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  1. Thanks everybody, you did a great job, contact and situation clarify. Thanks
  2. Hello fellow fishermen, anybody know this guy, Yvan Charrois from Get it Wet Sporfishing ? I have a hard time having contact with him. I made a reservation a few month ago and paid the account for sunday 7th july, but didn't received any information since then. If someone knows him, can you tell him to contact me, i want to know where and at what time to meet sunday morning ? My Name Benoit RIoux and phone number 418-894-2546 and email [email protected] Thanks everybody. Ben
  3. Thaks for the report, it was a pleasure reading it
  4. Still a bit cold, but thanks anyway for the reporté
  5. Thanks for the report Pickerelkiller, what is the water temps where you were fishing (w.s.) ?
  6. Thanks Pickerel, wish to be there and freeze my but too, better than working.
  7. Ok, thanks plan a trip down there in mid-june for a week and in early july, hope the salmon will be there.
  8. Hello guys, how's the fishery down there ? No reports from that area so far. Is it like last year (terrible) ?
  9. Pap is right, it looks great. Thanks for the tips, i'll call them this morning.
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