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  1. OMG LOL!!!!! Must be the same Exact scammer I had an encounter with when I was inquiring a Honda Pioneer. Seriously same story. Said I would have to buy it from E Bay, free delivery, same details about her and her daughter, Hub died. No E Bay listing and on and on. Beware is right!! That posting was on Craigslist and in NY.
  2. Yes its still available and yes i had to snow-blow the driveway Saturday morning 3/23. Patiently waiting to pull the Whaler out and get it ready for a splash.
  3. It will be missed if it gets relocated off the east end. A new home and many memories still to be made out of that rig! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. A couple more weeks and the blower will be coming off and the mower deck will be replacing it. It will make a great addition for the plow person or landscaper. I used it for many years just for residential but built like a tank for heavier work loads.
  5. Sold the Fat Cat, I feel like I had to shoot and bury my dog. It went to a good owner. So long ole buddy
  6. nijajordan, did you hear back from him? I sent him a PM last week at the same time and have not heard anything back.
  7. Hard to find? Shimano still has the Tekota line in production? Right? I thought i just saw the new ones in BPS.
  8. Lots of ice, lots of snow! Just go! Nothing needed on this machine just a rider!
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