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  1. You can roll up and fish right next to discharged at other nuke plants without a problem. What give these plants the right to Steal our water. I understand the need for security. But it is wrong that is public water it belongs to us but yet people fall in line like sheep And say nothing about it in the name of security. Just last week a guy got sucked into an intake pipe in Florida scuba diving http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/03/08/scuba-diver-sucked-into-nuclear-power-plant-pipe.html
  2. 1986 bay liner 28' 383 stroker 9.9 Yamaha 2006 tracker pro guide 18' 90 optimax
  3. Teak swim platform 60" 80$. 607 205 4443. Binghamton Pick up only
  4. your right would be such a waste I'm gonna do some legwork n see what I can dig up
  5. . Is that dumping anything in this time of year or is that just a summer thing
  6. . Is there a discharge Pipe into the lake ? Where is it located
  7. Has anyone seen if the aes power plant has been running?
  8. Scotty. I got big jons I tore off and replace them with scottys
  9. What kind of setup are you using tyee I'm interested in getting a setup
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