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  1. Hello, up for sale is a vintage custom hand built 7'10" medium action fishing rod. It has a cork handle with 2 slip rings for mounting a reel. It is at least 50 years old and it is in mint condition. The rod looks almost new and has been used very infrequently. The rod has no markings or writing on it anywhere. I do not know too much about it, it was my grandfather's and it has been in storage for over 40 years but it appears to be very well made. I am asking $60 plus $23 for shipping. I can take payment by paypal. I will ship this out promptly and well protected. I will only ship to the lower 48 states. Thank you for looking.
  2. Up for sale are 3 Shimano Bull Whip spinning rods with reels. Two are 7', the other is 6'6" (broken rod tip replaced at second eyelet). Also included are 3 Shimano Ax300Q reels. Everything is in excellent condition and has been in storage for 20 years. These 3 setups are perfect for 8-12lb test and the reels are smooth and function perfectly. All 3 have quickfire triggers and also included is a spare spool. I am asking $200 plus $40 for shipping. Thank you for looking.
  3. Yes the spoons are still available.
  4. Reduced to $165 + $15 priority mail.
  5. It has come to my attention that some huskies are rare, especially old balsa ones. I believe only 3 of the lures are huskies and they are newer than most of the other lures. Those may only be maybe 15 years old and they rattle so I am guessing they are not balsa wood. I don't think those 3 were made in Finland either, just to be clear.
  6. Hi, up for sale are 90 plugs. They range in size from about 6.5" for the Fire Tiger Rapala in the upper left corner to about 2.25" for the chartreuse floating Rapala in the lower right corner. Most of these lures were purchased in the late 1980's and early 1990's and have been in storage about 20 years. About 2/3 of the lot (58 if I counted correctly) are Rapalas of which most were made in Finland. The Rapalas consist of floating, jointed, husky, countdown, shad rap, etc. The other lures are a mix of various makes including Bombers, Rebels, Hot Shots, etc. They range in condition from like new to good condition. 1 of the lures is missing the treble hooks. The colors vary and can be seen in the pictures (1/3 of the Rapalas are chartreuse color). I am located in Southern California and I will ship them by priority mail in a box layered in packing material for protection. I can take payment by paypal and I already have made several recent sales here. Included are all the lures seen in the pictures. I am asking $250 plus $15 for shipping ($265 total). Sold as a complete lot only. Thank you for looking.
  7. No, I don't have any that look like that. Mine are heavy on the silver/green, silver/green/glow, frog, glow frog, silver with red, monkey puke, etc. Those were always the big producers for me from Sodus to Oak Orchard. You can probably make something like those, you just need a little fluorescent red or pink spray paint and some gloss black enamel.
  8. Added 2 vintage Hot-N-Tots to the lot (last picture) and reduced price to $74 + $11 priority shipping.
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