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  1. Thanks for sharing. Looked like unbelievable fishing. Guess I need to put that on my list of fishing destinations!
  2. Thought someone might know of how and where to dispose of expired boat flares. I have a box at home with a dozen or more and was wondering if any of you LOU members know how and where to properly dispose of them. Any information would be appreciated. Mr Kato
  3. My condolences, My thoughts and prayers are with you!
  4. Has anyone been out of Braddock Bay lately thru the channel and out to the lake? Just wondered if there was enough water in the channel to get out to the lake. Anyone know the approximate current depth in the channel. Mr Kato
  5. Hey Whaler1 - just wondered what kind of lures and what colors you caught those browns on on 8/10. And I assume they were all off of your downriggers. I was running a lot of big/magnum spoons and maybe I should have been running something smaller. Just wondered. - Mr Kato
  6. Fished off Braddock from about 730-1130. Similar to Whaler1's comments I had a very good screen with lots of marks close to the bottom in the 90-110 ft depth range but I could not get a single hookup. Had 3 releases but nothing home. With the number of fish that I marked on the screen it was very disappointing not to lane something. I went out to 140 depth but screen much better looking in that 100 ft depth.
  7. Enjoy those times with your girls!! My daughter used to fish with me for trout/salmon and smallmouth (when they used to be around!!) and we both loved being on the water and spending the time together. Unfortunately off to college a few years ago and no living out of town so don't get those quality times too often anymore. Enjoy while you can!! - Mr Kato
  8. At what depth were you catching those lakers? And I assume they were on or close to the bottom?
  9. Launched around 630 and headed to 75-100 ft of water just west of Braddock, Setup around 7am. Found very cold water (50 degrees or lower) 25 ft down. Fished this area until about 830 with no action and then moved out to about 180 ft depth. Found 55 degrees around 50-55 feet. Boated 14 fish (2 browns (one around 8 pounds and the other around 4-5 pounds which had a lamprey on it) and 12 other fish ranging in range from 1-4 pounds). Mostly small chinook with a few coho. Had 4-5 other releases. Had about a 1 foot chop from about 830-1115am. Lake went calm around 1115am and when lake went flat fishing/catching turned off. Left lake around 1145-noon. Very few spiny fleas. Used all spoons and best colors were watermelon and black/green magnum NKs. Even though fish were small it was quite busy for 2-2.5 hours. - Mr Kato
  10. Thanks to everyone for your replies. Will give the 30 pound mono a try and hope that improves things or at least reduces the buildup
  11. Running 17 pound mono and then 10-12 pound fluorocarbon leaders
  12. I fished out of Braddock Bay Thursday (7/7) morning from about 730-11am. Fished 80-200 ft of water. Marked lots of bait and lots of fish and had a couple of releases but nothing in the boat. But the reason for this posting is that I never so the spiny fleas so bad. When pulling in my lines they were covered with spiny fleas and sometimes had 3-4 feet of fleas piled up on the line. Never seen it this bad. I am sure that is why I never hooked up on any fish even though the graph indicated that there were plenty of fish there. Wonder if anyone who fished that morning off of Braddock Bay experienced similar issues with the flea buildup on their lines. The only line that never had buildup was the lead core line I was running. I run fluorocarbon leaders on my lines and the fleas would seem to buildup/stop at the junction of the fluorocarbon and monofilament knot. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent/minimize the spiny flea buildup? Will the northeast winds this coming weekend and 3-5 ft waves reduce the fleas? Looking for any advice. Thanks. - Mr Kato
  13. Whaler1: Great day of fishing! Nice browns! What speed was working best for you? And was there a certain direction (west to east; south to north?) that seemed better? Thanks! - Mr Kato
  14. Maybe fishing will improve next week after frontal passage on Monday and a return to some west and northwest winds. The consistent east winds for the last week or so has slowed fishing for mostly everyone out there in the Rochester area.
  15. Fished Braddock yesterday (Wednesday) from about 8am to noon and had good water temp (49-50 degrees) off of Braddock but did not catch a single brown. Managed only one small king (1-2 pounder). Had another 4-6 releases but nothing else landed.
  16. Where are the pen rearing pens on the Genesee located?
  17. You said you turned around just before Smoky Point. Where exactly is Smoky Point?
  18. one more question: did you boat any of your fish in front of the bay or did you catch most of them west of the bay/past the west point? when I last saw the boat you were still headed west and then eventually you went out of sight.
  19. Did you fish east of the bay or did you start to the east and troll west? I saw a boat out there this morning that came out of Braddock and went a little east but then trolled west, I was onshore casting and noticed one boat that came out of the bay around 715-730 and wondered if that was you that I saw.
  20. Well that is certainly not a pretty site. Will probably get worse as the day goes on. May be even worse later today/tomorrow as northeast winds increase.
  21. Northeast winds for Wednesday and Thursday as remnants of Ida approach. Never have too much success with those winds. Good luck!
  22. BreakingBass - Regarding RPRN6: This is the weather sensor station at the end of the east pier (Summerville pier) at the mouth of the Genesee River in Rochester, New York. And I would also agree with you that looking at the Weather Bug website and camera 6 (Forest Lawn Beach) and camera 13 (Oak Orchard Lighthouse) can be helpful, I have been fishing Lake Ontario since the early 1980s in the boats of friends and in my own boats since 1986 and wind and wave forecasts for the lake still seem to be a difficult task for the weather service. I can remember a day in the late 1980s when fishing the Spring ESLO Derby when the forecast was for 4 to 6 foot waves and we were on the lake just to the west of the Genesee River fishing a flat like with barely a ripple on the water; there were even people out there in kayaks!! And then I was out there another day when the waves were supposed to be 1 foot or less and I got caught out near Sandy Creek in the early morning when the lake went from waves of less than a foot to 4 to 6 footers out of the east and I had to make it all the way back to Braddock Bay in those conditions. I am sure there are plenty of other people out there with similar stories, Just keep monitoring all those potential sources of information. - Mr Kato
  23. I believe that the buoy report is for the buoy that is approximately 20 miles offshore north-northeast of Rochester.
  24. Went out for a few hours on Thursday morning from about 9 to noon. Went out to 80 ft just to the NW of Braddock point and moved out to about 120 ft depth. Had a good screen with lots of marks down between 70 and 100 ft. 55 temp was down about 70 feet and dropped to 42 at around 90 ft. We did one king about 10 pounds down 90 on the rigger. Also did a small steelie and a small brown down around 65 to 70 on the rigger but neither of those fish tripped the releases. Both were pretty small at a pound or 2. Had a good screen with lots of marks but just couldn't get them to bite. Only had a few hours to fish but it was a nice day. Lake flat (maybe too flat). Lots of spiny fleas on the lines but they shook off fairly easily. - Mr Kato
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