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  1. Just wondered if anyone out there has done any near shore smallmouth fishing from Sandy Creek to Webster.. I have not but I was just wondering if anyone has tried and and had any luck. If so can you reply with any information/details. Thanks!.
  2. Rick, I am headed out of Braddock around 7am. Cell # is 585-622-8742. Mr Kato
  3. Did you guys have problems with spiny flea buildup on your lines? I was out Thursday out of Braddock Bay and it was terrible.
  4. Not going out tomorrow (Wednesday) but most likely Thursday.
  5. I fished out of Braddock Bay on Friday June 5 and started fishing around 7:30am and based on recent lake reports in the Rochester area I set up around 70FOW and trolled out to 220. Had some marks in the 70-100 ft range but not much after that out to 220. Came back in to 80-100 ft of water between Braddock Pt and Lighthouse Pt and lots of marks down deep (70-100 ft range). Fished riggers set at 85 to 100 ft and boated 5 lakers with 2 other releases. All on spoons (silver/blue stripe NK or white/blue stripe Evil Eye). Had rods stacked on riggers with 2nd line about 15-20 ft above bottom line. All fish and all releases were on bottom line. And all fish/releases came between 10:30 and noon. Left water around 12:15. The 80-100 ft depth is the same depth range I caught all my fish the last 2 times out. Lots of debris (weeds/sticks/etc) in the water around 160-180 depth.- Mr Kato
  6. Hey Rod Hog - Question on the 2,3 and 5 color setup. Never fished those rigs before but just put 3 color and 5 color on 2 reels. How much line are you letting out when you fish those rigs? Want to give them a try on my boat but want to make sure I am fishing them correctly. Thanks.. - Mr Kato
  7. Fished from about 7:30 to 11:30. Tried inside until about 9am fishing 7- 20 ft of water since we saw 3 to 4 boats nearshore. Got nothing. Went out to 80-100 and boated 1 laker about 60 down over 80 on a spoon. Went in and and came back out around 1:30 and fished til about 5 in same 80-100 ft range just northwest of Braddock. Did 3 more lakers, 2 with rigger set at 90 and 1 with rigger at 72. Had 4 other releases. All on spoons. 2 on silver/blue stripe NK and one on yellow with orange stripe NK. Lake fairly calm. 0-1 ft wavers from the east/northeast. Seems to be the predominant wind direction the last few weeks.
  8. dickey, I plan to head out of Braddock tomorrow as well - Mr Kato (585-622-8742 if you want to text me)
  9. You could always go to the Lake Ontario buoy report site (https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov) which would have the wind conditions (direction and speed) at Olcott Harbor/ It would also have all the data for the last 24 hours so you could see how wind speed and direction were trending.
  10. Only 1 steelhead caught in 40 ft of water about 15 down. Very few marks on the graph, Fished Braddock to:Lighthouse/ Saw one other boat at the launch when pulling out. He caught 2 kings: 1 in 40 ft of water the other in 100 ft. Don;t know the lure depth.
  11. thanks for the info. First time out this season tomorrow (Thursday).. Will post how I do.
  12. Whaler1: what depths did you fish off Braddock? And did you fish east or west of the mouth? Thanks. - Mr Kato
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