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  1. Gill No Orcas in Shasta Lake that I no of.. Going to be in a 2 day tournament this weekend and the Copper off the big boards have been catching 95% of our fish... I was thinking of the Shark bobber with another copper the same length, to get three in the strike zone . Sure don't want to run two off the same side or we will be spending all our time untangling copper & Mono lines.
  2. Has anyone had any success with a Shark bobber and short copper ( 50' or 100' ) down the shut ?
  3. Bob Your spoons off 50' Copper has been ripping the Rainbows up out here in Calif. Especially the California puke , 4 days until Tournament time, 2 days of pulling your spoons should get us in the money. Thanks
  4. Big G sweet looking Brown, I missed out another year with Schoolsout and gang from Port Bay..Maybe next year..
  5. You are not doing these Kings any favors by reviving them. Fact is they will swim down and die and you will never see them. Second is their scales are their protection coat. When scales fall off bringing them aboard it exposes the King and Coho to the elements below also killing them. Best thing is not bringing them aboard. only net them with a rubber net , leaving it in the water with the fish below the surface, removing the hooks
  6. This is the Best explanation of what is going on I have heard yet. According to the left wing politicians we have in politicians. We're not supposed to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few crazies. But the acts of a few American crazies is enough to judge all Americans who own guns.
  7. Are you locking the diver down on the braid or the 12lb ? I am hoping for 10Lb or 8 Lb mono or Flor
  8. Not counting the backing, what is the lightest line you have used for a Slide Diver lite bite. Thanks .
  9. Thanks Ray and guys, I found some on the net the guys on Montana and Idaho use on lake Pend Oreille for the large Kamloop ... Will be giving then a work out today all off the planner boards. The ones that ( Vic ) Slidebite sent me worked great, but last year a few fish decided they wanted them more than I did and bit them off and swam to the bottom of the lake with them.
  10. My good friend Capt Bill sent this to me late last night...hope you all enjoy watching a native Oregon fish over 30lbs For got..but Julie is native New York'er , up till she married Bill few years back..yep she still talks funny
  11. Great film Dave...way to start off the 2013 season. Our season out west just started on 4-6 south of Horse Mountain, but with 10-20-knot winds and gust to 30 knots and the waves 12 feet at 13 seconds kept everyone ashore last weekend except for the largest of the charter boats.Those Captains out of Shelter cove picked up limits for their clients. Predictions for the 2013 season on the west coast is real good , lots of 4 & 5 years old's returning to the rivers. There will be some monsters hooked up this year........
  12. I thought Ray would have come up with something like this ( Your darn lucky you where not hunting )
  13. I am looking for someone who ties and sells Streamer flies in Red and Orange for Rainbow Trout . Will be running them of Planner boards
  14. I am looking for Streamer flies in red and orange for Rainbow trout..anyone know of someone who ties them for sale ?
  15. cheeseyrider There is a huge differance between the P-66 and the TM-260.. When I took my boat out for a test run with the TM-260 I could notice a big change right away. For Tournament fishing the Furuno & Tm-260 should be outlawed...it's just not fair to the rest of the field fishing.I wish I made this change 7 years ago.
  16. I went from a Lowrance to a Hummining bird To a Furuno 585 . with just the P-66 was like from night to day....I except the new TM-260 to be out of this world.
  17. I just up graded my transducer to the TM260... So I have a P-66 Airmar transducer $75.00, I had the P-66 for just 10 mos and was new when installed on my boat..Good shape nothing wrong with it, I have only been in freshwater with it. SOLD
  18. Yes Chris, they are tying the Mono or Flor to the Steel line, and putting the slide diver only on the Mono
  19. I been running my Slide Divers on Braid for some years now.....A couple weeks ago I hear some are using steel line now. The only advantage I can come up with is probably not mush of a bow in the line with the steel as with the braid. I also understand your tying about 30' of Flor or Mono direct to the steel. What's the advantage to the Steel over the Braid... ? Little help here please.....
  20. On Shasta Lake 3/4/2013
  21. stan


    I guess I am dumber than a box of rocks....Just where to you go to check your PM's now ?
  22. Let me tell you about Cool Aid California is the first state in the union to have a SOCIALIST government. It became a ONE party rule ( Liberal Democrat ) the first of the year..." A DEMOCRACY IS A FORUM OF GOVERNMENT WHICH ALL ELIGIBLE CITIZENS HAVE AN EQUAL SAY . Now I don't know if this is what the majority of Californians wanted or ever gave it a second thought. But one day soon American will wake up to a one party rule wondering what happened, and it will be to late.... Who is really drinking the COOL AID ?
  23. Before you jump in with both feet about the RFB, take a look at the Trinidad Tackle Anchovy Bait heads .Trinidad Tackle is a salt water tackle company for big fish.. Number of Alaskan Charter Captains have turned to Trinidad for their bait head needs, as well as many sports anglers in California, Oregon and Washington. http://www.coldwatertackle.com/trinidad-tackle
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