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    We started in the day. About 4PM. We thought we’d spend a good chunk of time looking for fish on the graph to get on them before the sunset bite...and into dark. But we marked a lot of fish quickly in deep water 27’ so we threw down some jigs. We got 3 on that program but they didn’t come quick or easy. The screen looked great but there was never a steady bite....for us, anyways. The rest came after dark close to shore.
  2. Otisco, hands down. But if you’re in the neighborhood of Conesus, Honeoye may be a closer productive bet. They run smaller there but they’re good eaters. I don’t know anyone who fishes Conesus specifically for Walleye. I can’t say from personal experience but I’m of the impression that most eyes taken on Conesus are rogues caught by Pike and Bass fishermen. There are a lot of big eyes in Conesus but they’re hard to get from what I understand.
  3. Pardon my ignorance, please. But what does W.O.C.S. stand for? Walleye Ontario Charter Service, perhaps?
  4. bosco


    3 guys. 6 keepers, 3 shorts. Honeoye. Had to work for them for sure. Still better than any opener I've ever had on I-Bay.
  5. bosco

    Getting close

    Yeah...I was originally going to try last year's plan and shoot for Erie / Chautauqua. Last year on Friday night 12 mph winds were enough to force me to hug the break wall in my 16 footer on Erie and I only got 1. Next night (Saturday night) with even stronger winds forecast I decided I'd better just put in at Chautauqua and got 6. 1 pig, 2 eaters, and 3 shorts. But as the forecast starting to get dialed in a few days ago I decided on Honeoye. Close to home, small body of water. Wind wouldn't affect me too much. But when the hourly temps on weather.com reached out as far as Saturday AM, I saw that and said "nope". Probably wouldn't be a very enjoyable night. If I had a bigger boat and was down with trolling, maybe. But my boat is small and I hate dredging for fish. Especially Walleye.
  6. bosco

    Getting close

    Opening night is an annual rite for me. Put in at 11:30 on Friday night and start fishing at midnight. Not this year. A forecast showing 37 degrees with snow showers at midnight and dropping to 32 by daybreak isn't good night fishing weather. Especially on opening weekend which is usually less productive for me than the end of May, early June.
  7. 100 views is not much and I’d guess that of those hundred, not many more than the 1 who replied has ever fished it. It’s been on my radar ever since I read an article boasting the amazing fishing both there and on the Seneca River. But I’ve never seen a solid report out of there...ever. JohnnyWalleye pounded the crap out of it a bunch of times with little to show for it if I recall. I don’t think it’s anyone’s honey hole so much as there are so may better options within reasonable proximity with Oneida being the best.
  8. South end. Before dark. Hole hopped until I found a spot with a good gill bite. Set up the lantern and it was a steady pick of gills on the bottom and the crappie would hit at 5 foot as I brought the jig up through the water column. Really consistent pattern.
  9. I did the lantern bite tonight on Honeoye as well. Same results as Longspurs.
  10. Guys are fishing Honeoye and Conesus
  11. Father and daughter. What god-awful news. https://www.nny360.com/news/stlawrencecounty/it-s-a-recovery-effort-at-this-point-search-efforts-resume-on-black-lake-for/article_096f5f62-59a2-11eb-8884-23681c2859cd.html
  12. Makes sense. I’m 3 years away from retirement and I’ll be running a similar program. If there were ice at home I’d probably be on Honeoye. As it is, I’m in a hotel room watching the Bills game, trying to figure out what tomorrow might look like. Done enough smallish perch for one weekend.
  13. We were on Hyde today but we got there wicked early so parking wasn’t an issue. All the smallish perch we wanted. Kept a couple dozen of the biggest ones. Grubs and all. It’s a small lot so there there was plenty of room to fish. No one was pressuring anybody. Were you out on Hyde today, Kevin?
  14. Thanks. I’m driving after work tomorrow (Fri.) to check some spots for Saturday morning. Hyde, Butterfield, Payne. If that’s no good I may have to join the masses on LOTI.
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