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  1. Sounds like you had a nice day. Thanks for sharing.
  2. That is simply awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  3. That's interesting back ground on a really great fish. It will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and memories! I would enjoy seeing a picture of the finished mount. If I ever break 30 inches on a walleye I will see if you're available to mount it! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Way to go guys. That's a trophy for sure. Are you going to mount it? How long was it? Congratulations.
  5. Where does Irish Luck go out from? Chippewa Bay?
  6. I like this site... click on the zone you plan to fish... Erie to the St. Lawrence... https://www.weather.gov/marine/bufmz
  7. Thursday 6/8... headed back out with my brother after the rain ended. A few rainbows and lakers cooperated. The sun finally broke through late in the day. Spoons with 5 colors of leadcore.
  8. Trolled with leadcore and spoons from 2 to 8 pm. Picked up 2 lakers and a short rainbow. Nice afternoon to be out.
  9. Great report Killer Kerry. Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Outstanding fish and photos. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Simply awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Stillwater


    Brian, were the larvae big mayfly nymphs? Last year the big hatches were mid June and they shut down the walleye bite for almost a week. To much easy food available.
  13. Great job and pictures. Sounds like a fun night.
  14. Great job. Memories will last forever. Good eating too.
  15. Awesome job. Great pictures. Nice first outing.
  16. Glad you found your preferred reels.
  17. Great fish. Thanks for sharing. Must have been very exciting to fight that big brown for an hour in a small boat like that.
  18. Great job. Sounds like you saved his life. 38 degrees with waders on. Would not have lasted long. You are a well prepared quick thinker. He was lucky you were there.
  19. The reason they are fat is they are about to spawn.
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