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  1. Under the counsel that you have out is were I put 2 of my 3 trolling motor batteries.
  2. Sean Youngblood

    Sold / Closed 1988 Sylvan

    Cl post says $4800 https://buffalo.craigslist.org/boa/d/17ft-sylvan-aluminum-fishing/6527032086.html
  3. Great fish Antony. I need some buddy's like that.
  4. If I was going to just use it for Walleye.I would use Suffix in a lower # test Thinner dives deeper can use smaller reel.I have some just haven't used up my 27ilb yet.https://www.fishusa.com/product/Sufix-832-Lead-Core-Line
  5. I have always used this it's all ready to spool and easy. Always used 27lb. 10 color on Erie.But can also use it Ontario for Trout and Salmon. https://www.fishusa.com/product/Mason-Redicore-Trolling-Line
  6. If you plan on putting a Electric trolling motor in. While you have the floor out it is a great time to build battery compartments and run your wiring under the floor.If you plan on putting one on.If you plan on doing a live well in the future you may also want to run your drain fill line.I had to replace mine because it was cracked when I bought my boat.Fishing the new hose in around the fuel tank with the floor in was not fun.Make sure to check all of your wiring especially to your fuel tank clean the contacts check your hoses and clamps.
  7. I have a 1990 195GLS I live next to Silver Lake. If you ever make it down this way you are more than welcome to check it out. I fish Erie often we could meet up that way also. I can get some bow pictures in a day or two.
  8. Pressure treated lumber shouldn't be used with aluminum.
  9. https://www.iceshanty.com/ice_fishing/index.php
  10. Thanks Landshark. I know if it were mine I would want it back.It's a nice setup no junk
  11. Someone forgot there Auger today 1/28.Describe it and I will return it.
  12. I found the exact opposite fishing mid Lake Thursday.I only found Crappie. Only caught one 9in. Perch.Marked fish and caught fish in almost every hole.Depth really didn't seem to matter 20 to 30 ft.I would catch 2 or 3 fish in a hole then I wouldn't mark anymore.Drill another hole and repeat.I stayed about an hour after dark and only marked 1 fish.
  13. I fished yesterday.It was differently stained.
  14. Finished my Deer season yesterday.Shot what I thought to be a large doe.Turned out to be a buck that had already shed his horns.
  15. Try here. Genesee Valley Shooting Supplies I believe I saw some when I was getting some supplies last year.
  16. One of the coolest things I have seen this season.One day last week I had a Peregrine Falcon Land about 20 ft. from me in a tree.I believe I have seen a few others in the past but not up close and personal.What a beautiful bird.Bright yellow talons and a very unique call.It was very cool.
  17. If you look you can see whats left of the arrow shaft sticking threw the heart.He didn't go 50 yards.
  18. I got a call last night that I have to go back to work tomorrow.My standards went down a bit.
  19. Went to the same spot where I missed the big bruiser. Bad news is he didn't show up.Good news is his Grand son did.Yesterday I got Buck Fever today the buck got the fever.Perfect heart shot.All you have to do is look for the signs.(yellow game crossing sign in the background)
  20. Had my chance this morning and blew it.Had a real nice 160 class Buck coming in.I grabbed my bow and bumped my stand with it,Buck stopped dead in his tracks.He's looking I manage to spin 360 deg.He starts to walk again I drew back and shot just low.He takes off.I waited a half hour or so climb down find my arrow clean miss.I moved my climbing stand about 15ft. I didn't like how it was hanging on the tree.I am standing on my stand ready to clime the tree.I see him going around me at 50 yards never even new I was there.All I can say is Buck fever.
  21. Saw 3 or 4 small bucks chasing does this morning.Didn't see anything for the first 2 hours then heard a loud grunt then all hell broke lose for an hour or so.Saw a descent 8 point chasing a doe in an open field on my way home for lunch.Jumped a real nice buck with a doe on my way in tonight and that was it for the evening.
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