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  1. Great start with young dog

    If you can trap some pigeons and plant them yourself that is a great way to train as well. My lab was brought up that way and it works really well.
  2. Great start with young dog

    Enjoy every step. Being on the other end of the cycle and seeing them slow down is tough.
  3. Food plothelp

    With the young trees(if small enough) you can start them out with tubes so the deer can't destroy them. If they are a little bigger cut a slit in a piece of plastic drain tile and slide it around the trunk. that will protect it from the animals and mowers!! As the tree grows the plastic will expand and eventually the tree will outgrow it and you can take it off. By that time it should be big enough to survive.
  4. Food plothelp

    Depending on the size of your food plot and tractor a 2 bottom plow on a 3pt hitch is hard to beat. Gets the job done and is very maneuverable in tight quarters.
  5. New bird dog puppy

    Sure I will take the info. I don't have the wife on board for 2 dogs at once yet, but im working on it. My soon to be 12 year old lab is running out of gas as a retriever. He has earned his retirement. Did anyone look into wet acres griffons in Wendell, Mass. or Ore bank Sporting dogs in Spring Grove, PA?
  6. New bird dog puppy

    TG8 Where did you get him?
  7. 2017 Hunting Photo Contest- Winners!

    This pic gets my vote! Great one John.
  8. Brian, He is a beautiful dog.
  9. Agreed. This would be completely for a screen, nothing else.
  10. Here is a pic from the Maple river farms website. It says single season growth, but I don't believe that is the first season of planted.
  11. Thanks man. It is a fun process for sure. I did plant some arrowwood 2 years ago but the drought got it. I am going to try again this spring with a variety of plantings. Thinking like you said about staggering layers, such as miscanthus and spruce trees. I got an email form Don at Maple River Farms and we discussed the fact that Miscanthus expands horizontally 6-8" in all directions per year as well as growing vertically. Obviously have to keep that in mind. From what I can gather it has about a 15 year lifespan so that should hopefully be plenty of time for the spruce behind it to be tall enough to take over as a full time screen. What's the story on ninebark? That's something I haven't heard of before.
  12. Yep, a bunch of trees I planted 2 years ago met the bush hog as well. No good.
  13. Nick, What blanks are they?
  14. That's been the original plan, just investigating to see if there is a better option that I was unaware of.
  15. I have been hinge cutting in spots to build cover for a couple years. Where the screen is needed is along the road where there are no trees or other vegetation besides grass in the pasture.