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  1. I am looking for a set larger than what I have now for the sportier days trolling for eyes. I am not sure what size I have now. Yours are 48”? Is that the diameter when open? Maybe the circumference?
  2. Of course you would ask about it if you were interested in buying the boat. It did not seem like you were interested in the boat but just piling on with butt crack. Sure his asking price was high but be men and give him a call and find out the story on this low hour boat. My understanding is the previous owner stored this indoors for years not running it . As i mentioned Kevin just invested in this boat with a new minkota , charging system all marina installed and new canvas. He can list more I’m sure if interested people actually get in touch with him. He did put his number out there. As for his starting price it is easier to move down than up. Even the guy who knows about selling a boat or two should know that.
  3. Well said skidoo’s. It seems these guys are more interested in blocking Kevin’s attempt at selling his boat for a decent price to recover some of the money he recently invested in this boat. Hairy needs to look for a different boat if he doesn’t like this price. I am sure he sold his 17 footer for exactly nada price. Trolls go away
  4. I’ve fished with Kevin many times and this is an awesome multi species platform for someone who likes the big water trolling for trout/salmon / walleye or smaller lake fishing where the I spot really shines for perch schools or bass fishing. You won’t be disappointed with this low hour boat. It is flawless.
  5. Price reduced to 150.00 for both
  6. Price reduced to 150.00 for both
  7. A pair of older mag 10’s for sale. Both in good condition and work well. 200.00 for the pair. I am listing for a friend please contact the seller. If interested call Kevin at 5852333779 .
  8. Damn sorry , Kevin just called. My fat fingers got in the way. 585 233 3779
  9. Tca6 , give a call to my friend Kevin. He is looking to move up in size. He has the boat you are looking for. 585 233 3379 Rochester
  10. Did the eagle claw diver rods sell? I will take them if avail
  11. Hey, guys I have had a change of heart after my fishing partners gave me some crap, so she is going out 1 or 2 more times and getting winterized soon..Sammy Dog can you PM me your number? I would like to get some backround info on the boat if you wouldn't mind. Sorry to all the interested lookers for not responding. Thanks Bob
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