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  1. I was recovering from surgery all of July. I just got out for the first time last week and did pretty good. 7 on the night between 2 guys. Went out again Wednesday and worked harder to get 4. All after dark.
  2. It's an old article but the river got the attention of ESPN https://www.espn.com/outdoors/fishing/news/story?page=f_map_06_NY_SenecaRiver I've wanted to try it for Crappie myself.
  3. Thank you. Even if it was you I would’ve given you your space. I’ve got a few go to spots and I always need a nudge to get off them and make sure I’m finding/learning new spots. Anyways, when that boat left I let it settle for about an hour and went over and that’s when/where I picked up the two. I think I’ll be back out tonight though. When I’m not getting fish I want to get out there until I do and when I’m getting fish I don’t want to leave a good bite. It’s like a 2 sided curse.
  4. Tough night. Only 2. 18" & 22". First one didn't come until 1:15 AM. It really surprised me because water temps were up 5 degrees from last week and I was marking lots of fish in some of the typical spots. I actually saw 2 other boats out. One trolling and one casting in close and he was on my 90% spot. I mean RIGHT on it. Nearly 15 years I've been fishing that Bay and I've never seen anyone else working that area. I would've been pissed except I thought it was probably Devo's kid and Devo's helped me with a lot of info over the years. It's gotta pick up soon. Tonight was definitely an anomaly compared to this time in years past.
  5. bosco


    There’s a decent Walleye population there. My folks had a cottage there from 1970 to 2017. I practically grew up on that lake. When I bought my own boat in ‘91 I was able to keep it in the hoist and spent weekends and after work hours there through my 20’s. I spent a lot of time on that lake fishing Walleye. I can honestly say it’s one of the least satisfying Walleye fisheries in the region for me. It was a matter of convenience at that time. It’s a great fishery for largemouth and pannies and it’s my preferred water for ice fishing but I never ice fish it specifically targeting Walleye....they’re just a bonus if I happen into them. I’m sure there’s guys who crush it on a regular there, and if I didn’t have a more productive spot on my doorstep I’d probably be a little more intentional about investing more time catching up on things there. Especially right now while the water’s cooler and the weeds aren’t bad and the annual algae bloom isn’t setting up. But targeting Walleye on Honeoye these days?....meh. I feel like I’ve got several better options in the region. And I can’t see myself trolling for eyes with boards and riggers anywhere....let alone Honeoye. But to each his own. I have an acquaintance who told me he and his group got over 30 shore casting at night opening weekend there so maybe I’m just missing it.
  6. Sticks. I had my brother out with me and I was doing a little more captaining than fishing myself and I wanted him to have a good night so I wasn't trying to finesse them but rather have him throw a face full of trebles at them. In fact, I only got one and that was trolling early. He got 4 casting and he's not used to getting even an Ontario limit so we left happy.
  7. 5 tonight. 18”- 24”. Would like to have gotten 1 more for a 2 man limit but they all went back tonight anyways. Hands down this is the best month of May I’ve ever had. (It helps I went to Erie and Chautauqua opening weekend to pad my numbers a bit) Temps 52-53 up 3 degrees from 2 nights ago.
  8. You know...I thought of that but I didn't have any stingers in the tackle I brought. I have a small boat and night fishing sort of requires everything to have a place and extreme organization so I bring only what I need so my terminal tackle box stayed home. If I had them I'd have used them in that moment. Honestly though, I've NEVER utilized these type of paddle baits so I'm up for the challenge. I'll chalk up losing a few eyes to growing in my learning curve.
  9. They slammed them though. Interesting that I was getting fish on two totally different colors, actions, and retrieved. If it wasn't for the mouth full of trebles they get on those Rapalas my box would've been empty.
  10. 4 for 6. Fish are active but it's a work night. First I-Bay limit this season plus one 24" that went back. I'm pretty happy.
  11. Moved around early trying some atypical spots. Watching the graph. Getting better acquainted with some out of the way spots. Nothing. Went to my 90% spot and got one first cast. Firetiger HJ. Said "okay, time for the Keitech". Got one on the 2nd cast and lost it. Had another on the cast after that and it broke off. My fault. A few more casts and nothing. It's SO flat and calm. I figured I'd float away, let the water settle down, throw up a report and get back at it. So far, so good on the Keitechs. Just my own mistakes kept them out of the livewell.
  12. Sight Flash are the ones Justin's been pushing. And by the way, mine JUST CAME IN MAIL TODAY!! So Justin, I'm putting them to the test tonight. They only had the Swing Impact FAT in stock when I ordered so that's what I've got to go with. But I've got a spot on a spot where 90% of the time there's eyes there. And 90% of that 90% I can pull 1 or 2 out of that spot. Often times more than that but not this early in the year for some reason. So I'm putting the Keitech to the test tonight. They're down a little deeper here so I've got my favorite option next to 2 other options next to the Keitech. I'll let you know about 2AM how they stacked up.
  13. I'm working from home now so I can pretty much set my own hours so I'm doing Monday and Tuesday's work today and tomorrow so I can maybe go out Sunday and Monday night (or Monday/Tuesday...whatever I want, really). I need it just a few degrees warmer. Shore casting would be one thing but putting the boat in and floating around on an aluminum ice box with the wind they're calling for tonight? I've got better options coming down the road real soon.
  14. Seriously though....I ordered some.
  15. So 2 things. First, I won’t fish with anything whose pronunciation is in question. That’s why I use Smithwick instead of Ruh-Pal-Uh (or is it Rap-Uh-Luh?) See what I mean? Second, I’m not going fishing again at all until the temperature drops a little. Just too darned warm out there for night fishing Walleye right now.
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