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  1. slipbob

    Tagged out early

    Congrats Kevin. That's a darn nice buck there. This time of year is hard because the rut is starting but the walleye bite is good also.
  2. slipbob

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Congratulations Longspurs on a real nice buck and everyone else who got one so far. I finally got a good south wind last night which I need to hunt my food plot and saw 3 bucks and 2 does. Bucks were doing a little chasing and grunting with one of the does but nothing too serious and then they all settled and went back to feeding before dark. Passed a pretty nice 8 point at 20 yards because I have a big drop tine buck showing up for the 4th year in a row and the window for him to be day walking is coming up.
  3. If you injure someone with a firearm and it's non-intentional such as a hunting accident your homeowner or renters liability will likely provide you with liability coverage. If you are involved in a self defense shooting situation it's going to be considered an intentional act and therefore your insurer will likely deny it. If you don't have something specific in terms of firearms liability in the self defense situation then you are probably facing a civil suit that could cost you everything should you lose. The last attempts by Cuomo and the insurance department that I recall was to block companies from underwriting or offering firearm coverage which could be more problematic than requiring you to have it since you would have no means of obtaining coverage. If you are a homeowner who hunts and does any type of target shooting you really should have a personal umbrella policy to provide excess liability should something happen.
  4. slipbob

    Which Lake to go to.

    On lakes with an alewife forage base I've found the mid-day, mid-summer, bright sun walleye bite can be incredible and is often times best from 10 to 3 in my experience. That's trolling worm harnesses which is my preferred method but I'm sure it works with lures also. People so often think you have to fish walleye at dawn and dusk and at night and at certain times of year it's just not true.
  5. slipbob

    A-Hole with fireworks

    Very sorry to hear about this. Good luck with the insurance claim. Insurance is what I do so message me if you have any questions and I can try and help.
  6. slipbob

    SLR Bass opener

    I agree and haven't eaten bass in a long time but the last ones I kept were some smaller smallies from Lake George and they were pretty darn good. Not quite as good as perch or eyes but not bad. Talk about good I wish we had some haddock in our local lakes
  7. slipbob

    Mono vs braid or nanofil

    I've used Fireline since it first came out and mainly use 4 and 6lb Crystal because it's easy to see and still love it with no reason to change. For trolling bottom bouncers I run 10lb Fireline on my line counters. If I'm casting stickbaits at night I have a spinning rod setup with 10lb Fireline because the lighter tests end up wrapping into the trebles and split rings too often for my liking. I find with the heavier thicker braid I can avoid those wraps and obviously line shyness is not a concern at night.
  8. slipbob

    SLR Bass opener

    Nice ones. Brings back memories of the bass opener at Cannonsville reservoir with my dad and brother. Every year we used to go and get some smallies and they always get so pale when you ice em down. Pretty good eating fish when they are in that small to medium size range.
  9. slipbob

    Turkey 2018

    Nice birds everybody. I got a 23lber with a 9" beard on a spot and stalk this morning. He was strutting around with 3 hens in a field and I went way around and used a little ridge in the field that was just tall enough to block me from their view to get within 30 yards. Once I got to where I thought they'd be 3 heads popped up and started puttin. I had to stand up real fast and take my shot as the birds were starting to leave but it worked out. Only the 2nd time I've managed to stalk and kill a tom in a field using terrain to my advantage.
  10. Very lightly used Right hand Cruxis 200 in excellent condition $50 plus $7 shipping. Great low profile bait caster.