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  1. I run Blacks releases but over winter I bought Chamberlain releases and stackers… I think the Chamberlains are superior releases I can't wait to try them; especially on the Finger Lakes!
  2. Strictly Molson Canadian.... no Budweiser products
  3. But I don't know about the West side of Ontario. Ive never fished out that way. It could be Chataqua or something else iv'e never fished out that way! Great Pics thanks for the report!!! I haven't been out on the ice once this year so Im living through everyone else! We will be trolling for browns soon!!!
  4. King Slammin you have a sick addiction!!! Nice pics! Always crushing it no matter what season!!! Makes me wish I wasn't in the Southern Tier and closer to the big O Instead of the Finger Lakes. On weekends I stay in Liverpool so I usually launch out of Oswego. Im guessing you're fishing out of Chaumont? Ive never fished that far North but from the beautiful mixed bag it's just a guess.
  5. What was the length of that laker?? That would be on the wall for me. I have only targeted lakers on Finger Lakes and not Ontario. For Ontario thats still a very lengthy and beautiful wall hanger!
  6. Starcraft Superfisherman is an awesome boat! I think my first boat was a 1997 Starcraft Superfisherman 140T. It was blue and white with a 40hp tiller and could take a lot for such a small boat. If I could choose any aluminum boat it would be the Starcraft Fishmaster 2100. I don't care about the rear casting platform because if I'm casting I'm gonna be in the front and my company would be in the back and would have to deal with the rear high wall. Awesome dance floor for trolling. I was drooling over them at the syracuse boat show last year.
  7. I agree with battle hammer… living near Ontario you will catch trolling bug and want the largest TRAILERABLE boat you can afford. I fish the Finger Lakes and Ontario in my Tracker Targa 175. It sucks coming into Oswego harbor because it kicks to 2-3 ft rollers when other are just heading out of the break wall. If It is way too rough on Ontario you will have many other options with a trailerable boat.
  8. It will work on calm days…Personally I would go larger if you plan on fishing ontario regularly. I own a 175 tracker targa. Im gonna go larger eventually.
  9. Makes solo fishing much easier
  10. The only con is weight if you remove them from the boat after fishing. Lugging them to the truck isn't much of an issue at all after they saved your arms from cranking all day lol. Once you get electrics you will wonder how you ever lived without them.
  11. Sold… Thanks for the rig
  12. i'll take it. Im in Elmira. PM me with details
  13. Last year the property owner of the land I hunt was hunting and had a guy walk right past him during gun season. The owner asked who gave him permission to hunt there and he said the owners name not knowing that he was speaking to the owner... there are some real ding dongs out there
  14. I would have to say It's time to contact the neighbors. 1. to see if he really has permission and 2. to see if your neighbor is level headed and wants irresponsible hunters on their property. Hopefully you know/ have a decent relationship with your neighbor which is not always the case