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  1. Some great advice. Get out fishing when you can because you never know. I hope/pray that you will be out there again soon!
  2. Looks like a coho and a laker in 2 of those photos

  3. I fished out of Braddock Bay last week and we caught kings in 70-130 ft fishing riggers down 30-50 ft. Others boats were fishing the same depths and also having good success. But that was last Saturday and per previous things could have changes due to weather/winds this week. Good luck!
  4. Did the walleye hit a spoon or a plug? How deep of water? That's a nice fish!! - Mr Kato
  5. Nice report! I took a ride in my car along the shore line from I Bay to Braddock Bay yesterday and did not see any boats out. But saw no shore ice in the lake. What kind of boat do you have? I have a Crestliner 216 Sabre. Your boat looks similar to mine. Hope to be out there soon. Mr Kato
  6. When you went out to 550 ft, what depths were your lures at? Downrigging or flat lining or dipsies?
  7. Thanks for the report. I fished that same area last Friday and only managed 1 steelhead. But water was clear and cold when I fished it. Looks like you had stained water. - Mr Kato
  8. I Bay Fri Apr 28 Launched at State launch at I bay around 6:15 am and headed east towards Webster Park. trolled 8-20 fow with bombers, bay rat and small spoon. Water temp was 44-46. Could not find any warmer water. Only managed 1 steelie (3-4 lbs) on orange bomber just east of Webster park pier. Went back into I bay around 10am and and fished west side of bay north of the I Bay bridge and caught 1 brown (3-4 lbs) and 1 bass?? (silver bass? looked like a stripper). Called it a day around 11:30. Update, 04May2017: I posted a photo of the fish.
  9. Fished Sat, Aug 21 7am to noon with much the same kind of display on the screen. Checked around 100-120 ft of water range and marked lots of bait pods 50-70 ft down. And lots of marks 80-120 ft down. Could only manage 1 laker. Tried slow/fast troll and lots of different colors of spoons in various sizes. Also did have a lot of weeds.
  10. Used to fish the lake in a 16 ft deep V Four Winns. Not a problem as long as waves were in the 1-3 ft range. But that varies on the wind direction. If west or northwest, waves have more or a roll to them. If east/northeast, the waves get real choppy/sloppy. As everyone else said, you have to keep an eye on the weather/wind/wave forecasts but they are not always accurate. Listen to hourly reports on the weather radio where the wind direction and speed are usually given for Olcott, Wilson, Oswego and sometimes port of Rochester. And winds inland versus what's happening on the lake can be very different. Sometimes better/sometimes worse.I can remember days being at the launch in Braddock Bay with no wind yet only a 1/4 to 1/2 mile away on the lake the winds were blowing with white caps on the lake. - Mr Kato
  11. Sounds like some good action out of Sandy Creek. Do you/anyone know if the docks are in at the public launch at Sandy? Just wondered. My boat is now ready to go and thought about giving Sandy Creek a try. Mr Kato
  12. Rick, Just heard/read about your dad's accident and glad to hear he is making good, steady progress. I grew up in the same neighborrhood as your dad and attended the same grammar school as he did. Give him my best and I hope his recovery keeps going in the right direction and that he is out there fishing with you this season!! Mr Kato (Kevin Doell)
  13. Launched around 1pm and trolled (planer boards) west of the bay all the way down to just west of Lighthouse Point. Water temp in 48-49F range. Water clear. Fished 7-10 ft of water. No action. Went out to 25-35 ft and trolled back to Braddock Bay. Nothing. But tried just east of Braddock real close to shore and found some real warm water: 56-58F. Water a little stained. Immediately boated a couple 3-4 pound browns and had 1 other release. All releases on small spoons. Ended the day around 5pm with just those 2 fish. At least it was not a shutout!
  14. Got out for the first time this year. Fished for only a couple hours, 2:30pm-4:30pm. 4 releases/3 fish. All browns. 8 pounds, 4 pounds, 1 pound. Fish lost was probably in 6-8 pound range. 3 off planer boards; one on flat line. All on small spoons. Orange or ornage/gold. Kind of choppy due to east/norhesat wind. But good to get out! Mr kato
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