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  1. Hey Rod Hog - Question on the 2,3 and 5 color setup. Never fished those rigs before but just put 3 color and 5 color on 2 reels. How much line are you letting out when you fish those rigs? Want to give them a try on my boat but want to make sure I am fishing them correctly. Thanks.. - Mr Kato
  2. Fished from about 7:30 to 11:30. Tried inside until about 9am fishing 7- 20 ft of water since we saw 3 to 4 boats nearshore. Got nothing. Went out to 80-100 and boated 1 laker about 60 down over 80 on a spoon. Went in and and came back out around 1:30 and fished til about 5 in same 80-100 ft range just northwest of Braddock. Did 3 more lakers, 2 with rigger set at 90 and 1 with rigger at 72. Had 4 other releases. All on spoons. 2 on silver/blue stripe NK and one on yellow with orange stripe NK. Lake fairly calm. 0-1 ft wavers from the east/northeast. Seems to be the predominant wind direction the last few weeks.
  3. dickey, I plan to head out of Braddock tomorrow as well - Mr Kato (585-622-8742 if you want to text me)
  4. You could always go to the Lake Ontario buoy report site (https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov) which would have the wind conditions (direction and speed) at Olcott Harbor/ It would also have all the data for the last 24 hours so you could see how wind speed and direction were trending.
  5. Only 1 steelhead caught in 40 ft of water about 15 down. Very few marks on the graph, Fished Braddock to:Lighthouse/ Saw one other boat at the launch when pulling out. He caught 2 kings: 1 in 40 ft of water the other in 100 ft. Don;t know the lure depth.
  6. thanks for the info. First time out this season tomorrow (Thursday).. Will post how I do.
  7. Whaler1: what depths did you fish off Braddock? And did you fish east or west of the mouth? Thanks. - Mr Kato
  8. Plan on fishing Thursday morning out of Braddock Bay. - Mr Kato
  9. I have some of those orange and gold Rebels and it is a good lure! The ones I have are probably 20+ years old.
  10. Launched at Braddock around 7:15 and went straight out to 80 ft of water based on reports posted from earlier in the week. Began setting up around 7:45-8:00 and first fish (laker) came around 8:15 on rigger set at 85. Then did a king at same depth about 20 minutes later. Did a steady pick for the next 2.5 to 3 hrs finishing with a total of 3 lakers, 2 kings and 2 cohos. Moved one rigger down to 100 ft and had 2nd line stacked about 20 ft above it. Other rigger at 70 with 2nd line about 20 ft about that. Ran spoons all morning with black/green NK28 doing 5 of the 7 fish and a black with gold/silver ladder back doing the other 2. Fished between 80 and 130 ft depth most of the time with most of the fish coming at the 90-110 ft depth. It was a beautiful day on a very calm lake. No photos to share right now.
  11. If you had riggers set up what depth where they at and did you catch any on the riggers?
  12. Some great advice. Get out fishing when you can because you never know. I hope/pray that you will be out there again soon!
  13. Looks like a coho and a laker in 2 of those photos

  14. I fished out of Braddock Bay last week and we caught kings in 70-130 ft fishing riggers down 30-50 ft. Others boats were fishing the same depths and also having good success. But that was last Saturday and per previous things could have changes due to weather/winds this week. Good luck!
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