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  1. Lots of action this morning.Saw at least 12 doe. By far the most I have seen at any spot I have hunted so far.3 young bucks were relentless chasing them around.At 1030 they all must have been tired out all action stopped.Stayed in my stand till 330 and had to leave.I almost got to my truck and I see a little doe standing.I scanned the area about 10' from her I see a nice buck laying down.He is about 40 yards from me up wind with his back to me.I creep up to 30 yards one branch in the way took one step to my right now I have a clear shot.The little doe busts me and takes off the buck stands up turns around and locks right on me.I froze he gave me the stare down for like 5 min. seamed like an hour.Game over he took off.
  2. 2 weeks ago Bucks were chasing like crazy here in 8m. Didn't see any more chasing till last Saturday saw a decent 8 running a doe hard.
  3. Had the week off work.Weather wasn't the best but the hunting has been good.Saw like 15 bucks with 10 in shooting distance 4 of the 10 were 8 points.Haven't seen any big ones yet.Only hunted 1 evening most days have been from day break till 1230 or so.I have seen as many bucks as doe.Most of my action has been from 930-11.Been moving around to different spots daily.
  4. With the pounding a boat takes I would be afraid it might wined up like the Hindenburg.If your fuel line became compromised wouldn't all your fuel leak out ?
  5. Diesel Outboard Motors I was reading a article yesterday about a German made Diesel Outboard.Sounded pretty interesting.Better fuel economy,Longevity.better for the environment.My main concern is how well do they start in cold weather ? Anyone ever seen one or ran one ? Did a web search looks like a few companies making them over seas.
  6. The Clarion Hotel is right near the launch or you could rent a slip and pretty much walk out the back door and go.
  7. Probably your best option http://screwylouiessportshop.com/downrigger.php
  8. pap I have a pair of Church Walleye Boards you can have if you pay shipping.Don't know if that helps.
  9. Probably not. You don't seem to listen to friendly advice.
  10. I got 3 Last week in 70' out of Olcott on FF. Brendan could you please ask questions in the tackle and technique section. Plenty of guys will answer your questions there.There is getting to be a lot of non reports here Thanks
  11. Got to love it.I got some pretty good looks the other day when I all but doubled up single handed in front of another boat and put them both on the deck.Almost wish I could have watched it .I know it had to look pretty entertaining. I was really scrambling.
  12. Sounds like you showed him the battlehammer up close and personal.Way to go.
  13. Olcott 9/14 After a 5 year hiatus I found my way back to Olcott ( been fishing Erie ) Fished solo 12 to dark. Had a hit and a miss before I could even get my 3rd rod in the water got to love it when that happens. Got all 3 rods in shortly after I got a descent King 20 lb.ish 1st King in 5 years and I am on the board. Next fish was a nice mid teens Bow great variety! Wound up with 3 nice Bows and 4 mature Kings dropped my 5th. 2 of the 5 I would say were in the low 30lbs.Was a great trip. Had my hands full scooping the Kings solo especially with the dipsey rod.65 to 72fow seemed to be the ticket for me.Fished ff on all 3 rods.Riggers down 55 to 65' Dipsey 185 to 200' back on #3 setting.Sure felt good to have fish that scream drag.I love catching Walleye and eating them but they sure don't fight like that.
  14. Did you check all connections and inline fuses on your positive leads.?
  15. Big Jon 12/0 swivel for tip pulley Bought a few extra 12/0 1500lbs. swivels to repair my Big Jon downrigger tip pulleys. $4.00 each shipped.
  16. pap does it look like this with a blue connector ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lowrance-Skimmer-Transducer-for-Elite-4-5-Mark-4-5-X4-FishMark-320-X67C-MORE-/152593906004?epid=1700102985&ha
  17. pap I think they my be discontinued. I might be able to get you one. I gave one to a buddy and then his unit died.I will see if he still has it.
  18. If your rpms are high and your losing thrust you spun a rubber hub like Bob said or your motor is trimmed to high and you are grabbing air on your prop. I saw your other post about your trim. Maybe you are trying to keep it trimmed up to far ?
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