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  1. Last time I was thru the channel the water was crystal clear (light winds that day) and water depth about 2.5-3.5 ft. So if there is/are obstruction(s) (concrete pylons) in the channel they should be visible on days like this and maybe the marina/town should be made aware of this to have them removed. I am going to notify WestPoint Marina to see if they have any comments.
  2. I was last out thru the channel on Friday Sept 8th and had anywhere from 2.5 to 3,5 ft thru the channel. No issues. I have a 21 ft Crestliner with a 120hp outboard. Did not stir up any mud/sand going thru the channel that day.
  3. Just wondered if there is anyone smallmouth bass fishing from Braddock Bay to Webster. If so can you post any information. Used to fish a lot for smallmouth near and to the west of Braddock and occasionally from Irondequoit Bay to Webster (Hedges) but that fishery seems to have disappeared the last 5-10 years. Just wondered what others might be seeing relative to that fishery around Rochester. Thanks! Mr Kato
  4. As of 8pm on Sunday night winds still gusting to near 15 knots from the NW at Summerville (station RPRN6) and still blowing over 15 knots at the buoy NE of Rochester (station 45012), Supposed to calm down overnight but I would check those stations in the morning to see what wind speed/directions are. I am hoping to get out as well.
  5. Launched at West Point Marina around 730am and on the lake around 8am. Started in 70-90 ft of water and picked up a 8 pound king in the first hour. Moved west of the bay around 10am and went in shallower to about 55-70 ft of water. Boated 6 browns and one 13 pound king. Pretty steady pick for 90 minutes until east wind kicked in around 1130am. Only fished 4 rods with riggers between 50-70 down. All fish came on lures that were blue or that had some blue color in them.
  6. Whaler1: What depth were you in for those browns? 75-100 ft??
  7. Did those browns come off of downriggers or dipsies or copper/lead core or a mixture of all of these? Just wondered. Was hoping to get out of Braddock this week. Thanks. - Mr Kato
  8. According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), the level at Braddock Heights has gone down from a high of 247.52 ft on May 17 to the current level of 246.85 ft on June 10. So a drop of 0.67 ft (or 8 inches) over a 24 day period. So that's basically 1 inch per every 3 days over the last 3.5 weeks. Since we have not had any measurable rain in 3 weeks I guess a little drop might have been expected. Army Core of Engineers projection is for only a 3 inch decrease between now and July 9. Hopefully the anticipated rain will help.
  9. Hope you did not make the 1 hr and 45 min drive. Winds on the lake are out of the east or northeast at 20 knots gusting into the low and mid 20s.
  10. Near shore forecast for Saturday as of 440PM on 6/2/23 for Niagara River to Hamlin Beach: SATURDAY Northeast winds 15 to 20 knots becoming east. Mostly sunny. Waves 2 to 4 feet building to 3 to 6 feet. Waves occasionally around 7 feet.
  11. Bustersit and Whaler1 - did you guys get out on Wednesday? If so wondered how you did, - Mr Kato
  12. Whaler1: when you went out and fished the 100-150 ft depth were you fishing up on top or running lines deep? Just wondered. Hopefully headed out Thursday for the first trip of the year. Any info would be helpful. Thought about starting inshore for browns. - Mr Kato
  13. So 12 miles east of the port of Rochester must put you between Webster pier and Bear Creek? Were you fishing that 10-15 ft of water range like your past trips?
  14. Spacecb: Thanks for the reply/information . I will give Ecopark a try. I really appreciate the information!! - Mr Kato
  15. Hello Spacecb, Thanks for the reply. Have you actually taken expired flares to Ecopark on Avion Drive? Reason I ask is that I was taking some TVs and computer monitors there last week and went to their website and sent them a question asking them if they took expired flares. The response was: call the local police/sheriff’s substation to see if you can turn them in there. So I did not ask when I was there but maybe should have. Thanks again for the reply.
  16. Thanks for sharing. Looked like unbelievable fishing. Guess I need to put that on my list of fishing destinations!
  17. Thought someone might know of how and where to dispose of expired boat flares. I have a box at home with a dozen or more and was wondering if any of you LOU members know how and where to properly dispose of them. Any information would be appreciated. Mr Kato
  18. My condolences, My thoughts and prayers are with you!
  19. Has anyone been out of Braddock Bay lately thru the channel and out to the lake? Just wondered if there was enough water in the channel to get out to the lake. Anyone know the approximate current depth in the channel. Mr Kato
  20. Hey Whaler1 - just wondered what kind of lures and what colors you caught those browns on on 8/10. And I assume they were all off of your downriggers. I was running a lot of big/magnum spoons and maybe I should have been running something smaller. Just wondered. - Mr Kato
  21. Fished off Braddock from about 730-1130. Similar to Whaler1's comments I had a very good screen with lots of marks close to the bottom in the 90-110 ft depth range but I could not get a single hookup. Had 3 releases but nothing home. With the number of fish that I marked on the screen it was very disappointing not to lane something. I went out to 140 depth but screen much better looking in that 100 ft depth.
  22. Enjoy those times with your girls!! My daughter used to fish with me for trout/salmon and smallmouth (when they used to be around!!) and we both loved being on the water and spending the time together. Unfortunately off to college a few years ago and no living out of town so don't get those quality times too often anymore. Enjoy while you can!! - Mr Kato
  23. At what depth were you catching those lakers? And I assume they were on or close to the bottom?
  24. Launched around 630 and headed to 75-100 ft of water just west of Braddock, Setup around 7am. Found very cold water (50 degrees or lower) 25 ft down. Fished this area until about 830 with no action and then moved out to about 180 ft depth. Found 55 degrees around 50-55 feet. Boated 14 fish (2 browns (one around 8 pounds and the other around 4-5 pounds which had a lamprey on it) and 12 other fish ranging in range from 1-4 pounds). Mostly small chinook with a few coho. Had 4-5 other releases. Had about a 1 foot chop from about 830-1115am. Lake went calm around 1115am and when lake went flat fishing/catching turned off. Left lake around 1145-noon. Very few spiny fleas. Used all spoons and best colors were watermelon and black/green magnum NKs. Even though fish were small it was quite busy for 2-2.5 hours. - Mr Kato
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