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  1. Would need control box and cable for your application I believe sold already
  2. This motor has the extra long shaft and was set up on my boat with a helm control as a kicker with autopilot. The cable broke and I changed it out for a new unit with tiller handle. This is the perfect unit for a guy who needs parts. I used it two seasons and I know the guy I bought it from used it a number of seasons I am located in Queensbury, NY 12804. Text 518-528-1465 $500 takes it. $600 if you wanna dicker. May trade for a jon boat
  3. Great boat! I run a 20’ welded Alumaweld Intruder! I prefer the Bar first two weeks of May. Fishing can be just plain stupid.... then again you get a hard northeast wind it will be a ghost town. Lol. I like Oswego the last two weeks of July. This year I am going to fish out of Port Bay July 9-19 Fleas get bad mid July at times... most likely a whole new ballgame for you. Booking a reputable charter is well worth the $$. If you are only coming for 3 days leave the boat home and go with charter. Might not even get out of port with a 20’.
  4. Lost a nice one with flasher fly dipsy and 20’ of wire last summer smacking the line on the water to clear the rope I broke off.
  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was all white perch
  6. That’s what I do and rarely have a failure. I use the Uni knot on the mono or braid.
  7. You gotta be willing to donate tackle yo you find what works. Slide divers are useless when fleas show up
  8. I think the rule of thought is 3/1. Regular. And 2.5. Or 2/1 with added weight and ring. Your speed and lake o currents gonna put that to the test. Best thing is to keep adjusting your setup to it fires or hits bottom.
  9. What is a pike ball? I assume a large bobber. Excuse my ignorance. Love coppers
  10. I guess I am an a hole. . You asked. I think you will have to get to 60’ of water to catch something other than little white perch & gobies by then. I could be wrong.
  11. If the weather cooperates grow a set and get some line screamers
  12. How will the water levels be mid April - May 1 and launch access? Want to try this area for a few weekends.
  13. Thanks for the insight. All of the kings we got on long coppers and wire dipsys we picked off bottom and they were hogs. Our biggest for the week was 25 pounds and 36.5 inches. Broke a number off that size as well. Our biggest laker was 36" and 19 pounds. Not bad for never catching a king before. We fish Champlain and George.
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