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  1. Brand new... FRABILL IFLOAT BIBS size XL... I needed a XXL... Pick up in Elmira NY or possibly Liverpool $85... I paid much more when I bought them Call or text 607-731-9487
  2. Anyone have a kingpin or Islander Center pin reel as well?
  3. Thanks for the offer its similar; but honestly I'm looking for the loomis glx. I've wanted it for a long time so I ordered one and had it stolen. Only about 1 foot of the torn package showed up at my house.
  4. I'm looking to buy Gloomis STR1563 GLX CP center pin rod. This is the 13' medium light. Text me at 607-731-9487 or PM me with what you have and your price thanks! I can pick up near Elmira or Syracuse area. Thanks!
  5. pm me with a price for just the reel if you're willing to split
  6. i'll sell them for $70 I cant do 50. Any lower I might as well keep them as spare for someone on the ice or my boat.
  7. Thx gator. Wish I knew that before lol...new price!
  8. Frabill ifloat bibs size xl. Brand new with tags… didn't fit… had to order xxl. $70. pick up in Elmira NY call or text 607-7319487
  9. Just purchased my first ice fishing suit. I Bought the Frabill I-Float bibs and Jacket due to the added safety.. I normally wear an xl in bibs and jacket but the xl was a little too small probably due to the float material. Does anyone have any experience with these or any reviews? Would this outfit pass for a legal life jacket on a boat in NY during the winter and spring season??? Thanks for the replies
  10. Ol Blue Balls... this is a family site and you should really watch your language. I don't know what rock you crawled from under but if you want the shaming to continue it can continue. If you are referring to lakers because of my profile pic you are very mistaken. There is nothing wrong with lakers but It is actually a beautiful brown I caught out of Oswego. It was caught In March of 2016 just after ice was out and your thumb was up your butt. The pic made the March 2016 State of the LOU.
  11. Awesome bow!!!.. Nice browns too! they're my toughest to find on Cayuga
  12. I would definitely hang that on my wall
  13. If I ever do make it that way I will make sure to run my boards on extra long leads!!!...wah...wah...wah ... I dont know why anyone would be fishing in a 200 boat pack.
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