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  1. Take that, scallops

    I always save the cheek meat (For me)...give the rest away.
  2. Take that, scallops

    Wrap anything with bacon and we'll eat it...
  3. Dow Scrubbing Bubbles on your hull??

    F**k that **** @ $ 28.00/ lb...who needs it...Use high pressure Car wash & quarters.
  4. Dow Scrubbing Bubbles on your hull??

    Local High Pressure car wash and $10 worth of quarters...might have to scrub the zebra mussels off the outdrive...or use Clorox & water, 50/50 and 104 F hot water...kills 'em outright. Touch up anti-fouling paint where needed. Cheers, DocWet
  5. Get AwlGrip (US Paint) and appropriate prep. for aluminum. Buy Flexo sprayer (no need for compressed air). Leave bottom unpainted or spray Awlgrip Anti-fouling paint if mooring is envisioned. ps: Don't forget to replace any loose rivets and cracked ribs. Cheers, DocWet
  6. Perfection loop, Surgeons knot or Palomar knot.
  7. Installed 200# Hi-Seas braid and much less cable singing...Also added 3' of 400# mono at the bitter end to cushion weight. See pix.
  8. Lake O lake trout table quality?

    We used to find them (Lakers) placed along the Falls walk in Buffalo, presumably for the local bums and homeless people to take up and eat. No kidding! On Superior (Lake), I used to walk along the boat ramps to see what the locals were bringing in, and in mostly what I saw were small (12-16" lakers) being kept to eat. These, I believe were a different species than the common lakers we all catch. Our local Arby's restauranteur was given a large Laker to cook and it stunk so bad, he threw it out. Cheers, Docwet
  9. Replaced power cord Mag 10

    What you need is a watertight Cord Grip from Heyco...or ask an electrician friend to help. Cannon should have provided this item.

  11. Seneca perch

    Old commercial gill-net fishermen have told me that the great lakes and surrounding waters are changing...and not for the better. The fish are changing their habits too as former forage species decline and new ones appear. They adapt and the fisherman must adapt also. Cheers, DocWet
  12. Crossing the T less than 50 yds. away...You're the idiot!...Stay out of traffic is my advice.
  13. Nessmuk's Black Fly Dope 3 oz. Pine Tar 2 oz. Castor Oil 1 oz. Pennyroyal Oil Never been known to fail. Once carried soap and towels on a 6-week woods tramp...and never used either a single time after this varnish is applied. (Nessmuk) Entomologists say there are over 2000 varieties of the black fly and they all bite. Simmer together and bottle for use. All ingredients available on Ebay for about $ 13.00.
  14. Lets see your Riggs.....

    Boat is 30 years old, this year.