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  1. Murray We catch more fish with less rods, 5 seems to be my ability to manage. When a Big King is on Oh Boy that's a lot of work Clearing lines, not to mention the tangles that can come too, this takes a 1/2 hour to get re rigged and set again. Been there done that. High 5 Len
  2. Hi Murray. We use a 19 braid Torpedo wire on the starboard dipsey diver rod with glass eyes its 10 years old. With usually 245 to 275 feet out or so on a # 2 setting. The rod really bends when under power. Then just set the clutch to stop clicking line out, your locked in ready at about 80 feet down . If the trigger snap pops on the diver, the line comes up on the angle towards the surface. Once you get the hang of it, they produce fish. And Big ones. They set back way off to the side, out of the way so the spin doctors can rotate. We set 2 down riggers first. When marking fish, then put out the port side dipsey with a 7 braid with a flasher spoon or fly . Our go to last line is grandpas old lead core.it is dead centre out the back all 10 colours that is 300 feet plus 20 more feet of a fluorocarbon suffix . Put on a made in Peterborough Ontario Lucky strike spoon, and get into the 30 foot range for some awesome Rainbow action. This nets fish everyday. Darn I better go to work now. There may be a few sick days coming soon. Prepare for tomorrow. Len
  3. Murray. Whitby is west of us in Cobourg. Our Sea ray boat sat all summer under the Blue Covid mask. One buddy says lets go last Saturday. Boat was a lot of work to get setup, for one day out. We were on the dock for 5 a.m. I had my 5 usual rod setup, 2 wires with dipsey and spin doctors, 1 was meat rhe other a green fly. 2 downriggers set with spoon, and a flasher fly combo. Lead core out down the centre chute. We put in at 75 f o w and trolled. I was blind to the popular baits or the hot spoons, Anyway we got totally drenched by an early morning down pour. Not much on the finder so we hunted for fish. by about 8:00 I had changed gear quite a bit. finally a rigger popped with a crush glow 1/2 blue green flasher and blue fly. Normally I set the hook and hand the rods over. Well he battled a good one, but Jim was a little over excited and Now you know The rest of the Story. Sun come up after a bit. Went out to 275. 0 for 2 . Going to get back in September. Last year a young lad turned 15 and we both managed a double header at about 8:15 pm 2 x mid 20s with long lines and High a 5 too. That's Fishing.
  4. I will send you a message to buy. At your email. Thanks Len
  5. We want to try using the cowbells. I will buy all . If you will send to Ontario Canada I will pay extra for duty and shipping. Maybe a few tips on setups to help too? The big kings are staging and running up rivers along the North now. Still nice weather for fishing the big O. Thanks LBT1
  6. Fish Bob Our boat runs out of Cobourg. Last week we were in fairly tight 80 to 100 FOW. Tool this beauty 28.8 on a dipsey with snubber We use 2 rods with Dipsey s and learned from losing tackle, How important the snubber is. Braid from the rod down to the dipsey is a must. The snubber right behind dipsey then to rigs. Helps soften the bite when a Big fish grabs on . We have got way more fish using a snubber. You tear the jaw out of the fish without them . Leaves them with a tooth ache. We pulled a 28.8oz King on that set up. Send a pic too you.
  7. Further east out of Cobourg, we usually go some 4/5 days with 2 down riggers, 2 dipsey,s and 1 long chute lead core. Yesterday we lost a Great spoon .A dream weaver called a Blue Whale. No hits on our wire with twinkies and meat?? Water meion always produces. Question is, What does your first line up start with? We have some large spin doctors with crush glow and some glow spoons moon shine too. Like your videos and posts. Keep the tips Up !
  8. I like some of these , will you sell to the north in Ontario if I pay extra?? We lost a good spoon yesterday Len
  9. it was 10.0 and a Tasty one. And chrome as could be.
  10. That's a Beauty of a morning . We are on the north shore Cobourg / Port hope. We lost a Biggie on a Dream weaver Blue Whale spoon yesterday. If anyone catches it Please Enjoy.
  11. Jessie my future son in law Hauls in a 27.0 mature King. He misses his father greatly . Keith Densmore rest in peace. Rainbows By Keith.Nicole pulls her first 20.6 Beauty King !
  12. That is a bad day my friend. Our New Pump 1 has these rescue 42 stabilizer kit. Work very well for this type of situation. Hopefully no one was hurt. Looks like Regal sat on the Rams Horns for a 3 count and won. Better days ahead buddy.
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