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  1. Congratulations to your son. I see he's rocking the TC Venture! I have one in 308 and love it.
  2. Wow nice buck DJ. Congratulations. Hopefully you had comprehensive coverage on your car for the deer hit and rental to get you a car while you're is being repaired. November is when I start to get a lot of calls from my clients about that same thing and we have to get a claim setup.
  3. Yes to winter rye. My neighbor farms a lot of rye straw and he is plowing and seeding this week. The rye usually gets a few inches tall before winter and seems to draw deer late season if there is no corn around. It is also the first thing to green up in the spring and then they cut and bale it before it seeds out in early summer.
  4. Opening day of trout this year on the Ashokan reservoir looking west toward the Catskill high peaks.
  5. Striper fishing on the upper Hudson near the port of Albany.
  6. I've had some Tica Seaspirit's for several years and next to the Tekota I think they are a very solid option. They are not a reel you see or hear about very often outside of their micro ice fishing reels but you can get them for right around $100 and I think they have a great drag and have held up very well. I like them better than my Diawa Sealines. Looks like Walmart has them for $95. Here's a link to them.
  7. Like youp50 I remove the split rings on all my stick baits no matter the size and go direct with a small duolock on the small sticks and a larger duolock on bigger stickbaits. Lures can be easily changed and you don't have to leave a lure on the rod for transport. For something like a floating rapala you can bend/crush the nose loop down a little to give the bait a slightly wider wobble.
  8. I pulled my last two cameras this morning and I have pictures of a couple small bucks with antlers from this past week. I would think a lot of bucks have dropped by now though but some are always pretty late to lose them.
  9. That came out great and fast return from the taxi man. Congratulations!!
  10. You'll be fine to hunt again but probably with a lighter draw weight which is no biggie especially with the new bow technology. I shoot right handed and had a full right rotator cuff repair over a year ago. It was a complete tear and I had the surgery in April due to icefishing ending and trying to be ready for bow season. The PT was more than painful but I made a complete recovery with the only change being I bought and started shooting a 50lb-60lb Hoyt bow that summer and was able to practice and shoot plenty by September. Hunted that season with no issues and it's been fine ever since. I used to shoot a Martin but with the new bow technology my new Hoyt Faktor shoots faster than my old single cam Martin did at 65lbs. I'm still very careful and don't do pushups or pull ups anymore as I'm afraid of re-injury and just be prepared for a long tough road with the PT but it will work out for you. Good luck.
  11. I love my Cabela's berber bibs, vest, and jacket. It's bulky but as warm as it gets for sitting in a tree hours on end when it's real cold.
  12. The thing to keep in mind with shooting Blackhorn powder is you need to use a magnum shotshell primer. I use the CCI mags and they work great with the blackhorn and the factory breech plug that came with my TC Omega.
  13. This is an interesting website if you are into muzzle loader shooting. I shoot this company's Dead Center bullets with my Omega and they are easy to load and super accurate. Highly recommended but you have to order them from Canada as I've never seen them in stores here.
  14. I have been using the Moultrie M80's for a few years with AA lithium batteries which last a long time even in super cold weather. They are holding up extremely well and are so simple to use. Not great night pictures but they more than do the job for me and have never failed or broke even after several seasons of being out there in all kinds of weather.
  15. This year I tried several brassicas including 3 kinds of rapes as well as Daikon radishes and turnips and a white clover/chicory mix to see what they prefer. For the 2nd year in a row the deer won't touch the purple turnip bulbs or the daikon radishes but have eaten the green tops off both. I also planted a buckwheat, millet and sorghum mix and they did eat the buckwheat tops early on but didn't really seem to care for the millet or sorghum. Out of everything I planted I still have a good amount of tall green dwarf essex and bonar forage rape and they are eating it more and more but they still far and away preferred the white clover/chicory mix. That got completely devoured down to the dirt. We still have some corn nearby that is currently being picked so I think that was drawing attention away from my plot but as the corn is being taken it will be interesting to see if they come back and hit the brassicas harder in the next couple three weeks. Next year I plan on skipping brassicas and going bigger on the white clover/chicory and trying to put in corn myself and see how that does. Last year the local corn was picked much earlier so it's hard to get an exact comparison from year to year but that certainly effects what and how quick they eat things in my plot.