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  1. Beautiful Pup!
  2. I remember my dad telling me he used the one with the red eyes for pike in Canada in the 70's. I'm interested to know what those sticks are?
  3. I don't see the weight as a huge issue, as most of the time to really shoot accurately I would want a rest, mainly due to the very heavy triggers inherent in most crossbows. One thing I focused on when I bought one last year for my dad was width. If I remember correctly the 10 pt G3 was about 21" wide? That's a lot to maneuver around and watch out for limb contact on the shot, especially if you are in a ground blind. I think the minimum width in NYS for some reason is 17". Good luck in your search Mike. For what its worth, I ended up buying him a PSE Fang 350. Not top of the line by any means but it shoots well.
  4. One lady I work with has a son who served on the Fitzgerald. He finished up 6 months ago. He is having a hard time as you can imagine.
  5. That's a great idea.
  6. X3 I had a neighbors German Shepard damn kill our beagle. Owner never did a thing about it.
  7. Other

    Are there boat/motor size restrictions on Cayuta?
  8. I would love to see a walleye stocking program in the central fingerlakes.
  9. Be careful with the mods. I would do them one at a time and test the board. I did a few of suggested mods and they didn't work out as advertised.
  10. High water update...International Lake Ontario- St. Lawrence River board FYI regarding High water outflow.
  11. AS of Saturday the launch at little sodus inn was open maybe one on king st? Call Screwie Louies they will be able to tell you what's going on.
  12. I am very happy with the spoons I had Nick paint up as well. Especially the look of some alpena diamonds in goby, and chicken wing.
  13. Looks like the dock broke loose in the picture??