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  1. Yeah it's been hit or miss the last few trips out, had to throw some of the larger ones on the grill lol. I appreciate the info I'll give that a try
  2. Nice fish. Any specific technique on releasing them? Been having trouble lately
  3. What kind of temps were you getting that far down?
  4. I'd try staying in 70-110 between Olcott and Wilson. Slow pick but definitely some majors to be had
  5. I'd try staying in 70-110 between Olcott and Wilson. Slow pick but definitely some majors to be had
  6. I was out of Olcott tuesday and did three kings over 20lbs. Was out this morning and did two 15-18lbs. Also some juvenile kings and lakers mixed in. They are definitely there, just gotta put the time in.
  7. I'd pull a 12" pro troll FF on one diver and a 12" spin doc and fly on the other. Then a j-plug on one rigger and a mag spoon on the other. Then just make adjustments to whichever one they start crushing.
  8. In my opinion, UV lures are more for the fisherman than the fish. I'm not saying they are totally pointless but I think it's more about having whatever lure you choose in the right place at the right time.
  9. Trolling in January lol nice. Awesome job on the tank brown as well as the catch and release.
  10. Sounds like the red barn area was hot. I had pretty much the same luck as jpiatkowski on Saturday. Dropped a BIG steelhead in 175 FOW out front, several short strikes and only boated one teenage king with a lamprey attached to it. Seems like olcott is very hit or miss this year.
  11. Yeah everything inside 120 was a lot of trash and current, had to clear lines regularly. Maybe I'll head out east if I go this weekend. Gotta try to avoid the crowds too.
  12. Also, were you trolling at 1.5 mph or 2.3?
  13. Sounds like a pretty good day, nice report. I like that spin doc and fly setup. Was this report from the weekend or today?
  14. Headed west and dropped rigs in around 200 FOW. That area was decent a few days ago, but things changed up a bit. Water seemed kinda dead so we headed north for a while. Boated a smaller steelie in 260 FOW. 50 down on the rigger pulling a seasick waddler. Next fish, another steelie, was in 300 FOW. 40 down on the rigger pulling a spoon I made. A little while later, the diver went off and we boated a small king. Pro troll FF setup. Everything cooled off after 10:30 so we headed south in search mode. Picked up a decent steelie on a 10 color in 175 FOW. We checked out the inside water and marked a ton of bait and hooks. I figured they were browns but not totally sure. I was hoping the lake would be fairly set up by now and I wished we could have gotten into some big kings, but a four fish day isn't too bad. It seems to me that things are still a bit scattered and the water needs a little time to improve. Let me know what your thoughts are on how the lake is setting up, quality of fishing, etc. Feel free to post any comments or additional reports. Tight lines!
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