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  1. Some of my best days on Erie have been "rod-in-hand" drifting bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses. Need enough wind to do it... usually 1-2 foot waves.
  2. Nice job Jomat. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Don't kill coyotes, squirrels and crows but feel free to abort as many full term babies as you want.
  4. We caught 10 yesterday out of Dunkirk in the afternoon. Dipsies and sticks out 200 to 210 feet on 3 setting. 90 to 100 fow. Beautiful day.
  5. Great pictures. Impressive bows. I did get out there Tuesday evening but mainly a recreational boat ride with family. Pulled 2 leadcore lines with spoons for an hour with no hits. No fleas at all!
  6. Went out of the Catt. Caught 5 eyes, 1 short. 1 yellow perch and a bunch of silver bass. Trolling harnesses on leadcore. Wind was out of northeast and waves were bigger than the forecast. Nice evening and sunset.
  7. Thanks guys. I flipped a coin and ended up going to Erie for walleye. May get to Owasco next.
  8. Has anyone been out recently? Looking for a flea status report. Thanks.
  9. Way to go Gill. Nice looking catch. Thanks for sharing.
  10. There have been a couple reports of catches over on the LEU forum.
  11. Great report and pictures. More nice weather coming this week.
  12. Great job Mikeyman. Beautiful rainbow! How were the fleas? I was there Monday thru Wednesday and they were so heavy I switched to perch fishing because in no time my line and lures were all fouled up with them.
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