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  1. Muzzleloader question

    I have an optima and it likes 100 grains of triple 7 and 295 grain powerbelts.
  2. Tight lipped perch on seneca?

    15 perch a trip from Seneca is a good day now a days
  3. NK lures are back in production

    I just hope there mail order business is better than the previous owners.
  4. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    Yeah I'm no where near Webster but the Gander Mountain near me carries some Costas so I'm going there first.
  5. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    What lens color would you guys recommend for all around general use?.(driving,lake fishing,stream fishing)
  6. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    No problem The more responses the better.From the reviews I've read about the Tunas is everyone loves the glasses but they have problems with the rubber nosepiece falling off.
  7. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    Costa Del Mar Sunglasses I tried finding the old thread on sunglasses but couldn't. I'm leaning towards dropping the coin on these but need some input on lens color and type.Any input is appreciated.Thanks.
  8. Legacy- 2016 Deer Season

    Wow!!! What a buck
  9. Land leasing amount

    If you lease through Cotton Hanlon you pay about 1200.00 per 100 acres
  10. NY Champs!

    Very proud of these kids.Congrats!!!!!
  11. Cayuga 8/14

    I like the format that major league fishing uses. As soon as the fish is boated it's weighed and released. Very little if any mortality rate.
  12. Pistol advice?

    I have the 7.5 inch barrel.I can never blame the gun on any of my misses It shoots really good and will do it's part as long as i do mine
  13. Pistol advice?

    I have a Ruger New Model Blackhawk in .41mag and love it. I keep my shots under 50 yards with open sights.The only drawback to a .41mag is the price of ammo.
  14. Nice rig!! Good luck with your sale.
  15. Owasco Lake

    Yes the docks are in at the south end and the water is up to normal level so launching should not be a problem.