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  1. I grew up in Rochester, I didn't know about Max's. But Jay-Ve Tackle was awesome, as a youngster I always felt like a kid in a candy store when I went there.
  2. Great pictures! They are hooked for life.
  3. A few years ago we were diving in the SLR near Alex Bay. A guy in a boat came up to our dive flag and tried to take it! Same story, "I didn't know what it was".
  4. jperch

    Dead bass

    Sadly to the uniformed it's probably a black eye to all fisherman. What a waste, just wrong.
  5. That was great Prof T, thanks for posting. I will definitely try this out.
  6. Congratulations Money, awesome gobbler!
  7. I used to SCUBA dive frequently off the college in Oswego. We would be followed by a school of bass. If you banged a couple of rocks together they would come in like it was a dinner bell. There is lots of cobble rock in that area and there were lots of crabs. I would sometimes catch a small crab and flip it up in the water, they would flash in and grab it. Now, there is not many crabs and not many bass in shallow, say out to 20 feet deep. There are also few eels compared to 15 or 20 years ago. Of course there are gobies but not as many as 10 years ago. The same is true for zebra or quagga mussels. There does seem to be more sheepshead in this area, they feed on the mussels. When we dive in the St. Lawrence we do not see gobies over the muddy, silty areas. My understanding is that gobies have to be on the bottom when not swimming as they have no swim bladder, so they prefer horizontal rocky type areas. I never dissected one to verify that.
  8. There seems to be several listed on ebay?
  9. Well, you can often (not always) use carbon arrows over again with pass through shots. But $15/arrow when you include the cost of the broadhead is actually cheap! I use the Winchester Longbeards and they seem to cost twice as much as when I stocked up 3 or 4 years ago.
  10. Congratulations on a great bird Kevin! I was up your way on Saturday and saw lots of birds in fields. Not so many in my area near Oswego.
  11. jperch

    SLR perch

    WOW, great catch Kevin and that is a real hog!
  12. I believe there were two different loads in the Winchester Supreme shells. They shot great out of my gun and the heavier load kicked like a mule. Out of my 870 when I was shooting from a rest to test point of aim the spent shell would often self eject! Now I also use the Long Beard shells. Yup, the point of impact did change with them. It's always good to check the zero before the season, shots at longbeards are few and far between, at least where I hunt.
  13. People don't realize the effect of near freezing water on the body. Two years ago I was perch fishing on the SLR just after ice out. I was in a small aluminum row boat. I was cold and dropped an expensive pole. As I tried to save it the boat tipped and I went for a swim. I had a PFD on but the shock of the cold water and weight of my soaked clothes made it impossible to climb back in. Luckily a father and son saw it happen, they were in a boat perhaps 1/4 mile away. They got to me in about 5 minutes and dragged me into their boat. I was hypothermic and it was a close call, I don't think I would have lasted another 5 minutes in the water. Sadly, I never got a chance to personally thank my rescuers. Cold water is no joke, especially for us old farts.
  14. jperch

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Congratulations on your buck, it's awesome! Maybe next year you'll encounter the buck that was messing with him.
  15. jperch

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Great story Gambler and nice you were able to share that with a good bud.
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