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  1. BTW, I will probably be selling one of my motorcycles back there too. I am not sure if any of you guys ride motorcycles and have a 20-30lb dog that has a love for rapid acceleration (0-60 in under 3 seconds), but if you do then I have the bike for you!
  2. It's cool guys. Whereas it might be ok to send a check for a small amount for a handful of lures or something it is not really wise to send a large check for a large assortment of equipment from someone that you do not know. I wasn't even worried about that, I was more worried that my opinion on the condition of my gear might not coincide with someone else's opinion. Most likely I will not sell much, if anything, out here in Southern California and it will be available once I get to Buffalo. Thank you for your kind thoughts
  3. I'm sorry people. I don't know how to take payments and I am not so sure about shipping. I am used to dealing with people in person so there are no misunderstandings. I think I will just close this ad and I will put everything up for sale again after I sell my house in California and get back to Buffalo, this way I can sell everything in person. If my house does not sell right away and I start selling on ebay or something then I will put it back up again at that time, but I have never sold anything and shipped it out. Thank you - John
  4. Sorry no pics yet but I did take inventory. I had a few rods and reels that broke in storage so they are not on the list. This is a list of what I have, nothing is really standard Great Lake setups though. I am swamped because I am selling everything that I own to move overseas and I am working on my house now to get it prepared to put up for sale in a few weeks. It may be best for me to wait until I return to NY to try to sell everything. I am not sure how to sell long distance, but my fishing equipment isn't going to generate interest here in California. Anyway my current list of rods and reels are as follows, and condition varies and a few have had eyelets replaced. Reels: Fly: Garcia Mitchell 758 Ultralight Spinning: 2x Shakespeare Sigma 025 Light Spinning: 2x Shakespeare Sigma Supra 035 1x Shakespeare Sigma Pro 035 1x Shakespeare Sigma 035 1x Shakespeare Sigma Pro 035 but missing drag cover and plastic cover on other side of crank 1x Mitchell 308A 2x Shakespeare 35 Medium Spinning: 3x Shimano 300Q 1x Penn 712Z 1x Shakespeare Sigma 2200 040 Heavy Spinning: 2x ABU Garcia Cardinal 658 Baitcasting type reels: Penn Long Beach 60 Penn No 85 Penn 940 Levelmatic Penn Peerless No 9 Rods: 8' 3 piece Shakespeare FY 12-R Flyrod 4'9" Fenwick Eagle Graphite Ultralight Spinning 5'2" Berkley Graphite Ultralight Spinning 4x 6' Ugly Stick Medium Action Spinning Rods 2x 7' Shimano Bull Whip Medium Action Spinning Rods 2x 8'6" Daiwa Eliminator Med/Hvy (12-30lb line) Spinning Rods 7'9" Mitchell Cascade Spinning Rod 6'6" Browning PT66W Baitcasting rod Vintage ABU Garcia? 6'6" spinning rod 5'5" Abu Garcia Tracer baitcasting rod 6' Zebco Elipse spinning rod 5' Zebco Elipse spinning rod 5' Shakespeare Ranger spinning rod 7'6" vintage fiberglass custom rod with cork handle and slip rings so reel can mount anywhere on handle, possibly handmade.
  5. Please wait until I post the rods and reels, hopefully by tonight. I have to go through it all, most of this stuff has been in storage for 10 years. I would like to sell everything in one package but if that is not feasible I will sell separate packages. Thank you for your patience
  6. Here are the details on the planer board mast. Wille 6' tall planer board outrigger mast, a bolt on surface mount, a flush boat seat mount, and a handful of releases. The mast and reels are in good condition. I forgot to take a picture of the releases, however they are in poor condition and not worth much.
  7. Here are the details on the downriggers. 2 Canon Easy Troll 2 manual downriggers, 2 rod holders, 2 Canon Low Profile Swivel Mounts, 2 Canon Tab Lock Bases, 2 downrigger weights and holders, and a handful of releases. The downriggers have 2' booms, stainless steel cable, and they have a digital line counter mounted next to the reel (see pic). Everything is in good condition and only used in fresh water. Some of the releases need new stainless leaders.
  8. Here are the details on the dodgers, spin doctors, and flies. - 9x Dreamweaver 8" Spin Doctors (5x are new and unopened) - 6x Luhr Jenson Dodgers Size 0 - 2x Luhr Jenson Dodgers Size 00 - 4x Luhr Jenson Dodgers Size 000 - 1x Troll King Dodger Size 0000 - 3x Luhr Jenson Dipsey Divers Size 1 (2 new and unopened) - 3x Luhr Jenson Dipsey Divers Size 0 (2 new and unopened) - 2x Luhr Jenson Mini Dipsey Divers - a couple dozen trolling quids and flies. Note: A couple of the dodgers might not be Luhr Jenson brand.
  9. Here are the details on my tackle box. - Umco (I think) 21" x 12" x 13" tackle box. It opens up to 3' wide! It has 8 trays with 94 compartments, and the tray dividers are removable. It also has a large area for storage under the trays and 2 clear storage boxes are included as well. - 100+ plugs (lures) including Luhr Jensons, Rapalas, Rebels, etc, etc etc. - 100+ spoons (lures) including Northern Kings, Dreamweavers, etc. - A panfish assortment including floats, weights, hooks, spinners, etc. - A stainless steel filet knife, pliers, and scissors with belt attachments. - A 50lb fish scale. - A Downeaster clamp on rod holder. - Depth thermometer. - Assorted hooks and terminal tackle.
  10. Hi, I am selling all my fishing tackle. I am going through it now and I will post pictures and descriptions as I go. For now I have a huge tackle box with 100+ plugs and 100+ spoons, plus stainless tools, panfish stuff, etc. I also have an assortment of trolling dodgers, spin doctors, and squids and flies. I have 2 older Canon easy troll 2 manual downriggers with line counter at the reel, plus tab lock bases, canon swivel mounts, balls and holders, and releases. I have a Wille 6' planer mast with reels and some releases. I have a pile of fishing reels and rods that I am going through now and I will post details about them as I get through them. I am currently in Southern California but I will be returning to NY state for a little while early next year. I would prefer to sell in large packages or everything in one package, I don't really want to break things up too much. I may be able to sell and ship (paypal maybe?), but I haven't figured that out yet. I do have friends in Buffalo NY that may be able to help too. Anyway sorry but I figure I will gauge interest before I get too involved with how to make the transaction work. I am selling everything because I am moving out of the country next year. Thank you for your patience.
  11. Well we gave the oak a try this morning, unfortunately my outboard was out of commission. I just replaced the water pump but it is still setting off the overheating alarm. It is a force outboard so I do not believe you can see it squirt. However I was able to troll out front for a few hours with the electric motor. We picked up 2 browns in 20-30 fow, and a stealhead in 50 fow. Everything was near the top, and they were all about 5lbs. We did not venture out further than 50 fow. We had a couple other releases (1 on the downrigger) but nobody was home. The browns each took a silver NK28 with green/yellow tape, and the stealhead took a floating chartreuse rapala #11. I hope this helps.
  12. I'm in the same boat as you (16' literally) I'm taking some inner city children fishing this week/weekend too. And I too am unsure where to go... It looks like the Oak has some very cold water now. The surface temp map shows Wilson to be about 5 degrees warmer. I am thinking that the Niagara bar might be the best bet. Unless I find some better information we will probably launch out of Wilson on Thursday and work our way west toward the bar. I will try to respond Thursday night if we have any success. Good luck
  13. Name: John Location: NY Home Port: Boat Name/Type: I fish for: ================== I just signed up a week or two ago. I am interested in contacting some people about their classified listings, however I cannot send any pm's yet. Does anyone know the requirements that must be reached for a newbie to be allowed to send private messages? I looked fairly well on this site but all I saw was a generalized statement that I must participate more... Thank you - John