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    Family, 2 German Shepherds,Love fishing, outdoors, Auto Mechanic and Volunteer Firefighter
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  1. Further east out of Cobourg, we usually go some 4/5 days with 2 down riggers, 2 dipsey,s and 1 long chute lead core. Yesterday we lost a Great spoon .A dream weaver called a Blue Whale. No hits on our wire with twinkies and meat?? Water meion always produces. Question is, What does your first line up start with? We have some large spin doctors with crush glow and some glow spoons moon shine too. Like your videos and posts. Keep the tips Up !
  2. I like some of these , will you sell to the north in Ontario if I pay extra?? We lost a good spoon yesterday Len
  3. it was 10.0 and a Tasty one. And chrome as could be.
  4. That's a Beauty of a morning . We are on the north shore Cobourg / Port hope. We lost a Biggie on a Dream weaver Blue Whale spoon yesterday. If anyone catches it Please Enjoy.
  5. Jessie my future son in law Hauls in a 27.0 mature King. He misses his father greatly . Keith Densmore rest in peace. Rainbows By Keith.Nicole pulls her first 20.6 Beauty King !
  6. That is a bad day my friend. Our New Pump 1 has these rescue 42 stabilizer kit. Work very well for this type of situation. Hopefully no one was hurt. Looks like Regal sat on the Rams Horns for a 3 count and won. Better days ahead buddy.
  7. Hey there Greg. Welcome aboard. We had some huge east winds blow for the past week now. Our boat went out of Cobourg when the winds dropped on Sunday. We put down the sub troll temp probe and in 150 feet of water, down at 100 feet of downrigger we had Temp reading of 65. That's a lot of warm water down there. We were thinking of going out to 250 to 300 and try to get mid 50 temps. We trolled at 150 depth and had no action. Let things calm down and going this weekend. Fish On
  8. hairybumcrack. Those are words of wisdom. Always check the local Buoy weather reports before going. Its a free service and saves a wasted car ride. We like to go out with a 10 km or less wind and maybe a 1/2 metre wave. A slight ripple seems better than perfectly flat for us, but to hear those rigger cables humming is nice.
  9. D giroux. Well that's a tough day. when fish are not in the boat.. Our family enjoys fishing too. We go out at Cobourg usually at 6am and mark fish on the finder. Then sometimes we go an hour or 2 before things start to happen. I m captain DAD and try all sorts of rigs ,flies and spoons. We use 5 rods and it is a bit of work. Finally a rod pops Yahoo and the fun starts..Our 2 trips so far have produced. 1 day 2 bows and a 15 pound king for Garnett. The 2nd trip was about the same Mackenzie got 2 bows and lost a big one. Her friend Rob pulling in a 15 pound king. It is hard when they are on the screen and not biting. Keep changing stuff and change your speeds and direction. Down under has some strange currents. The top boat speed is Not What your Baits are moving for sure. We use a sub troll 900. Temp and ball speed at 2.5 up to 3. we are going this Saturday or Sunday. Best of Luck and Keep your lines tight. Go catch them.
  10. The chrome sharks are the best for tracking so we have learned, They also sink really fast to the bottom. I donated one 12 lber to the lake when my rigger clutch free spooled when it was just hanging off the boom. Darn hate those days,
  11. yep we have been getting some big kings. Last week of august we were 4/4, took 70 + pounds 2 kings 1x 29.5 and 1 x 24.7,2 rainbows 1x 10 lb and 1x12 lb .trolled in shallow first then moved out to 250 FOW. The bows were actually down 80 to 90 ft quite deep but awesome fishing. We went back out on Sunday and got 1/4 a beautiful 24 lb newbie on board let a few go to get bigger. Go get em.
  12. 2 copper rods and reels ? Still 4 sale ? Thanx Len
  13. I would like to try using copper, contact me 705 639 1896 ask for Len thanks.
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