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  1. There are guys that fish out of Black River Harbor in Upper Michigan that love the outriggers when its rough. They set up kind of like a really long arm downrigger. Some days the fish can't take the spoon being pulled up and away with out grabbing it
  2. I tried WD-40. With a semi controlled test, same lures different sides of the boat, wd on one side not the other. The wd side took more fish. Trolling pattern was back and forth along a bay shore, same depths. This was not run with a down speed indicator. Differing speeds could have been the result of current... Then I tried Dr Juice against the WD. Same flawed test. Dr won out. Don't ignore any spilled on gunnels, sucks to scrub off after it sets for a week or so. Then I tried somebodies Herring. It took me a couple of times to realize the smell was not my partner's lunch. (He eats weird forms of animal protein.) I pitched that in the trash at the landing. It may have put the hex on a couple of good baits. I may have heard even the racoons left the landing until trash was picked up. Life is good as I have a reliable brick and mortar store that stocks the Dr.
  3. You may find that the knob positions the spool in the direction of the spools axis. If it is favoring too tight, the line will bunch up on the right side of the spool and too loose will bunch up on the left.
  4. Up this way they are called lawyers, slimy, ugly, bottom feeders that wrap themselves around you, Not much of a fillet on the small ones. I always soak them in salt water to pull the blood out. Minnesotans go a little goofy over them. Call them eelpout and have ice derbies targeting them. There is a hoop net season on a couple of rivers in the westcentral UP, I have some buds that net them under the ice. They like the livers. Claim the livers have aphrodisiac powers. The fish have a big liver that's for sure. I haven't been able to convince myself to eat the livers. I consider them in the same food class as sweetbreads.
  5. Fish-USA offers a 10% discount for Vets.
  6. I have had trust issues with Big Jon mounting plates. I have never had one fail. I bought a boat where the owner had a board with three BJ electric downriggers mounted on two mounting plates. He never had it fail. I still have trust issues with threaded aluminum holes. Do the math; 3 riggers, six rod and reels, 3 dr weights, releases, baits, speed/temp probe. Maybe in your case. 2 talora roller rods and tekota reels, divers, baits, wire line. One tekota, tx-44 board, 300 feet copper. Its a lot of cash hanging on 4 quarter inch tapped holes in aluminum. Make or have someone make SS mounting plates for you. Again, I have never had a Big Jon plate fail me. I would pull your truck home with 4 quarter inch SS tapped holes.
  7. I bought a Remington Model 7 CDL. My wife claimed it. Its a handy little gun from a ground blind. The slender barrel heats up and starts to wander after two shots, first two are good, don't remember shooting more than twice . I found a bunch of Nosler 140 gr solid base bullets and put them on top of some Varget. Also have some Barnes 140 gr TSX over Varget that work well on bear. Remington reduced recoil loads for grankids. Its an easy gun to look at.
  8. 15 hp on the starboard. Off setting batteries to the port.
  9. I do not fish the "lower" lakes. I know electrics can save balls, releases, and baits when you come up on rocks fast. The kind that hold fish and do not show on map chips, and you have not had the opportunity to map prior. Hit the up on them as fast as you can. Nets, too. Well maybe not nets, you better be on one rigger and have the driver see it on screen immediately, then you may save one. If its calm one can retrieve the weight, sorta feel bad for the native that has to repair a hole in the poorly marked net. I usually leave a spoon to help defray his cost.
  10. I have not targeted browns for a long time. Wisconsin is really planting BT in Lake Michigan. The spring fishery has always been good in the NW lower peninsula, now it is getting good in the UP waters. We used to be use 6 pound mono, clear the other lines and chase the fish. At least that was the drill when a big one was hooked. Flourocarbon could/should allow a heavier leader/line. What test flouro works well? Thanks.
  11. I run a pair of Scotties, I do run them at the same time. At the end of the outing, if we are deep, they both come up. If I am in the process of interacting with another piece of structure they both get turned on as fast as I can get there. In either case I am not watching the voltage. The battery maintains ample voltage to avoid blowing a fuse. 30 amps in my application. I spent some time and money last year installing a second battery and battery selector switch. I like the back-up battery. I do fish remote parts of Lake Superior and help may not be on the horizon.
  12. Great to see your lad involved. I recall my oldest son trapping muskrats at 10 years old. I went with him to set and the first check. He managed to get his finger firmly held by a 1 1/2 longspring. He squealed and pleaded with me to get it off. It was hard, but I talked him through it. He was to run the line by himself and removal of ones digits from a trap is a needed life skill. Enjoy your time with your little man, won't be long and he will be a big man.
  13. In Upper Michigan they migrate to an area they have migrated to for many generations. Hemlock offers 'thermal cover' its warmer under them. They keep trails open, its supposed to help evade predators. I no longer hunt bobcats, when I did L got huge cats in the yards. Many were in the 40 pound range, never topped 50 though. Now the timber wolves are hammering our herd pretty hard. DNR likes to have timber sales near yarding areas. Lots of browse. My brother used to drive a logging truck. It was not uncommon to see fresh killed deer in the road, they never took a bite to eat. Joy kills or teaching the pups kill skills. He would say the guys cutting and skidding really saw the wasted dead deer. Timber wolves have killed all the deer in one yard I know of. We used to ice fish a lake near the WI border. Drove through a deer yard to get there. There are no tracks in there at all. There never will be deer yarding there again. Hammer the coyotes and pray the wolves do not migrate or get reintroduced there
  14. No to the spin jags. I do have two jags I use, one factory made to fit the Barnes 250 TMZ, I do not recall where I ordered it from. The other is a custom job to fit the Hornady 4500. I tend to follow the rifling down as push the load in. I have a 'custom' palm swell, an adapted steering wheel spinner knob. It takes approximately 50 pounds to load my ML, more as the barrel fouls. The palm swell decreases the marks left in my hand from seating bullet and sabot. Blackhorn 209 is interesting powder, it has been explained to me how it exhibits many progressive powder characteristics. Never sunk in, so I cannot pass on the info.
  15. Do you index your sabots? Best done in the winter, the process involved is to recover the spent sabot and learn where to put the sabot splits to ride over the grooves. The winter makes finding black sabots easier. The practice is to fully engage the sabot petals onto the lands of the rifling. Or to place the splits over the grooves.