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  1. Showing your spot that generously is unheard of counter strike. Most people would hold that for their next born! Hope you heal up soon. I have had a day like that last year and the 32 pounder would be worth a car for a 100 dollar ticket and checking in at the weight station - i'm done for this year now but would love to hit the water on the same date next year. Have a good one
  2. I will stay In a Little closer. Thanks for the advice. Not that I'm doing poorly but haven't had a day over 10 fish. I'll put the spin doctor back out. My Michael jacksons are pretty chewed up though!!! Tight lines
  3. Counter strike. I am marking them a lot by do t have meat or rockets. Just tax spoons were crazy but I am not slaying them like that. We get about three or 4 every evening all in twenties. They just started to turn black so most near pot and headed up he five at night. Any hints are appreciated trolling 3 mph using riggers and naked spoons and dipsies and spoons.
  4. Is that a public launch?? With fees? and Lots of parking? Looks good on google maps! thanks fo rthe info. Fell free to PM with info and thanks again!
  5. Trying to plan a trip for Labor day weekend. May try Coburg East to camp at as Victoria park cost me some parking tickets. And was a little busy with the everyone visiting the pier right beside the trailer park. Would have had two or three in the top ten for the week but the bait shop wasn't open for several days. Also missed a few giants and must buy a proper sized net before the next trip!!! Spoons and more spoons were working for me - just used the angle of the downrigger cable to guess the correct speeds and trolled in and out instead of along the drop offs at around 100 feet seem to work. A guy with just his dog were slaying them the whole time I was there. Saw him at the launch alsmost everyday. Looking for job opportunities out there so I don't have to leave!! Coming back to Ottawa was a chore after that!
  6. Thanks Pickeral Kiler - Had a great week - stayed at Vistoria park in Coburg and met a few god folks at the boat launch that helped point me int he right direction. Had on ly one fish in a week off dreamweaver in green with green fly. Hard fishing but they were there. Had better luck when I chased the big boats into big water and the weather was agreeing. Here is a pic or two for evidence
  7. Pickerallkiller - Sounds like you have the pattern down. Are you out there this week? I'm headed for the week leaving today. I'm out there any time the weather is decent and in a little 17 foot Princecraft. Any advice is appreciated. I don't have the fish hawk and notciced it was neccessary in Wellington / Scotch Bonnet area to determine the sped at the ball because of the currents. Are they similar in Port Hope Area or not as prevelant? I am just guessing and trying to keep boat speed around 2.5 to 3. Is this similar to what your doing?
  8. I will be back out there early next week. Watching the weather closely. Dark ones already - that is early. I will be calling Elanor shortly. I need to buy a portable VHF radio for i the boat. I'll have to look into that this weekend. I want to be able to listen to 71 and 16 apparently!
  9. Thanks for all the info and a great weekend. Really appreciate the shout out on Sat to keep us out of a long hard drive in bad weather. Ray's Cottages is the best spot after seeing some of the other options over past Wellington. I will be trying to get cottage right by the water and be up there again soon before the fish move on. Trying to get some more buddies involved but my boat is not big and that is big water. I will need to piggy back in and out form a large boat most likely!! Off Half of next week so looking to get up there then is the weather permits Todd
  10. Can't wait for the weekend. I might bring my little boat and my friend has a slightly larger one. I have a Princecraft 164 and he has a Lund fisherman 1800. I have a 75 hp and he has a 115. We may be up to 5 people now so a second boat may be required. Depends on the wind I suppose. Sorry to hear the storm slowed down the fishing, but hopefully that means we will have a great weekend coming up. Thanks for the info on the tackle shop. There wasn't much selection for the mc rockets in wellington. We have done some research and are getting some goby, greens and whites. Do you prefer the 8 or ten inch dream weavers? Also looking to find the right scent to soak them in. Thinking herring oil for the night before going out. Also do they have seagar flourocarbon in around 30 pound test at the bait shop there? We will be getting there around 5-6 pm barring any issues. We will have a few cold ale's to go around also.
  11. Sorry to hear the about the waves. I'm sure we will get there fine. What is the name of the store by Weller's bay? We will stop and get some more gear. Just hope the weather is favorable when we get there. Can't wait to get out there!!
  12. We are headed out for the 26-27-28 and are staying at Rays cottages. Best of luck out there Traveller - Where did you get your gear from. We will be stopping by wellington to get a few more things before headed out. Some spin doctors and meat rigs to add some flavor. We might also head towards TO until we find them biting. keep hearing about Bowmanville from all the former great lakes fisherman I work with. Where is this haystack you speak of. We will be headed anywhere the fish are biting. May even bring the gang trolls (cow bells I think is a nickname also) or troll just spoons to target other species - even thought its the giant king we are really after!! By the way my name is Todd Wilson and I look forward to swapping stories over the campfire some time! Please let me know if you might be out there the same weekend also.
  13. Thanks for the info - had a great time and learned alot out there. Fishhawk stopped working but not before we boated a nice coho. Flasher and Fly was the only thing that got hit in about 10 hours of fishing. And we had just about all we could think of out there. Anchovies - herring stips - and half the lures out of the bait shop in Wellington!! Next day without fish hawk no action. Got fogged in and ended up swerving around other boats coming out of nowhere just outside of the Bonnet. Already have new bullet ordered for the hawk and the next trip is planned for the end of July. Deciding between Darlington and Port Hope for last weekend of July. Not easy finding a place to stay on a busy weekend like that. I heard there is a provincial park somewhere between these tow towns?? Any one out there know a name?? We were listening on 71 and we had no idea what all the places were the charters were talking about. The hay stack was mentioned several times. Happy trolling
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