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  1. I have found that its best not to get too emotionally involved with netting fish. Pick a method and practice it. Maintain your sense of humor. Its only a fish. The most laughter on my boat last year came at netting time. My buddy was recovering from an eye surgery. "One eye looks like we are one mile off shore and the other looks like two miles!" After a couple of hard jabs to an open mouth, he managed to scoop the biggest of the year. We were laughing like school kids. I did insist he wind in for the rest of the trip and let the netting fall to me. I am pretty good with the net, head first over the stern. Springtime stick baits with the fish hanging on the back hook, speed and accuracy. Vision, too!
  2. youp50

    Looking for kicker steering options

    Amazon has tie rod ends for mowers less than 10. A piece of threaded rod and a couple of jam nuts from your hardware store. Connect them at the front of the motors. Drill holes if you have to. We did my brothers boat at less than 20 bucks. Its at least as user friendly as my ez steer. (I have a stern drive, ez steer is the option)
  3. Those are cool as can be. Exceptionally rare? Females only? I think I would have to kill and mount one of those.
  4. youp50

    Pray for warmth

    Bucks in the UP take a lot of loss during a bad winter. Same fat reserve thing. Pray the timber wolves don't show up. They do many joy kills. I hope that the winter is such that fishing is outstanding this coming July. The Mrs and I plan on taking a few kings from Lake Ontario this summer.
  5. youp50

    Pray for warmth

    Do you have high whitetail deer winter loss in a year where you have a cold winter and a drawn out spring?
  6. I know its Lake Ontario..... I have a 27 inch buck mounted from a Lake Superior trib. It was beautiful from the stream, not so from the taxidermist. Lesson to be learned take lots of pics for the artist to try to replicate. I was fishing a two month long derby, weigh a fish a week. No frozen fish and no upgrades, weigh your fish and that's it for the week. (FWIW I placed second) I had the fish mounted as a memento; not for the size or beauty but for my personal feelings as I was fighting it. It was a time of low flow and fish were hard to come by. All I thought about was "I can't lose the fish, I need it for the week's weight" The more I pondered it, the more I realized I do not fish for personal gain, but for personal enjoyment. Its the last derby I ever fished. I am perfectly fine with competitors that have a need to fish in derbies. Not for me, if a fish is lost at the net it doesn't matter to me. As stated before, why you mount a fish is a matter of personal preference.
  7. youp50

    Switching to all copper bullets

    A few years back there was a scare in Michigan's food pantries about donated venison containing lead. The Health Department tested a large sample and found no lead. I process my own venison. If its blood shot, its trimmed and discarded. If there is any lead, it will be in the blood shot meat, pitch it. If you take your deer to a commercial cutter, all bets are off. I know of several that will see you get your deer back, but the grinder..... it is not cleaned between deer.
  8. youp50

    Switching to all copper bullets

    Back to the OP. Some years ago, it was common for retailers to deeply discount ML supplies after the seasons were closed. I bought a bunch of Barnes TMZ 250 gr bullets. They came with a supplied yellow sabot. Barnes was changing to a crush rib sabot and a call to them got a bunch of the smooth yellow sabots delivered to the armory. I have found that knurling the bullet increases accuracy. I run it out of a Savage 10ML with a load of mixed smokeless powder. I do not recall the MV, but it is much faster than one can achieve with anything other than Blackhorn, and it surpasses that. The bullet is major overkill on a whitetail, but then how dead is too dead? I typically shoot through the ribs and find an exit hole. No birds going to eat that bullet and I don't eat the ribs I would never pay 1.25 or more for a bullet/sabot like current prices are. Some I paid 3 for a buck and some were 4 for a buck. I expect I have a lifetime supply of them. Fun shooting finds me using 250 gr .452 pistol bullets or 300 gr .458 rifle bullets.
  9. youp50

    Switching to all copper bullets

    DISCLAIMER The weight of powder is satisfactory in my firearm, the load was developed by carefully working up the powder charge, watching for pressure signs. It may not be safe in your rifle. I worked for maximum accuracy, this load is two shot sub MOA. The whippy slim barrel is ony good for two and then she starts flinging them. 41.0gr Varget. Barnes Data states a max load of 41.2 Varget with the 140 gr tsx.
  10. youp50

    Switching to all copper bullets

    I like the Barnes TSX 140 grain over some Varget. The rifle I use this load with (Remington Model 7 CDL) likes about a ten thousands jump to the land. The load is less than a published maximum. A good accurate load. I have never recovered a Barnes bullet, I shot many big bodied bucks with a 100 grain bullet out of a 25-06 If I were to resort to factory ammo, Barnes Vortex in 120 gr would get a trial.
  11. Do you have Federal Hatchery there? Feds push LT in Lake Michigan. Its a current mindset, out with the invasive, in with the native. State of Michigan bought in and reduced king stocking in Lake Michigan. Wisconsin flipped the Feds off and plant twice the kings the state of Wisconsin does. State of Michigan has rivers and streams capable of natural reproduction. Wisconsin, not so. Its good to see debate and exchange of information. Its especially refreshing to see it done without malice. There is little doubt that I will have to be out there next year.... although Alaska is calling, too. And Nipigon Bay. And....
  12. youp50

    Rough Water

    Friday saw a stiff blow on Superior. I learned a new term for it, or a New York term. 'Snotty' I like the term. We tend to call it 'Lumpy'. Standing on shore, above the wave action and looking up at water piling up at a river mouth, 15 foot plus? Watching waves start to curl in 20 foot depth, lumpy seems understated. We tend to put emphasis on the first syllable and draw it out, still... Lake Michigan they are 'Sheep', the white caps are. The red clay washing down rivers makes for brown sheep in the river plume. Baa, Baa brown sheep? That doesn't cut it... I kind of like Snotty. Thanks, guys.
  13. youp50

    Downrigger wiring

    I fish mostly Lake Superior. I have never seen corroded copper on a boat of mine, except the power plug for the Lowrance. I guess the waters of Ontario are less pristine than the Gitch, but if I never launched in salt or brackish water, I would not concern myself with tinned wire. That being said, you are correct, tinned wire is AB&YC recommended for marine use. American Boat and Yacht Council.
  14. youp50

    Downrigger wiring

    Check with the rigger company. Follow proper fuse to gage of wire. If you under gage and over fuse you will likely burn the wires and start a fire and have to swim, all during a hot bite. OR, you will draw too much power and the voltage will decrease which will increase the amperage through the DR motor windings and cook the motor. Of course the manufacturer has seen this before and will recognize the issue and void the warranty. Go find a commercial electrical contractor and beg or borrow the required wire. Smoked salmon is as good as cash with most electricians out here, probably holds true out east also.