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  1. It's been tough out there. Stocking numbers are way down. Not seeing allot of fish around. I'm constantly looking at my SOG compared to downsized. 2.6-3.2 SOG will keep you in the range 90% of the time. In my experience. Allot of good advice above watching downriver blowback and especially the dipsy pull. That was my indicator for many years.
  2. FYI. Gas pumps are open 24hrs and yes they have non ethanol. Nice setup. Fishing was slow. Two shakers and one mature. Started 100 zagged out to 400 and zagged back. Decent bait and temps 120 to 150 but not many marks.
  3. Does anybody know the hours of the new gas station across from Boat Doctor? And if they have non ethanol? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Have 4. 2 On riggers. 2 On wire dipsy. Love them. Good all the way around. Drag, size, nice handle. Only small issue is the line counter sticks out a bit. After a couple of good days I was wondering why I have a sore sport on my arm. The line counter can run on your arm.
  5. Was out this morning. Best was 240 ft. Diver 220, 42nd. It was a slow pick, but all came out there. Temp break at 85ft. Good luck.
  6. Suffix 832-18lb. About the 5th year and still going strong. Zero issues. Shoot, I think I still have the original knots. I"m not sure about the 30% deeper they advertise. Too many variables to really know. (currents, speed, lure, etc)
  7. First year with Fish Hawk for me this year. Did pretty well through the years with SOG and knowing my rigger kickback and dipsy bend. Somedays the current is crazy and those days you're really guessing. On the good days, you should do just fine without it. When they are feeding, getting anything in the range usually works. The slower days I feel this will help me get on more bites. Speed and Temp. My experience so far has been positive. Definitely "wow" a few times seeing my down speed. In general, I see the biggest difference in surface wheel speed and the down speed. Sometimes pretty drastic in my opinion. SOG always seems to be closer to my downsized. In general 2.2-2.8 SOG produced a decent down speed.
  8. In my opinion. Don't under power. 115 Sounds pretty low for 1875. Changes the overall performance of the boat. That mid range power and quick plane sure is nice. You don't want a dog out there plowing the water. I'd say possibly safety issue, sure is nice having that mid power if you get stuck out in the rough stuff. And, sure is nice getting in and out in a hurry if you need to. It's nice running someplace in the middle of range at full plane and feeling like the motor isn't working too hard. My 200 Verado with the smart craft gauges trolls down pretty slow. Down to around 2.2 if I remember right. I'll actually use the big motor at times if I'm trolling shallow, calm, clear water. Its actually allot more quiet than the kicker. Kicker sure is nice. As the other guys say. Keep my hours way down on the big motor. Gas savings is noticeable. Having a backup motor also is priceless. A full day running around Lake O, trolling all day, I'd burn around 6 gal of gas. That's even running around quite a bit and going out pretty far. I think that's pretty good. Seeing and hearing the performance of the 150 on the 1875 Lund is impressive. Not too different than my 200 Verado. You'd save a bit. I would think the 150 with smart craft gauge would troll down pretty nice. I'd be happy to take you out for a run if you're in the Buffalo area.
  9. I currently have a Lund Pro V 1875. Comparable to the impact. 200hp/9.9hp. Absolutely love the boat. It's a tank. Fishes any water or type you want. Had the Chrestliner Fishhawk years ago before the Lund. Not even comparable. Not a bad boat, but not comparable to the Lund. How it handled the water and waves mostly. Really got beat up. Felt like the bow could get swamped. (never did, just didn't like the ride when getting stuck in bigger waves) Never been in the Aluminum craft, but have seen them on the water. Seem to ride solid, nice layout. For best performance and resale, max out the HP and get the right prop upgrade from the start. Even though I don't often run wide open, it sure is nice having that mid range power.
  10. Fished morning till 1ish. Three. One mature, one about 10, one skip. Spoons, wonderbread , 2 carbon black. fished 70-130ft. Allot of marks 70-80. Couldn't move much. Meat on dipsy's didn't get one rip today.
  11. I've had a few frozen off. So definitely watch it now. The Neutrogena 100spf sheer stuff works well on face. Not greasy at all. Holds up well. Protects well. Thinksport zinc works well also. Doesn't rub in as well, but works well. I see Neutrogena has a zinc based now. I'll try that this year. I've tried allot of masks The simms masks have been the best. Actually wearable and can still breath. I usually use those for those direct sun days with no clouds when sun is at peak. Hard to beat that. The simms sun shirts are pretty good too. Actually keep you pretty cool also.
  12. I currently use HDS8 Gen 2. I agree with the 83Hz comment above. Definitely cone angle. Also blow back. As for arc's, ping speed up high. Chart speed high. I wouldn't worry too much. Especially running deep. Just not enough resolution on the screen. You can try zooming in on the target range or run split screen. You'll only see those perfect picture arc's if they're right under you cone. I attached 2 screen shots. Both 83hz. One shallow, one deeper. I was on fish both days. Shallow was browns. Deep salmon.
  13. Hello All. I'm always messing with my electronics. I hear some people say they can pick up fish at cruising speed. Have any of you had any success with that. I'm using Lowrance Gen2. Thanks.
  14. Been using 20lb Big game for years. It's been good for me. That 45 will hold a good amount. I did try braid a few times when I had smaller reels and needed the line capacity. You won't need that on the 45. But the no stretch is definitely a plus. I use swivel for all my connections.
  15. I"ve had the cutco for about 20yrs. Send it back every winter for a free factory sharpening. Keeps a great edge all season. No complaints here. it's been a good one.
  16. I've been running the Church Walleye boards and the Offshore (med size, don't know model number) Both pretty comparable. Slight preference to the offshore boards. Think they tack a bit better and a bit more off to the side. I did put the pinned OR clip on the back of the church board, prefer that instead of the board sliding down.
  17. 30's for wire and lower LC. 45 for 10 color. I changed my reels over last year. Mostly for faster retrieve rate. So much better. 10 Color would fit on the 30, but you'd be down to a pretty thin spool once it's all out and on a board. That will decrease your line pickup.
  18. Last time out picked up a few on riggers/spoons. 5ft back. Thanks for the comments.
  19. Sad story. Was out of Olcott that day. Saw the rescue boat and helicopter running around. Scary when you see the reality of situations like that. Unfortunate for the the family and people involved. Feel for them. Will be a good reminder to double check and have all my safety gear in order and not buried in storage.
  20. Tough bite out there today. Out of Olcott. Dropped in at 100ft checking if any stagers are around and started trolling north. Marked some good stuff, but only one quick rip. All warm water moved in. Here's a picture of one that came up for a look at my rigger.
  21. Thanks for all the comments. All make sense. At the time I was seeing this I was running 20-30ft back.
  22. Thanks. Went out this morning. Didn't last long. A bit much for my 19ft. I'd say it was 3-5ft, with a bigger one mixed in. Never dropped the probe, but surface temps were back in the low 70's.
  23. So Monday looked like cold water pushed in. Saw 67 on the top and 40 deg down 20ft to the bottom out in front of Olcott. Was a good east wind for two days. What do you guys think happens with this strong NW all day today?
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