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  1. Never caught a whitefish in lake Erie...but caught plenty in Lake Simcoe in May; before the season opened. They were large 24" or more. We were perch fishing at the time. This occurred at Pefferlaws. Cheers, Docwet Everything has limitations...and I hate limitations.
  2. Permethrins (Livestock insecticide) 2/3 oz. to 1 Gal H20...
  3. You will find out that trolling a staight line results in less fish caught...I know from experience. The boat that cannot troll a straight line always catches more fish. Rgards, Doc W.
  4. Evinrude out of the outboard engine business for good in 6/ 2020. 


































  5. Made this vise 45 years ago from SS key stock...and am still using it. No welding, Simple hand tools, ball pein hammer, drill press, files, buffer. Cheers, Docwet .
  6. We used to go to Ontario to fish for the big salmon and trout.

    In August and September with the zephyrs so balmy and light,

    We'd do the Lake Ontario shuffle by day and sometimes by night.

    3 to 4 ft waves with a wind chop on top was a typical day's ramble.

    Later, dining at the Three Bridges Inn was always a gamble.

    Spending lots to catch a little was our usual days sum.

    Our guide friend Jim would sometimes show us the way.

    At times, we were lucky to find our way back at the end of the day.

  7. A history of OMC and Johnson is available on U-Tube. A Johnson outboard (150 hp) that needed rebuilt after several hundred hours of running showed the rod journals were .004" undersize. This engine was put back together and traded for an Evinrude of similar size. I never heard of any problems with the Evinrude. Many people of my aquaintance who owned Johnson engines have gotten out of boating completely. Cheers, DocWet , (Everything has limitations...and I hate limitations.)
  8. Isn't this the guy whose wife was calling from the Coast Guard Station to...Please come home sir!
  9. I'm the one who suggested a No. 44 Sutton behind a 3/0 Dodger and connected to a Flyrod loaded with mono. instead of flyline for rainbow trout trolling. Cheers, DocWet
  10. I always save the cheek meat (For me)...give the rest away.
  11. Wrap anything with bacon and we'll eat it...
  12. F**k that **** @ $ 28.00/ lb...who needs it...Use high pressure Car wash & quarters.
  13. Local High Pressure car wash and $10 worth of quarters...might have to scrub the zebra mussels off the outdrive...or use Clorox & water, 50/50 and 104 F hot water...kills 'em outright. Touch up anti-fouling paint where needed. Cheers, DocWet
  14. Get AwlGrip (US Paint) and appropriate prep. for aluminum. Buy Flexo sprayer (no need for compressed air). Leave bottom unpainted or spray Awlgrip Anti-fouling paint if mooring is envisioned. ps: Don't forget to replace any loose rivets and cracked ribs. Cheers, DocWet
  15. Installed 200# Hi-Seas braid and much less cable singing...Also added 3' of 400# mono at the bitter end to cushion weight. See pix.
  16. We used to find them (Lakers) placed along the Falls walk in Buffalo, presumably for the local bums and homeless people to take up and eat. No kidding! On Superior (Lake), I used to walk along the boat ramps to see what the locals were bringing in, and in mostly what I saw were small (14-16" lakers, banker trout,) being kept to eat. These, I believe were a different species than the common lakers we all catch. Our local Arby's restauranteur was given a large Laker to cook and it stunk so bad, he threw it out. Cheers, Docwet
  17. What you need is a watertight Cord Grip from Heyco...or ask an electrician friend to help. Cannon should have provided this item.
  18. Old commercial gill-net fishermen have told me that the great lakes and surrounding waters are changing...and not for the better. The fish are changing their habits too as former forage species decline and new ones appear. They adapt and the fisherman must adapt also. Cheers, DocWet
  19. Crossing the T less than 50 yds. away...You're the idiot!...Stay out of traffic is my advice.
  20. Nessmuk's Black Fly Dope 3 oz. Pine Tar 2 oz. Castor Oil 1 oz. Pennyroyal Oil Never been known to fail. Once carried soap and towels on a 6-week woods tramp...and never used either a single time after this varnish is applied. (Nessmuk) Entomologists say there are over 2000 varieties of the black fly and they all bite. Simmer together and bottle for use. All ingredients available on Ebay for about $ 13.00.
  21. Here's a wrinkle I have been doing the last few years. Get a big fly rod, add an extension butt and replace that expensive fly line with mono. and backing. Add a Du-bro drop back release to the grip to keep the reel from free spooling when trolling. Lower lure or dodger/fly combination on downrigger to desired depth. When fish hits, the drop back release will free the line and you can fight the fish conventionally albeit with a single action reel...lots of laughs and great fun for fly rod afficionados! A few drops of Bunker (menhaden...does not wash off easily) oil on the fly will get strikes. Cheers, DocWet [Everything has limitations...and I hate limitations.]
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