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Todd in NY

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  1. Todd in NY

    Thanks to Hank

    I've never met Hank in person, but he still went out of his way to help me with some boat repairs. He is a real class act and very professional. Thanks again Hank! The boat is working as perfect as can be.
  2. Todd in NY

    Fat guy's getting a bigger boat!

    A few years ago I looked at a 22ft Sea Nymph with a 4 cylinder I/O, but someone beat me to it. Now I have a 22ft Sabre with an outboard. I don't think you will be disappointed in that boat.
  3. I avoid that river like the plague. I've lived here for over 20 years and I've never had the desire to launch my boat there.
  4. I don't know if they are feet & inches, or what. I wish they put as much detail into their Lake Ontario chip as they put into their Oneida and Finger Lakes chips.
  5. For whatever reason, the map details and depth contours are MUCH better on the Finger Lakes and Oneida Lake than they are on Lake Ontario. For example, it shows 1ft depth contours on Oneida Lake, and similar contours on the Finger Lakes.
  6. For any potential buyers out there, these 22ft aluminum cuddy cabin boats are excellent fishing boats. I'm referring to this 22ft Sea Nymph, the Crestliner Sabres, the StarCraft Islanders, the Sylvans, etc... If the lake conditions are too "rough" to fish this boat, then most likely it's too rough to fish a 26ft fiberglass boat. I can't say enough good things about this class of 22ft aluminum boats!
  7. It works in my Humminbird 1198c SI unit. I took a screen shot of I-Bay this morning. I just finished working on my 4 wheeler and just saw your post for Oswego. I can take a pic of Oswego if you'd like, just for comparison sake. But another LOU member made me a good offer by PM, and I'm getting ready to PM him back. I-Bay on Navionics + Regions East, Humminbird 1198c
  8. I'll put it in my Humminbird tomorrow and let you know. I'll take a screen shot of any area you want to see and I'll post it here so you can see what it looks like. What are would you want to see a screen shot of?
  9. I haven't seen mine read in fathoms. Havent had any issues with my + Regions card at all. I bought it to run side by side with my Lakemaster chip for comparison purpises, but my personal preference is that Lakemaster fits me better.
  10. Thanks. My laptop has an SD card slot that I used for the updates, by inserting the card directly into the laptop. It might just be my HDS 8 unit's lack of features, but I never noticed anything useful after the updates. I got the card to show me bottom contours, hazards, and navigational aids. It showed all that stuff just fine, and it seemed like none of that information changed after the updates. I think the newer Lowrance units can squeeze more information from this card than my old HDS.
  11. I'll have to check other web sites like eBay and see what a used card is worth. I'm not talking about those price gouging sellers with unrealistic prices, but something reasonable.
  12. I'd consider selling it for the right price.
  13. I bought this Navionics+ Regions East map card last summer. I never use it because I prefer my Lakemaster card. It works as it should, and maybe my old Gen 2 HDS8 is the reason it doesn't show the detail that my Lakemaster card shows. So, I'm looking to trade my Navionics Map card for a Lakemaster Northeast card. My Navionics card is a mini SD card inside a standard SD card adapter. It comes in the original hard case with a Navionics thumb drive. I've never used the thumb drive so I don't know what is on it. I last updated the card in June. I'm located in the Watertown, NY area and I prefer a face to face trade.