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  1. Canon ball run in...

    The chrome sharks are the best for tracking so we have learned, They also sink really fast to the bottom. I donated one 12 lber to the lake when my rigger clutch free spooled when it was just hanging off the boom. Darn hate those days,
  2. yep we have been getting some big kings. Last week of august we were 4/4, took 70 + pounds 2 kings 1x 29.5 and 1 x 24.7,2 rainbows 1x 10 lb and 1x12 lb .trolled in shallow first then moved out to 250 FOW. The bows were actually down 80 to 90 ft quite deep but awesome fishing. We went back out on Sunday and got 1/4 a beautiful 24 lb newbie on board let a few go to get bigger. Go get em.
  3. your add says 45 of copper ,should it say 450 ft of copper? Thanks Len
  4. 2 copper rods and reels ? Still 4 sale ? Thanx Len
  5. I would like to try using copper, contact me 705 639 1896 ask for Len thanks.
  6. Leadcore or wire ?

    I agree When the tip pops ,Crank, Crank, Crank, Then when you feel the fish set it. One must master the art of a Downrigger. Many a Great Fish have been lost because of the Bowline slack release. Speaking from Experience myself..
  7. Leadcore or wire ?

    Your choice of rods is very similar to our set up. We run 1 Dipsey rod out on port side and one dipsey out starboard, then we have 2 down riggers with 2 rods . One down rigger runs Moore temp and speed torpedo with a Flasher and spoons with one slider on top. A clean set up without all the rods. Last weekend on Sunday, We had Fish on all morning with a Big double header at 10:10 am at 195 foot of water down 95. Also We put Grand pas old Lucky favorite Lead core out the middle and let all 10 colours go with 20 feet of mono 50 lb. We run 5 rods and 2 with sliders = 7 .One fish peeled over 450 feet off on the port side Dipsey rod WEEEEE. Hold ON
  8. Here is a beginners question, I hear a lot about copper and steel lines, no fleas stick , How would I use them on our boat with 2 dipsey rods and 2 downriggers. I would like to try some for the price. User info make a deal. Thanks Len
  9. FLEAS

    We had some really nice kings on, 1- 24 and 1 -14 this past weekend and the fleas were getting pretty heavy. Got 2 in and OOOPs let 3 go to grow bigger, the lines jammed up even with power pro super braid. Smack tip down against water Hard and fast shakes some off and Keep reeling with tension On. That's called Fishing
  10. Going out to Port Hope on Sunday at 5;00 ,out to the 150 foot mark and down to find temps. Puke and mongoose on rods already green flasher/dipseys and flies for sure. One long lead core full 10 colours always takes fish. Sounds like you had a pretty fun filled week
  11. Any one fishing out of Port Hope ,Going out on Sunday /26 Catching any Fish and how far out ,Where to start? Any tips up? Thanks
  12. Anyone have info on the North Shore, near Port Hope. Going out Sunday 5 am, any fish caught, and how far out? 20 foot sea ray ready to go. Any tips up?
  13. Sounds like a Great morning on the water. Even better when the kids are aboard. Good Times Always. LBT1
  14. The fishing is really getting good as they move close at all of the river mouths .Good fishing in morning and sundown fishing all weekend , Good luck to All !! Gone to catch another Big One or 2. LBT1
  15. What a great day, It cant get any better ,caught the fish, twisted lines and pictures to prove it . Totally awesome. LBT1