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  1. mullenj

    Re-powering Trophy ???

    Yes I like the Suzuki’s also. Just not as easy to switch out with existing Merc setup. Trying to find a local dealer here to get estimate. Thnx for your input.
  2. mullenj

    Re-powering Trophy ???

    Max horsepower listed as 175. I’m thinking of Merc 150hp 4-stroke since it weighs 455 lbs., vs. 367 for current Merc 2-stroke 125hp. Stepping up to 175 means even more weight so that scares me, especially if going with heavier 4-stroke. Also, I note that there would be a large increase in displacement going from current motor to the Merc 150 4-stroke, so thinking torque would be much improved, along with better reliability, etc. Any input appreciated!
  3. mullenj

    Re-powering Trophy ???

    I’ve noticed lots of Trophy owners on this site, so hoping for advice from anyone who has re-powered aTrophy Pro 2002WA, or similar boat. Mine is model year 2006, powered with 125hp Merc 2-stroke; reasonable good power and speed even here in Intracoastal waters (SC), but wish for better reliability, easier starting, quieter more efficient motor, etc. I was considering going Evinrude e-tec, but very scarce with few dealers here on Carolina coast, so looking at 4-stroke 150hp from Merc. Lots of Yamahas here, but some folks really like Suzuki’s 150hp 4-stroke also. Newest Merc seems to be lighter than yammy or zook, and my boat mechanic is a Merc dealer so that’s an advantage. Would like to hear from anyone who has repowered this or similar trophy model with 4-stroke power. Thanks for looking!
  4. Does anybody have advice on reels needed to hold 1000' of wire line?
  5. I want to change out my dipsey with braided line and replace with wire. If wire is better in avoiding feas while trolling this time of year, I would like to know specifics of wire for my dispeys. Where do I get it, what test, price, how easy is it to spool and work with? Any help here is appreciated.
  6. mullenj

    Cayuga over load

    What did I miss about Seneca? I know that big O. Has been slow, so more trollers on finger lakes, but don't know Seneca situation. What gives?
  7. Has anyone had luck with Browns out of stony launch? Want to try Drowned island area up to Rays bay, but hoping for some info on water temps or other reports. Thanks!
  8. Any recent action in the trench? Thinking of stony creek launch tomorrow in search of any trout or salmon near wall or finger area. Any reports of late? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  9. Hope you got the chance to go to the fishfry at Oistins, esp. on Friday nites. Its also a great place to see daily catches from fisherman being brought to market. Make sure you also get to the Roundhouse overlooking the soup bowl area near Bathsheba on the Atlantic coast (Scotland district). I can taste the flying fish sandwiches right now!
  10. mullenj

    Why do people prefer Coho for the smoker?

    Related question: if I want to target cohos instead of kings, how would my presentation vary in terms of depth, lures, speed, etc.?
  11. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  12. I would like to take a look at it early this week if not already sold. What model Trophy is that boat in the picture? I have a WA2002 and would hope the bracket would suffice?
  13. mullenj

    Motor Prop Question

    Please explain to me the difference between a stainless vs. my OEM prop? What can I expect to gain if I decide to spring for the SS prop? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  14. mullenj

    need some help here

    What tournament is out of Mexico this weekend? Is it based out of mikes or salmon country? I wouldn't think that the state ramp would be the focus of the tourney, but who knows? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  15. mullenj


    Fished Thursday AM from 6 til 2pm in 110-180fow. Lots of bait at 50-60 ft. Had 1 hit only being a skippie king. Only 2 other boats at launch, very few boats in the bay. Talked to charter cap at launch who said kings are here, but not for us. Was that you captain Rich in monark? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United