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  1. Ol Blue Balls... this is a family site and you should really watch your language. I don't know what rock you crawled from under but if you want the shaming to continue it can continue. If you are referring to lakers because of my profile pic you are very mistaken. There is nothing wrong with lakers but It is actually a beautiful brown I caught out of Oswego. It was caught In March of 2016 just after ice was out and your thumb was up your butt. The pic made the March 2016 State of the LOU.
  2. Cayuga Cayuga 8/30

    Awesome bow!!!.. Nice browns too! they're my toughest to find on Cayuga
  3. Cayuga Cayuga 8/27 PM

    I would definitely hang that on my wall
  4. If I ever do make it that way I will make sure to run my boards on extra long leads!!!...wah...wah...wah ... I dont know why anyone would be fishing in a 200 boat pack.
  5. I don't fish the bar...but great first post!!! Way to start off on a positive note telling people how to fish!!!
  6. Food Delivery in Oswego....

    sub shop definitely
  7. Skaneateles Skan 8-12-17

    I loooove fishing Skaneateales...but the launches are too packed on weekends and the lake is a complete nut house from my experience the past 5 years. This is my girlfriends favorite lake but I refuse to go there unless its on a weekday. Have not been there once this year due to last years experiences. Many people have no respect or common sense on this lake...I love hearing the reports though!
  8. Cayuga big laker 8-6-17

    Wallhanger for sure
  9. Seneca 7-20

    I only did 3/4 fish on Cayuga this afternoon running 3 rods. Small Bow, small salmon and decent laker.
  10. Seneca 7-20

    Lol I really am excited… I used to fish the south end all the time and caught a ton of fish on yo-zuri pins minnows. I haven't fished the south end in two years. last year I fished sampson or severn pt a couple times and could only manage one or two fish. I have since moved to Cayuga and Ontario. Good to hear its back on the upswing. I might have to try it out sometime soon… much shorter drive for me!
  11. Seneca 7-20

    Wow thats exciting news… I haven't heard any reports from the south end in a while!
  12. Cayuga or Seneca?

    Went 3/4 out of Long Point today. Some debris in water.. had a 12" piece of wood hit prop today but no damage. You will be fine as long as you are being cautious. The wind really picked up quick today for as little bit in the evening it cut my trip an hour or so short.
  13. Wire rod was bad... 30lb big game was hit and miss. Sometimes clean and sometimes blocking rod tip. Went 2 for 2 Monday. Still awesome time fishing; could be worse!.. good luck out there Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Redeemed myself for the skunk yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I'm out fishing west of the harbor right now I'm 2 for 2 on a 3 rod spread. I redeemed myself from yesterday. All they wanted so far was crush mr dew spin doctor and green fly Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United