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    Great fish and lure discussion! Happy birthday.
  2. Congratulations on a great day!
  3. Fantastic looking rainbows. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Way to go. Great looking fish. Nice pictures as we are accustomed to seeing!
  5. Way to go Lumberjohn. Nice fish. Has the lake dropped very much? I was there the week of the flood. Ruined our boating and fishing plans. It was unbelievable. Thanks.
  6. Congratulations. Great looking fish.
  7. Looks like a great morning. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Yesterday the dock was high and dry.
  9. Flooding on Owasco Lake this morning... woke up to see lots of docks underwater and sections floating away. Be careful boating...
  10. Fished from 4:30 till 7. Caught one rainbow today at 7 pm. Lots of weeds in the water so our lures were fouled up for too much of the time or we would have done better. They were cutting them with the "weed barge" today and east side was full of floating weeds. Went to west side finally... got one and headed in for dinner.
  11. Great report. I got on the lake and trolled from 4:30 till 6 pm. Lake was nice. No hits. Tried a couple different spoons on my dipsys. 2.3 to 2.6 with a few turns mixed in. Had marks but not enough time. Had to go back in for dinner. Maybe later today.
  12. Great photos. Beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Always look forward to your Sunday night reports from the weekend. Beautiful collection of fish. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Way to go! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try some jigging over on Owasco Lake later this month.
  15. Great job! Beautiful fish. Interesting temperature break. I was probably a little deeper than I should have been. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Got out for a short trolling trip this evening. Picked up a 19 inch rainbow with dipsy on 3 setting and 200 ft out on the counter. Lost a nice fish that bit through my leader. Might have been a walleye.
  17. Great looking fish. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Kevin's story has some interesting parallels / themes with the Hemingway classic "The Old Man and the Sea". A man, alone in his boat, fighting an epic battle against a giant (Marlin) Musky... hands bloodied he lands the fish... on his terms. https://www.britannica.com/topic/The-Old-Man-and-the-Sea-novel-by-Hemingway Awesome!
  19. Awesome story on an amazing fish. Congratulations and thanks for sharing it with us. What a battle. Legendary.
  20. Nice picture! Thanks for sharing.
  21. How's the eye bite been this year Camo Joe and Lyk2fish? I plan to be on the lake in August again.
  22. Congratulations on another great outing on Owasco. Thanks for sharing. Great pictures as usual!!
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