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  1. Summer fishing in Cape Cod

    How many times have you been out with him? What did you fish for? I would really like to get the kids as much action on the rods as possible and fill a cooler with some fine eating fish. Maybe throw in something bigger if the day/weather allows for it. Thanks for the input.
  2. Summer fishing in Cape Cod

    Absolutely, will take all suggestions
  3. Summer fishing in Cape Cod

    Thanks for all the info.
  4. Shed Hunting 2018

    Nope but I saw a nice up and comer last night that still had both sides on his head!
  5. Summer fishing in Cape Cod

    So I did some checking and we will be staying in Popponesset which is basically on the complete opposite side from Rock Harbor. I am still looking at fishing on the bay side so it will hopefully be more suitable for the kids.
  6. Summer fishing in Cape Cod

    All good points. I have fished for stripers a few times, so I would like to try something else if possible. Fish to take home would be a priority as well. Are there many charters that specialize in fishing the bay side so the kids can enjoy as well?
  7. Looking at taking my family to Cape Cod this summer and am looking into fishing possibilities. Would like to take my wife and twin 6 year olds if possible. Any info about local opportunities/charter options would be appreciated. Thanks, DJ
  8. My personal best perch. Cayuga

    Or sodus! lol.
  9. 14 point

    As she should!
  10. calling all dogs

    I have a Howa 1500 heavy barrel thumbhole in 22-250. It is a tack driver. Easily inside a bottle cap at 200 yds off the hood of a truck. Don't believe I have ever heard of a problem with a Howa in general. Seem pretty rugged. Only thing I would do over is get a lighter version like you are looking at. Mine is no fun to lug around and extremely difficult to shoot off hand!!
  11. Lure Identification???

    Bass pro shop also makes a stick that looks very similar to that design
  12. Bird vs. Fish

    I saw this last nite as well. Pretty cool. Those were some large jacks.
  13. Great start with young dog

    If you can trap some pigeons and plant them yourself that is a great way to train as well. My lab was brought up that way and it works really well.