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  1. Thanks for the input McWally. I'm interested in knowing what reel is recommended for leadcore. Do you have a favorite?
  2. Hi Justin, what Tekota A reel size do you recommend for walleye using leadcore line? Thanks.
  3. Perfect day... like a reflecting pool! Today it's blowing pretty good from south. Not going out.
  4. Got out on my fishing kayak Thursday afternoon. Trolled for rainbows with dipsy and spoon. Lost a good rainbow when he jumped a couple feet above the water! Managed 1 fat laker. First time trolling in kayak. Learned a lot.
  5. Great pictures Lyk2fish. Way to keep on them.
  6. Spent a beautiful afternoon on Owasco yesterday with my wife. Trolled around in search of rainbows... went 3 for 8, all healthy lakers and released. Dipsies 3 setting, 140 to 160 feet out. Thinking a couple of the fish lost were probably rainbows.
  7. Stillwater


    Great fish and lure discussion! Happy birthday.
  8. Congratulations on a great day!
  9. Fantastic looking rainbows. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Way to go. Great looking fish. Nice pictures as we are accustomed to seeing!
  11. Way to go Lumberjohn. Nice fish. Has the lake dropped very much? I was there the week of the flood. Ruined our boating and fishing plans. It was unbelievable. Thanks.
  12. Congratulations. Great looking fish.
  13. Looks like a great morning. Thanks for sharing.
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