  3. Thanks for the additional pic and your time.
  4. I’d also be interested in a few of the longer lengths. Any pics of the wire and not just the top of the spools? Great stuff and it catches fish, period.
  5. when u do make it out, let me know how they do for ya...I got 4-6 colors that I couldn’t beat the darn bastards off of them this late summer-early fall on Lake Erie.
  6. Not sure if everyone would agree but here’s a few somewhat natural colors, except the purple, white with black stripes. Then there’s a bright obnoxious color(last 3 pics). Would also agree with Landshark, clear or a color called bare naked has been a proven an excellent walleye color.
  7. 2nd Jeff J...Bandits make glo deep divers. I custom paint so I’ve never needed to use glo colors. I do add UV additive to my paints. Does it help? I can’t say for sure but I put plenty of eyes in the box for my customers. Personally, I prefer vibrancy over glo any day. If interested, send me a PM and I’ll send you pics of my colors. Yes, I have a ton of bandits even deep husky jerks that could be painted up, if interested.
  8. WTB Rapala deep tail dancer, size 11 Looking to buy any unwanted, used or unused Rapala Deep Tail Dancers, in size 11. Colors mean nothing to me. I can buy new for $7 each but looking more in the lines of unwanted ones someone wants to let go for a better price. I'll needed shipped to western PA. I also have a ton of custom painted Bandit Walleye Deep that I could trade in lieu of funds. PM me to work something out. Thanks in advance and FISH ON!
  9. Interested in 2 CWs with power sent Is the silver line/spool tension dial missing on all of them or just the one in the pic?
  10. i used a couple times for dipsy, inside rods and worked just fine as I staggered 8'6", then 7' then these 6'6" but downrigger rods would be better. Now I only run 2 dipsys per side and copper wire out the back so no need for these rods.
  11. Send me an email [email protected] I can do,PayPal and get these shipped in morning Can buzz me at 724-526-3534 also
  12. If interested, let me know as I have them here at home but I can take to camp with me
  13. About an hour northeast of Pittsburgh pa but camp in Conneaut, oh. Will be at camp from Wednesday for a week straight