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  1. What was the water temp?
  2. Does troutman 87 make small weights as well? Like 1 oz pencil style?
  3. I got bit by a lone star tick 2 years ago and ended up with Ehrlichiosis and acute mono at the same time. Sucks bad.
  4. What's in the bow under the cover? Livewell? Storage?
  5. We can rant all we want to vent our frustration. When you start to take it out on each other it defeats the purpose. We all know the only way to see a possibility of change is to write to your local legislator and voice your opinion. Obviously, it won't be an immediate change but if enough voices are heard then there is a possibility of change. Then it is up to us to police ourselves and social distance at the launch and not make a huge deal about it. Its not an easy fix. Fight through it and persevere.
  6. I'm assuming you are talking interior dimensions? What kind of lock does it have? Where are you located?
  7. X2 I bought the Selkirk Jacket and Bibs and am very happy so far. Waterproof, windproof and light weight.
  8. How about the ridgeline? Anyone have any experience with one?
  9. Glad to hear it is a shooter. If you don't mind me asking, did you look into any other rifles? Looking at all possible options. Also, did you consider the mesa long range? If I pull the trigger on this it will be more of a dedicated long range rig for targets or from a blind, not something I need to hike around with.
  10. I've got a tikka in 7mm 08. It shoots well. I'm just looking for something new I guess. Was looking at Jeff Hankins ABR rifles out of Kentucky as well.
  11. David Petzal says the 7mm 08 is the best deer cartridge of all time. Jack O'Connor killed most everything in North America with a 270. There are many choices as far as rifles go. Plenty of calibers that will get it done. If you aren't going to reload I would choose something that is readily available with many bullet weight options. Handle as many different ones as you feel you need to. The last rifle I bought I thought I wanted a weatherby vanguard. I went and picked one up and was turned off immediately. I just didn't like the way it felt. I ended up with a tikka t3, and love it. Lots of options! Which can be part of the fun.
  12. Anyone have any experience with this platform or a similar quality sub moa rifle at the similar price point (about $1200)? I'm looking into either the 6.5 creedmoor or the 6.5 PRC, haven't decided which yet. I want one that can drive tacks but not weigh as much as a Prius.
  13. 120 gr Barnes ttsx over 40 gr of 4064. If not worried about lead: 140 gr Nosler Partition over 42 gr of 4064. Both out of a Tikka T3
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