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  1. A pair of older mag 10’s for sale. Both in good condition and work well. 200.00 for the pair. I am listing for a friend please contact the seller. If interested call Kevin at 5852333779 .
  2. Damn sorry , Kevin just called. My fat fingers got in the way. 585 233 3779
  3. Tca6 , give a call to my friend Kevin. He is looking to move up in size. He has the boat you are looking for. 585 233 3379 Rochester
  4. Did the eagle claw diver rods sell? I will take them if avail
  5. Hey, guys I have had a change of heart after my fishing partners gave me some crap, so she is going out 1 or 2 more times and getting winterized soon..Sammy Dog can you PM me your number? I would like to get some backround info on the boat if you wouldn't mind. Sorry to all the interested lookers for not responding. Thanks Bob
  6. I have a 92 penn yan 255 intruder with trailer. 5.0 io with 10 hp evinrude kicker. Remote steering , fish hawk, cannon high speeds ,Lawrence 7 hd, trim tabs. Avail for sea trial. $10,500
  7. Albion, is 45 minutes from olcott. Where are you coming from? East or West? I will be fishing Erie Saturday and should be in Albion Sunday. I usually get out of work around 5:30 weekdays and I work in Albion. Give me a call to discuss. 585-nine four three - 9360. Bob
  8. I have one Great Lakes 47lc and one accudepth 47 Lc both in good condition. 40.00 ea
  9. Hunting1011, dipsy rod combos and 1 47lc are gone. I still have 1 Diawa 47lc and the penn. I do have another 47lc accudepth if interested. let me know
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