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  1. Here are some "after" pics of the cuddy wall, door, and trim wood There is one of these pieces of wood on each gunwale, so they got two coats of teakwood oil as well
  2. Here are some "before" pics of the cuddy cabin exterior wall, wood trim, and door/door frame
  3. My wife and I decided to paint the wood paneling that forms the wall of the cuddy cabin. I roughed it up with a sanding block, you guessed it - 150 grit It's not done yet, but it will look real good with the the teakwood trim and door. Keep in mind, this is not a RESTORATION project. I left some paint(?) spots, and imperfections in the wood, especially the 4 small pieces that go under the side windows. Number 1, I didn't want to remove too much wood, and #2, those spots are what I call character spots. More to follow...
  4. My cuddy door, door frame, and some other wood trim pieces needed some major attention from 33 years of weather. So I removed those pieces and items, disassembled what needed to be, and gathered my tools. This pic shows the door trim and 4 trim pieces from under the side windows. This is the "before" pic. The door was almost as bad as these pieces but I forgot to take a "before" pic of the door. After much sanding with 150 grit sanding blocks, and 150 grit sandpaper on my orbital sander, what seemed like hours later, they turned out real nice. I was able to remove the water stains on the bottom 6-8" on the front of the cuddy door. After sanding I was running low on teakwood oil, so each piece got one coat. The top door trim piece had 4 cracks or breaks that needed some wood glue, so I took care of that too. It's not in these pics because the wood glue was still drying. I sanded it smooth and put the last of my teakwood oil on it.
  5. I passed my EMT test yesterday, so I drove the 75 minute drive home and started on my boat work. I got up this morning and worked almost 10 more hours on the boat. I installed my two aluminum floor pieces, the cuddy cabin piece yesterday, and the rear deck piece today.
  6. I would change out the impeller. They usually only last 3-5 years max, depending on several environmental factors. I'll be replacing them in my main motor and kicker motor this fall (both outboards). They are working just fine, but this is their 4th season.
  7. Thanks Rick! I should have the new aluminum floor in the cuddy cabin, and the new aluminum sheet on the rear deck floor this weekend, with pics of the completed work. A real bonus would be to have those wooden rod holders installed in the gunwales. I'm glad that other members can get some ideas from this thread. BTW, I'm pretty sure Bob Villa has a much bigger and fancier boat to work with, Lol. I always enjoyed his shows. I've been working extra hours at my job for the past 6 weeks, plus studying for the NY state EMT written exam tomorrow. So I've had very little time for anything else this year.
  8. I got 2 pair of wooden rod holders out of a Thompson boat. Someone did a hack job on one pair, looks like they used a jig saw without knowing how to use one. The pair on the right looked like the pair on the left before someone's lousy hack job. They opened up the holes on the right pair. I used a rasp file first, then a less aggressive file to remove the saw blade cuts and re-shape the butchered holes, then 150 grit sandpaper on the "modified" pair. The unmodified pair just needed some 150 grit sandpaper. I started to try some teakwood oil on one of them before I remembered to take a picture after the wood prep was done. The 2 in the middle are the modified ones This is the finished project after 2 coats of teakwood oil, applied with a 2" paint brush, with 30-45 minutes between coats They look a lot better in sunlight These rod holders will be mounted in the gunwales in the near future.
  9. These are the 2 new floor pieces with the primer on them
  10. It's time to update this old thread with a few repairs and improvements that are either done or are being worked on now. During the last 2 years I added 8 rod holders in the hardtop, and replaced my Hummingbird 1198c with a Gen 3 Helix 10 Chirp Mega+ SI. I also still use my Lowrance HDS9 Gen 3 touch unit. This year I'm replacing the wood floor inside the cuddy cabin, as well as a roughly 36" x 37" square piece of deck floor at the stern of the boat. Those new pieces are 1/8" aluminum sheet, primed with self etching primer, then painted with Total Boat brand Total Tread anti-slip paint (light gray). The floor pieces got their first coat of anti-slip paint today, and will get their 2nd and final coat tomorrow. Here are the rod holders I added under the hard top. Spinning rods starboard, and trolling rods port This is the old cuddy cabin floor (bottom side, of course) These are the 2 pieces on the rear deck that I am replacing with one sheet. The hinged piece is 1/16" aluminum diamond plate that is a little too thin
  11. Looks like a repeat of last year, a wet April followed by a long drought. Last year the inland lakes were 1-2ft low, creeks and lots of wells were dried up, and the rain we needed didn't show up until the end of summer/early fall.
  12. The water on Lake Ontario is too low for me to use these boat launches. I didn't check any of the launches in Sackets Harbor, Henderson Harbor or Stony Creek. This is the Chaumont Bay launch This is Three Mile Bay This is Martin's II This is the Black River launch in Dexter. The floating dock is not installed yet. My boat (22ft) and trailer are too long for these launches.
  13. Thanks rolmops! The main floor of the boat already had an aluminum floor installed before I bought the boat. They never got around to replacing the cuddy cabin floor, so I'm using 1/8" aluminum to maintain the same thickness that is on the rest of the boat. I had a local metal supply company cut the sheet for me today, 21" x 53". My color of choice is light gray. I have the Rust-Oleum self etching primer. I'm still shopping around for the right paint.
  14. I am replacing the floor in my Crestliner Sabre cuddy cabin. I'm guessing it has the original wood floor in it, and it needs to be replaced. I bought a sheet of 1/8" thick aluminum plate for it but I need to know how to prep the aluminum plate and what kind of paint to use to give it a non-slip surface. Thanks in advance!
  15. That's not a lot of water for a 22ft boat trailer. Thanks for the replies!
  16. How low is the water level at Stony Creek, Henderson Harbor and other Jefferson County boat launches? Looking for a good place to launch a 22ft boat. I haven't had my boat out yet this year due to a crazy work schedule.
  17. This was on the Watertown news the night of April 13th. Too bad these so-called "experts" at the IJC can't get it right. https://www.wwnytv.com/2021/04/13/ijc-water-levels-lake-river-are-feet-below-average/
  18. How does low water levels benefit the wetlands? The wetlands at Stony Creek in Jefferson county (shown in another post), as most other wetlands, are less likely to thrive with near-record low water levels. How does low water levels benefit shipping? If you people could read, you would see that most of us would rather see the water levels closer to normal, or slightly higher, but not to a point of flooding out homes and businesses that have thrived on the lake and SL River for many decades before plan 2014 came along. A 7.2ft difference is hardly what could be considered rational or acceptable. Maybe the IJC will raise the water levels after a few cargo ships run aground in the river, or after the damage to the wetlands becomes too great...
  19. As already stated, keep the 175 on the boat. I would not have bought my 22ft aluminum Crestliner Sabre if someone had a 90hp motor on it, no matter how new the 90 was. The 1989 Evinrude 150 that is on my Sabre needed a tuneup, which I was happy to pay for, but she runs like a champ every season.
  20. I've used that launch for 6 or 7 years now, and I've never seen it this low. How big is your boat? Outboard or I/O?
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