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  1. On the digitrol with no counter, how do you target depths? we can do pay pal today!
  2. We can pay you on Pay pal $200.00 for the rigger and have UPS pick up parcel and deliver to me Cash on delivery for shipping charges. Or Purolater. Len
  3. I will give you the 200 , Will you ship to Ontario Canada if we pay for the C O D UPS or fed ex shipping charges?
  4. Grand Slam11 Are these riggers the cannon mag 5 st?
  5. So True, many times we were so close, to be posted on the top ten board. But just missed by a few ounces. Then one day, 24 hours after the derby, the biggest for the week winner was 34.10 and we got the big 35 .0. Yep that s fishing. Like a lottery ticket. But way more fun fishing!!!
  6. Figured so, the big ones are around this time of year on the north shore. We can get some nice ones for a few more weeks Clean and chrome before they turn .
  7. Live to Learn and Bless the rods said Jimmy Munroe from Peterborough Ontario. Sixpense was his boat, He got us Hooked on the big ones and we never forgot. Study the weather wind and the waves. Temperatures and speed mean every thing. The cables will sing like angels. Time of year also dictates. When are the fish the biggest??
  8. These boys weigh in at 700 pounds, if you care to differ they can prove it was a solid 35.0 . No photo shop in our tackle box.
  9. Klompmaker boys took the youngest brother Cam out for a Birthday fish with us on Our Compromise. They are all over 6,4 tall boys . Cam got his wish, that was a perfect 35.0 pounder late in September. Was weighed in on Port Hope scales. Nothing like it, when 410 feet of torpedo wire goes off. Good Times
  10. September always pulls the Big ones. Few years back, the Klompmaker boys went out for a birthday gift.. Cameron pulled a 35 pounder for his birthday gift. These boys are over 6 foot 4 and look at this big one.
  11. Donahead - you guys had a blast. Sometimes the lake needs to be crossed to find fish. That is the fun. once you get into a sweet spot. Fish On. Live it. We run Our compromise out of Cobourg and usually start at 75 fow. Then the weather in tow plays a bit. A few times we have touched the 300 to find them suspended in about 125 . The trout love the Blue Zone , Always puts fish on deck.
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