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  1. On Thursday I noticed Rochester Sport Fishing Charter was docked at Westpoint Marina and I sent Captain Kip an email and spoke with him on Thursday. He told me that the average depth thru the channel was 4 to 5 feet. It was a little shallower before you got to the channel markers going out and once clearing the markers on the lake side there was a sandbar out there that came up to about 3 ft. He said that he basically went thru the center of the channel without any issues. And his boat is somewhere in the 25 ft range. - Mr Kato
  2. longspurs: where did you launch at Braddock? Did you go out thru the channel? If so could you tell the depth thru the channel? I had heard that they were dredging the channel. Was the dredge still there or is it done? Just wondered because I have a 21 ft Crestliner that I would like to take out but still concerned about the low water level/depth of water in the channel, Any info would be appreciated. Thank you! - Mr Kato
  3. I thought that last year after the channel was dredged that the channel depth was 4 to 6 ft? So even with the level down shouldn't there still be 2-4 ft of depth thru the channel? For the gentleman that bottomed out with your jon boat, did you bottom out in the channel? Farther back in the bay? Or out in the lake past the last channel marker? Just curious. I have a 21 ft Crestliner and obviously am worried about launching/trying to get out in the lake to fish. Forecasts are for the lake to rise 11-12 inches by mid April, if that is any good news.
  4. Just wondered if anyone out there has done any near shore smallmouth fishing from Sandy Creek to Webster.. I have not but I was just wondering if anyone has tried and and had any luck. If so can you reply with any information/details. Thanks!.
  5. Rick, I am headed out of Braddock around 7am. Cell # is 585-622-8742. Mr Kato
  6. Did you guys have problems with spiny flea buildup on your lines? I was out Thursday out of Braddock Bay and it was terrible.
  7. Not going out tomorrow (Wednesday) but most likely Thursday.
  8. I fished out of Braddock Bay on Friday June 5 and started fishing around 7:30am and based on recent lake reports in the Rochester area I set up around 70FOW and trolled out to 220. Had some marks in the 70-100 ft range but not much after that out to 220. Came back in to 80-100 ft of water between Braddock Pt and Lighthouse Pt and lots of marks down deep (70-100 ft range). Fished riggers set at 85 to 100 ft and boated 5 lakers with 2 other releases. All on spoons (silver/blue stripe NK or white/blue stripe Evil Eye). Had rods stacked on riggers with 2nd line about 15-20 ft above bottom line. All fish and all releases were on bottom line. And all fish/releases came between 10:30 and noon. Left water around 12:15. The 80-100 ft depth is the same depth range I caught all my fish the last 2 times out. Lots of debris (weeds/sticks/etc) in the water around 160-180 depth.- Mr Kato
  9. Hey Rod Hog - Question on the 2,3 and 5 color setup. Never fished those rigs before but just put 3 color and 5 color on 2 reels. How much line are you letting out when you fish those rigs? Want to give them a try on my boat but want to make sure I am fishing them correctly. Thanks.. - Mr Kato
  10. Fished from about 7:30 to 11:30. Tried inside until about 9am fishing 7- 20 ft of water since we saw 3 to 4 boats nearshore. Got nothing. Went out to 80-100 and boated 1 laker about 60 down over 80 on a spoon. Went in and and came back out around 1:30 and fished til about 5 in same 80-100 ft range just northwest of Braddock. Did 3 more lakers, 2 with rigger set at 90 and 1 with rigger at 72. Had 4 other releases. All on spoons. 2 on silver/blue stripe NK and one on yellow with orange stripe NK. Lake fairly calm. 0-1 ft wavers from the east/northeast. Seems to be the predominant wind direction the last few weeks.
  11. dickey, I plan to head out of Braddock tomorrow as well - Mr Kato (585-622-8742 if you want to text me)
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