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  1. Looking for the what I assume would be the wood inserts that go on either side of the splashwell that would have seats mounted to them or that you could mount seats to. I know I can make some but if anyone has any they aren't using lemme know. Thanks.
  2. 2008 Mercury 4 stroke 9.9 long shaft outboard and mounting bracket. Also comes with the brackets and a connector rod that attaches the kicker to your main motor so you can steer from the helm. Electric start with alternator/charging system so you can charge your batteries while trolling. Runs awesome. Currently mounted on the boat here in Fishers Landing (Alex Bay, Clayton) and you can hear it run. I don't do a lot of fishing and what little I do I will just drift. $1900 Update: Pulling the motor off of the boat tomorrow so I can install a swim step/ladder.
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