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  1. 10-4. I have a kit and they work well in the right situations. But I don't know if they make anything small enough to replace a split shot, everything in the kit is heavier.
  2. Along the same line of thought... I was out Sunday and I couldn't get any water to come out when I turned on the bilge pump ( the bilge is usually dry when I pull the plug anyway, so I wasn't concerned). Yesterday, I found that my bilge opening was clogged. I cleaned out the debris as best I could due to almost a 90* angle in the pipe under the gunnel. I fed some flexible wire about a foot long so into the opening and felt no further obstructions. You can hear the pump running when the switch is flipped. Is there a better way of checking out if it is working properly other than pumping some water into the drain plug hole and turning on the pump to see if its operational?
  3. That drives me crazy. Seems like more and more guys are fishing with binoculars rather than a rod.
  4. 2 words: Mud Line!
  5. I've got Mads docks triples and they work very well. Not flashy, but very functional.
  6. Has anyone noticed a big difference between having the half weight on the second keel vs having no weight on the second keel?
  7. I thought the top one was a dace as well.
  8. X2 on the gold perch
  9. The twins are suited up in their fishing shirts and ready to roll. Forester Dave will also be with us with his son.
  10. Planning on going at this point. My twins are 5 and 1 boy and 1 girl. I'm sure one will come not sure about both yet.
  11. I am hoping to go. I will probably stand out. I will have either 1 or both five year olds twins with me!
  12. LAke O Ice house! That stinks.
  13. DAMN!
  14. I own an 2008 Alumacraft Dominator and love it. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those boats. But... the newer design with the hatch in the gunnel is awful, total waste on a multi species rig.
  15. Did you have any trouble with traction and the sandy bottom?