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  1. Thanks for the pic and the details!
  2. Thanks for the pic! I forgot to ask if the "slots" were wide enough for the shape and curve of the RR-800's, but it looks like they are. I'm in Carthage, NY (13619), and shipping would probably cost too much. Very interested but not quite ready to buy because of the new gear I recently bought last month.
  3. Will this box hold a Reef Runner 800 series, or will the lip of the bait rest on the bottom of the box? I'm asking because I have an older Maxi-Mate 8" spoon box and it's not deep enough for my Reef Runner 800's, and it looks like there are some differences between the Maxi-Mates and Special-Mates.
  4. I picked up a pair of quad Tite-Lok rod holders from another LOU member.
  5. Anyone else taking advantage

    I can't see "spring" with a telescope. Still plenty of rigging to do on my boat. Can't wait for some warmer weather.
  6. Anyone else taking advantage

    It's winter until May here. This was March 15, and now it's getting down to 2* at night. There's no good weather to take advantage of around here yet...
  7. Wanted Special Mate 8" Box

    Yes, I just saw that, thanks! I'm watching a new one on e bay for $60.
  8. Wanted Special Mate 8" Box

    Can't wait for the show
  9. SOL Question

    I have never seen a fish cleaning station at any of the boat launches I use in Jefferson County.
  10. Pap, Ilion is east of Utica on I-90
  11. When was the last time these riggers were used? Do they have auto stop?
  12. The View Out My Window...

    I don't mind winter, but by May I will have burned this years firewood AND next years too. Not to mention I'm ready to hit the water for some trolling action. We stopped using our furnace 6 years ago, and I'm finally buying a new furnace this summer.
  13. The View Out My Window...

    I feel your pain, on the northern edge of the Tug Hill. In my 50 years of life, I've never hated winter as much as I hate winter right now.