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  1. WTB gold or copper J Plugs Anyone have anyone of the older factory copper and gold j plugs lying around or not using. Wanting to buy some or trade for custom Bandit Deep or custom dhj12 crankbaits. Prefer under 5" size. If not interested in swapping out for custom lures, let me know your asking price. Shipping would be needed. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sold / Closed

    I saw that earlier...shaft too long. Need 20" and 20hp little big for my application as a kicker on a little duck boat. Price is right, wish I could buy.
  3. Wtb Yamaha T9.9 Wtb...Yahama F9.9 or T9.9 outboard. Tiller is a must, 20' shaft and prefer electric start also. Let me know what u got. Thanks in advance. found 1 thanks LOU
  4. Sold / Closed

    Chris. It's sold. Didn't last long. Sorry
  5. WTB Daiwa Accudepth 27LC Need (1) older style (dark grey, not silver) Daiwa Accudepth 27LC with power handle. Anyone have a spare willing to sell and ship? I'll cover shipping costs also. Thank you Brad
  6. Very simple explanation to the kids. Turn off the dam tv, especially the news. If you watch a liberal news station then they only broadcast the liberal views. I was a law enforcement officer for 25 years. I can't tell you how many times what the news reports is completely false or the opposite of what actually happened. My wife was so worried about what the news report compared to what really happened when I explained it to her in person. Not one of us was there when these alleged p'.sy grabbing comments were made. I guess no one understands that voice bytes and recordings can be changed to hurt someone. We do live in the 21st century. God help you you if you think this country would be in better hands if "she" became president.
  7. Found one...thanks Lou and Jeff...
  8. Hawkeye 625 pm sent
  9. WTB Scotty 1101, 1106 or 1116 downrigger Looking to buy (1) Scotty model 1101, 1106 or 1116 downrigger. Ideally, the 1101. Prefer new but may entertain a used as long as it's not abused. Anyone have one willing to sell and possibly ship to western PA(I'll cover shipping), let me know. If no one has one, any ideas where to get one at a decent price? Thanks in advance. Yes, I got 1 off Hawkeye625 but looking for a second one. Let me know what you got.
  10. I "misunderstood" ya. Yes, I apologize. I thank you for the pm brad
  11. My apologies, Charlie P. The way I read it, it sounded like they have a right to riot and loot. I'm sure that HB2 don't post this to start confirmations. We are all Americans. We all bleed the same red blood. We all should be thankful for one another and to the most important fact is that if we want to get up and go fishing, we get up and go fishing. Yes, change is need and change has been long overdue. I have yet to meet (not personally) on bad person here on LOU. That says a lot to me about the caliber of people on here that represents the LOU community. Again, if I offended anyone, I apologize.
  12. What gosh darn constitutional right does anyone have to riot and loot??? Please explain that to me? Thats the most absurd thing I've ever heard. I suggest you read the constitution over and over. Better yet, when those rioters and looters show up to your door to loot all the stuff you worked hard for, DO NOT call the police to file a report. It's there constitutional right to do that.
  13. I'm a little disappointed after today and let me explain....... As a military veteran, I'd be honored to step back in those shoes and work for President Trump. I am ecstatic that we have someone in charge with a set of gonads! was a perfect opportunity to show them off. Trump should have unleashed "MAD DOG" Mattis on the looters and rioters. You want to send a statement right out of the gates? Think about it? It's ok to protest and cry and whine about "her" not getting in, but rioting and looting only hurts ALL of us. God bless America
  14. Down to 16, both top let row and both right row, middle (watermelon). Thanks Jeff and LOU. $11 each for rest of them or $150 shipped TYD for the lot of 16.
  15. Thanks for the compliments. It is much appreciated.