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  1. I looked at my 1990 v4 motor.It looked to me you should be able to secure your motor in the up position.Take out the 4 bolts on each side.Then pull the pin on your hydraulic lift cylinder and take the whole trim unit out in one piece.Then remove your motor.If your motor is stuck in the down position you would need to pull the pin out of the lift cylinder first and secure it in the up position.Before doing any of this you my want to try your motor wires directly to a good 12 volt battery.It could be your relay and not your motor.If i remember right I believe there is 2 like fuses in the relay one for up and one for down.It could be as simple as replacing them.Anyway I would try your motor first by passing the relay to make sure the problem is the motor.
  2. I have had good luck with Jigging Raps.I usually tip it with a minnow head.
  3. Jim i have a Ocean City trolling rod 8'-6 med action I would bet is the extract rod.Been sitting in my garage for years.The top reel seat is a little buggered up.Looks to be aluminum (that is why it was retired).I am sure it would be fine with a reel clamp.Be happy to give it to you.Same color same blue handle.
  4. I would respool them with the memory of the wire going on your rigger the proper way as stated. Then after taking your weights off reel the terminators up into the pulley on the end or clip them off so they always have tension on them.
  5. Unspools meaning it is slipping on your spool or your spool is turning letting out more cable ?
  6. Good quality terminators with good swivels are a must also.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=honda+outboard+controls&_sacat=6000&_pgn=1
  8. Last time I went dipping at Lewiston I could of had my limit before I left the parking lot.Some out of state guys got a little greedy and did the double dip. When they came to there vehicle with there second limit the DEC gave them the shake down and confiscated all there Smelt.Was glad to see them doing there job.The officers offered us there confiscated Smelt but I wanted to get my own.Which my friend and I did in short order.May 4th is the night to go guaranteed Smelt and cooked and cleaned to boot (the best kind). https://www.wnypapers.com/news/article/featured/2019/01/23/135638/lewiston-smelt-festival-moving-to-academy-park
  9. Lots of videos on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=johnson+evinrude+lower+unit+seal+replacement
  10. Most people use there smart phones with the Navionics app.
  11. I had a Suzuki DT 100hp. about 20 years ago.It was a lemon.Service was a nightmare.Very limited. http://www.suzukimarine.com/
  12. I have a pair of Ozzys. 13 lb torpedo weights I have had for a couple of years.Great weights track great but proved to be to much for my Big Jons.I had a boom section brake on Erie a couple of weeks ago in rough weather.I might be interested in swapping someone local or Rochester area for something lighter like 10 lbers..
  13. Nice haul Luke.Great you are sharing it with your kids.My brother in law has recently restored a mid 50s aluminum Lonestar.It has big fins on the back (looks like the Bat boat) My father bought it when I was a kid.I can't wait to fish off it again. It has been a lot of years it is going to bring back a lot of memories
  14. " May the force be with you Luke" I am sure your Grandfather is smiling down on you.Nice job.
  15. Saw this one in Ohio. https://www.ohiogamefishing.com/threads/2016-yamaha-9-9-kicker.325806/
  16. Numbers and size were very good this winter.Few shorts some good eating size with some big ones in the mix.
  17. I have Bert's Ratcheting rod holders on my boat.I use them for everything but my Dipsy rods.I use Down East Saltys on electronics mounts that I had.Some people on here have had problems getting jabbed with the rod butt or the rod butt taking up to much room in the boat. I have used them for years with no problem or has anyone with me.I just like my dipsy rods locked in.I run with my rod tips right at the water and fish solo often. My boat turns sharp at times while trolling against the wind just feel my dipsy rods are safer locked in.One good pull upward and the rod comes out.
  18. I would guess the ground wire from the sending unit should be grounded to the ground on your gauge.Here is a link with good info .https://www.sailmagazine.com/diy/test-replace-fuel-gauge-sending-unit
  19. I would say it is from foraging on pine with the heavy snow cover.
  20. I have 2 Cannon tracks and 1 Traxstech track mounted on my boat.The Trackstech track is way more heavy duty.I have had Berts ratcheting rod holders for a few years and have been happy with them.They pull right up no need to trip any levers or anything.Cannon and Cisco rod holders are heavier duty.I have Big Jon Multi sets on my riggers and personally I am not crazy about them.
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