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  1. can you post some pics?
  2. DJ 17

    What boat should I buy

    I have a 2008 Alumacraft Dominator 175 with a 115 e tec on it that I am contemplating selling. I have had it on both Ontario and Erie a well as many of the FLX. They are great boats.
  3. DJ 17

    Poor Man's Triple Trees

    As far as the base goes. I just bolted on a cannon mounting plate to my gunnel and then bolted the tree to that. I can just pop the 4 bolts and take the tree off when ever necessary.
  4. DJ 17

    Owasco/Otisco 4 Day haul

    Small world! I was the guy with the red Alumacraft talking to you guys at the Owasco launch on Sunday when we got off the lake. Sounds like you had a pretty good trip. Gotta love LOU!
  5. DJ 17

    Poor Man's Triple Trees

    I've got the triples. They work well. If I could change one thing it would be to change the angle so the rod tubes were more vertical. In a smaller boat contact with the planer board line can be an issue.
  6. DJ 17

    Best flasher/fly combos for LakeTrout?

    white w/ a hammer is pretty damn lethal anywhere.
  7. DJ 17

    Setting up Otter boards

    When running doubles has anyone ever experimented with the half weight on the inside keel versus the outside keel? Notice a difference either way?
  8. DJ 17

    Calling all fishermen

    Walleye...Making happy freezers all over the north country!
  9. DJ 17

    Summer fishing in Cape Cod

    Just booked a trip with Black Rose Charter Fishing. (Thanks for the Tip Abe!) Looking forward to it! Ground fish, Porbeagle sharks, possible tuna and whatever else comes to play!
  10. DJ 17

    Hoyt Trykon XL bow $200

    what year is it?
  11. DJ 17

    Poor Mans pole tree holder

    If you are talking about the trees form Mads docks I have a set and I like them. Although I do not have the track base model. I mounted cannon base plates to my boat and bolt them to those, that way I can take them on and off in seconds and it leaves a wider base of support.