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  1. 4 salmon and 2 lake trout, lost several fish, including another king at the net. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Wednesday 7/5 Near tip of finger. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. It changes daily. The fish will stay with the water they are comfortable in, and the water can change quickly. Personally, this time of year if I have time and the wind cooperates then I'd go fishing. But until you get there and drop a probe, you won't know what you are in for. Don't be too quick to make your decisions on yesterday's reports. I have been out on a Saturday with 70 degree surface water and had water in the upper 40's down 70' in 130 fow and low 40's towards the bottom, then the next day in the same spot it was 70 degrees from the surface down 110'. The currents are sneaky on the Lake, especially lately. Some days it will be fishing, other days it will be catching. If you want an almost sure thing, wait until early September and go catch the dark ones, if you're into that sort of combat fishing...
  4. Went out on Sunday 5/29 and caught 5 lakers and a tiny King. Out again Saturday 6/4 and caught three good lakers and three kings, one 19.5 pounds. All were around 155 fow both days, baby kings are up higher, lakers anywhere from 50' down to 120', the bigger King was down 110' caught around noon Sunday.
  5. Trolled the St. Lawrence Saturday (12/26) and caught two smaller pike, missed one decent fish. Gotta love some bonus trolling this late in the year. Speed was around 3 mph and worked 20-25 feet of water. Only fished 3 hours, used planer boards running Rapala tail dancers.
  6. Which was better, the 7 iron or the 6? Will know after the hole. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. MullenJ, see my post out of stony point in the Henderson Harbor thread. Temps were 63-64 on surface, stayed about the same down 30' then started dropping. 50 degrees around 50' then dropped through the 40's slowly down from there. Most of our action was on lake trout down just over 100', in 41-42 degree water. Picture shows approximate location.
  8. I use an electric smoker because it's a long process and I can't always monitor it the entire time, also easier to get consistency from one batch to the next. I started out using Bradley smoker's recipe as a baseline. http://www.north-america.bradleysmoker.com/recipe/bradleys-famous-hot-smoked-salmon/ As far as the spices, that's where you need to modify to your liking, I don't use any garlic or onion. If you want to try different flavors in the same batch, keep the stronger spices on the lower racks. My favorite has a little cayenne in the mix. When you're done smoking remove the filets from the racks and let cool just a bit, then remove the skin (should pull off smooth in one piece) and use the tip of a spatula to scrape the layer of brown residue from the mudline which was between the skin and meat (discard this). Then enjoy some fresh, and let rest cool to be packaged and frozen after a night in the fridge.
  9. Went yesterday out of Stony creek, headed straight west. Spent most of the day in 150' of water and out to 180'. Very busy screens, had one brown on a spoon down 25', a small king down 50', and 6 lakers down 100' to 110' with several missed fish. Three lakers over 15 lb. One pic shows approximate location, other pick shows the stomach content of a 16.5 lb laker, amazing he would still be looking for more. My nephews had a blast on their first trip to the big lake. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Fished yesterday (Sunday), had 57 - 60 on surface, and high 40's down 40', to low 40's down 100'. Spent most of the day in 120 - 140 fow. Two big browns down 30' to 40', one on spoon and the other on a flasher and white fly. Pretty slow, couldn't beat the weather though.
  11. Any info on water temps? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. I've been out of stony three times this year, and have churned a little mud in spots but getting the channel figured out. The charters are making it from the end of the river through the worst section with the 26' boats, so definitely possible. I would say the worst section is the last bend into the bay and then the beginning of the bay towards the first docks, stay fairly close to the right side.
  13. Atlantics and walleye are still swimming, but the Browns and laker have a date with the smoker tonight. Really white meat on a couple of the Browns. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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