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  1. saygrace

    Reel repair??

    Awesome! Thanks Pap! I will give this fellow a try after the Holidays quiet down and I go through my gear getting ready for Spring walleyes. I know I have a couple reels I would like to get back to prime shape.
  2. saygrace

    Reel repair??

    Hi Rusty - do you work on Diawa LC27's?
  3. saygrace

    Leadcore line

    Hey Pap - who is Tuna Tom and would he work on some Diawa LC27's? I have a couple that need some TLC. Is he local around Henderson / Sackets? I see we fish out of some of the same honey holes.... =)
  4. Sorry to hear of your loss Pap. I lost my father-in-law last January and we still think of him everyday and miss him dearly. He suffered a long painful passing and it has taken a heavy toll on our family. Look for strength in all your loved ones. I really don't think you ever get over losing someone this special but march on knowing that is what he would want and would be proud to see you do so.
  5. saygrace

    Musky Season

    Great fish!!! I have only caught one muskie. I was spring walleye fishing in Chaumont bay and he hit a spoon I was letting out. The strike and power of that fish was never like anything I had experienced before. He was 48" long, admired quickly and released, hopefully to give another angler a memory that they will never forget.
  6. Man that thing is sweet!!! My dream boat!!! Someday after I put the kids through school.....
  7. Whatever happened to raising walleyes in Cape Vincent? Somewhere in the past I recall that this was going to be done but did not meet NYS DEC approval? That would be an awesome if that could get up and running!!!
  8. saygrace

    Missing Fisherman Found Dead

    Very sad news. Prayers to the family.
  9. Thanks for the great info.. Nice to hear about the good guys!!!
  10. saygrace

    LakeO EYES

    We have booked a trip with Gene for the weekend of October 7. Really looking forward to meeting him and enjoying a day chasing eyes. Due to some boat issues cutting my season short I am looking forward to a hands off trip and some cold beer. Hope the weather co-operates!!!
  11. Drop shot crawfish 12ft - 30ft has been solid all season.
  12. saygrace

    The BEST Hull Cleaner I've ever used

    I use iron out. Fiberglass hull. Spray it on with pump sprayer and then rinse with fresh water and good as new. Give it a shot. First time I saw it used I couldn't believe the results. I also use it on a aluminum hull tracker.
  13. Nice video! Thanks for posting.
  14. Nice fish and thanks for the report!!!
  15. saygrace

    4 year old's first walleye

    Great job!!! Love to see the young kids catching them. We did our annual "girls trip only" last week out of Henderson for bass. All the girls are around 10 years old and they all caught fish and had a blast!!! Now they are hooked and want to try kings!!!