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  1. Awesome dude!! I was out 2 days ago.. I totally threw in the towel and decided to leave a day early.. muskrat found nesting in my boat, fried the bilge from all the crap it brought on board.. started trolling and my rod mysteriously disappeared.. The rod holder had snapped, no drag peel, nothing. I did luckily find my lure on the surface and got all my gear back thank god.. Followed by a popping sound in my transducer cable. The muskrat tore up my wires pretty good. I didn't see that earlier on in the morning.. Totally defeated. I've never had a day like that in my life fishing. I'll be back next week. That musky is an absolute tank!!
  2. Beauty! What a nice catch. I bet it put up quite a fight! I was so bummed to leave in the morning. It was gorgeous out! I am Glad to see a big ski come out of the river right now.
  3. The fishing has never been slower up here. Follows, no takers. Might be better to jig
  4. Thanks for the replies. Saturday was gorgeous out, but dead on the reels.. Spent 6 hours with zero strikes.
  5. Can any of you give me advice on how to fish in heavy winds? Do musky stack up on shoals where the wind is blowing into the points, or hide out on the leeward side and in the weeds? I never have luck in heavy wind conditions. Much appreciated
  6. Musky Season Anyone have luck yet? I just fished the past two days, both in the early morning, no luck, just one small pike in between work. What are you casting/trolling? The jakes have proven to be great over the past year for me.
  7. St Lawrence Muskie Is anyone on here fishing the St. Lawrence this fall? I have had some interesting experiences on this river, but man do the fishing tactics vary drastically on a day to day basis. I am still trying to wrap my head around the habits of the river muskies during the transition into fall.
  8. jk1 Tell me about it. That was a fish I have been waiting for for the past 3 years. I will be buying another mattlock lure and try again later in the season. The floating weeds are pretty bad right now. I had a lot of big pike follow up to the boat a couple mornings casting a 10 inch jake off a deep weed edge. Only caught a small one when I switched to a deep diving Ernie.
  9. I pulled the trigger and bought a 12' Supernatural Big Bait Mattlock lure... It got crushed by a goliath yesterday fishing a 45 foot ledge and I lost it due to my line having a kink really deep in the spool..My drag went to 100% and then snapped.. I was so bummed. That lure cost 100 bucks but I hooked a giant musky. I will be swapping my line out for super slick power pro.. I have had great success with 10 inch Jake lures. Caught two muskies up there last fall on one.
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