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  1. Speed is always important too... too fast or two slow makes a big difference... without a probe (I'm assuming) shoot for 2.8 -3.0 mph on gps
  2. For me, anything green... mountain dew spin Dr. With hammer fly is always a good one. Black and green spoons always do well, NBK spoon etc...
  3. 250 foot was good out of Wilson this past weekend. Went 12-13 on saturday. Biggest was 22 lbs, 11 kings and one steelies. 8-9 on Sunday biggest was 25 lbs. Mostly a spoon bite, NBK spoon was the best producer.
  4. Had a mink pick my koi pond clean one winter... can't say I like the little buggers very much
  5. A good recipe is to take 6 ounces of bourbon, use the laker for fertilizer and drink the bourbon
  6. The sunset grill right there was also renovated this year, a couple nice spots to have dinner and a cocktail by the water
  7. I've never had luck with Kings after dark... Not saying it can't be done just saying it hasn't worked for me
  8. it's the HDS 5 gen 2 ive never done any software updates or anything so it's quite possible yours has the line, just be aware the line is roughly 1.5 ish miles or so West of the red can out there... Hate to have u keep trolling and looking for a line that's not there
  9. My Lowrance with Lake Insight doesn't have the border on the chart
  10. We were working the same water as you Yankee... First time we passed each other I said to my buddy who's pretty new to fishing that if that Trojan says Yankee troller on the back we are working the right water... Can't say we did nearly as well as you though...
  11. I've fished Nipissing and stayed at the shuswap camp. A great 4 days, but like has been stated, get the lay of the land a bit because u can lose a lower unit easily if you stray.
  12. Pics.... also has a 4 blade 10x7 high thrust prop and comes with the spare 9.25x8 3-blade prop
  13. For sale, 1992 Evinrude 9.9 2-stroke manual start with 25" shaft. Runs great, well maintained. Asking $550
  14. I don't know what the right answer is, but I do know trolling the last 2 years, we have still seen the huge bait clouds on the fish finder, but unlike years past there weren't any hooks hanging around the clouds. I find it hard to believe there is a significant lack of bait out there...
  15. Breaking one of those off would sting a lot more
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