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  1. I have a Fishhawk TD (temperature and depth) for sale. Bought it new in the spring and never seen water. Asking $110.00 TYD. PayPal is fine. PayPal friends and family please. Any questions, please ask
  2. I got (2) Daiwa Accudepth 27LC reels for sale. Both are used but not abused. Little boat rash but reels work as should. Line counters also work as should. Each has the power handles. Asking $50 each plus shipping costs or $90 for the pair. If someone wants them both, I’ll ship for FREE! PM with any questions. PayPal, check, money order alll fine.
  3. gunnysargent12

    WTB This crankbait

    That’s is to the tee!
  4. gunnysargent12

    WTB This crankbait

    Looks like bandit 300 series...can’t figure out color though
  5. Pm sent also....next in line please if 1st offer fails
  6. gunnysargent12

    Sold / Closed Net Holder

    Interested in the Ram mount 2008? That’s what I used for a net holder. I have the base also. Can send actual pic of mine.
  7. gunnysargent12

    Wanted WTB Rapala F-18s (Any Condition)

    Pm sent Catskill Bob
  8. Sold pending funds. Thanks LOU and bud man
  9. I have for sale....(2) lots of custom painted Rapala Deep Tail Dancers. Lot 1 is (12) custom tdd09s. The colors shown in the first pic is from left to right is (3) Perch, (3) emerald shiner, (3) matchstick and (3) Purple Demon. Lot 2 is (8) custom tdd11’s. Top left is (2) emerald shiner, top right is (2) Purple Demon, bottom left is (2) Perch and bottom right is (2) matchstick. Most may show slight useage but mainly have never seen the water. Would rather sell as a lot. Lot 1 (tdd09) I’m asking $100 shipped TYD. Lot 2 (tdd11) I’m asking $70 shipped TYD. Interested in both lots, $150 shipped TYD. Of course, all with OBO. All will be shipped in factory boxes. I bet Bay of Quinte has never seen lures of this color and vibrancy? PayPal is fine. Message me with any questions. I thank you and LOU in advance. I
  10. gunnysargent12

    custom lures

    Pm sent also keep it a secret for now just in case they haven’t seen that color yet. If anyone seems my stuff on eBay, please don’t buy off eBay. Message me direct unless you like to spend more more.