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  1. Just bought new Scottys less than a week ago, and yes I had read this before purchase.
  2. This has me thinking, I think for now I'll rig up some kind of safety lines to my riggers.
  3. Launched at Long Point got a late start. Set lines and trolled north searching. Went shallow & deep only marked 4 fish. Seen several boats out farther sitting so pulled lines & went out. Went 2 for 4 lakers in 140 fow jigging. They were all on bottom. Big thanks to the guy in the Starcraft for the tips.
  4. How many people can you fit in your boats? I thought the rule was 3 rods per person.
  5. On 3/17 I had 37-38* out of T-Falls west side.
  6. Mine had a nest in the fitting thats in the cowl.
  7. On my Terova if the power is on but the motor is not being used after awhile it has a auto shutoff.
  8. You never know what you catch till you catch them. For me so far this year what has worked for bows & LL is 85 - 90 ft of water 60 -65 down, yes lakers too. Yesterday the fishhawk said 60* 60 down.
  9. Sometimes you never know, week ago I caught 2 real nice bows. One was off rigger 72 down over 85 the other was off a #1 Chinook diver 65 back.
  10. Mine came with very easy instructions.
  11. You have to set it for temp with depth or depth.
  12. I also use mast/boards and Chinook divers.
  13. I did a road trip Thursday to look things over & the lake was 4-4.5 feet low, just to let you know.
  14. Not much just 4 rod holders & 2 rods/reels.
  15. Bob I think I know of this "hot spot" .My buddy & I fished it out of his boat quiet a lot this summer. Never got skunked, the eyes are there they are just 6" long.
  16. Launched at T-Falls yesterday trolled north marked very few fish any where from 130 to 40 ft.Turned around trolled south found some fish in 70 ft stopped hit the spot lock and bounced jigs off there heads no takes. Started to troll south below park with same results about 5 marks. On a side note when I was launching a guy with a Ranger bass boat was launching, I asked him what he was fishing for he said bass. He was prefishing for a tourny this weekend.
  17. My bad on the topic title.Was running a 30# and a 10# last week off the riggers and no fleas. I was just a little upset is all.
  18. Launched at T.Falls this morning went north.Was running 10# test and the fleas were real bad.
  19. You could launch at Dean's Cove ,same side of lake. If you run down from state park,if I remember you will have to go down to at least Red Jacket, about 6 miles.
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