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  1. Requested the first 3 days of the season off of work, drove down to camp in springville Thursday night and was ready to put a bird down first thing Friday morning. Well, didn't even hear a peep all morning Friday. ThAts hunting tho roosted a bird last night, didn't make a sound Flying up. Got all set up this Mornin just to have it fly 100 yards in the opposite direction and never look back lol well, haven't heard anything all morning so far. I think someone needs to turn the mute off so these birds start makin some noise 😅😂😂 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I live far away from our hunting cabin and am not gonna make it down until opening day. But I was just curious if anyone is hearing them gobble yet. Thanks for any responses. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Oops. Posted this with the wrong account. Oh well.
  4. Does anyone know of a good place in the springville area to get deer processed? A few years ago the place we used to go to went out of business and we have since been using a communal deer processing place. Would live to get my own deer back. Lol. Thanks for any info.
  5. Setup at 6 in 100 fow and pointed north. The waves caused us to turn around at 200 fow. Picked up a skippy king on the dipsy, Mountain Dew ff down 60. 10 minutes later had a nice rip on the same rod and forgot to loosen the drag so GONE. made another turn out to 200 without picking up anything. Decided to troll in and picked up a steelhead on the meat rig down 65. Lots of boats out. Back out on the 4th. Good luck.
  6. Went to the pier around noon for bass and came up empty. Around 3 i gave up but the Water was calm so I decided to go and get the boat ready for what looked like a great ( non-wavy) day to be on the water. When I got back to the lake the the waves had built to 1-2 footers. Headed out to 100 fow and set up. While sending down the 3 rd rod. Had a release and got a 4 pound steelie. Got the spread set up and immediately got into some fish. Non-stop action all evening. Landed a skippy king and an 8 lb steelie. Had a nice fish get off the riggers few seconds into the fight. Oh well. Decided to call it a night at around 8, as soon as I stood up to bring in the rods. I noticed that we were passing over a bait pod. The meat rig on a dipsey takes off. 10 minute fight, landed a 19 lb king. Fished 100-200 fow of water and 40-100 down. All but the king came on the riggers. The fishing is starting to get good. Good luck!!
  7. Thanks. Just went and got some from there.
  8. Launched at 530 fishing by 6. Started in 100 fow and pointed NE. At 8 we picked up a 14 lb king over 375 fow. 87 down. Decided we would leave at 10. The king was caught on a mag spoon. Forget the name but it kinda looks like a perch. Didn't have any other action all morning. Luckily it was a nice day just to be on the water. Good luck!!
  9. Does anyone know of any places to buy meat for a meat rig in the Wilson area?? Thanks.
  10. Launched around 6pm and headed west. Went 3 for 3 in 250-280 fow. all cohos. Nothing over 5 lbs. really calm out and was hoping to finally catch a 20+ lber king after 3 years of trying. Lol. No luck. Came back in at dark and talked to some other fisherman and said that they were hammering the kings in 100-110 fow. Try again next time I guess. Best of fishing.
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