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  1. bosco

    Walleye Parasite ???

    Sorry to scare anyone on western Ontario or the St. Lawrence but I saw these on a Walleye we caught on a charter near Ogdensburg this past weekend. I pointed them out to the captain and he said he hadn't seen them before. The only reason I thought to even look for them was because of this thread (and I told him as much....that they'd been reported out of Erie). I wonder how far and wide the problem is. If I ever get a keeper this year on Irondequoit Bay, I'll certainly look for them there as well.
  2. bosco

    Tough bite

    Coincidentally, I just took a 4 hour charter out of Lisbon yesterday AM. 1AM-5AM. We boated 4 and lost one. The captain said that was a slow trip on what’s been a tough year.
  3. bosco

    Dunkirk walleye opener

    Wait...you mean all these years I’ve been fishing I-Bay I could’ve been dropping a limit off to the car at 11:59PM and then gone back out for another limit at 12:01AM? I always defined a day’s limit as what I caught in one outing...from, say, 9:00PM to 2:00AM...for example. That’s good to know. That’s ALOT of eaters I’ve been unnecessarily throwing back. The freezer should be twice as full in the next few weeks then.
  4. bosco

    Ohio walleye

    I just noticed the link on the bottom left of LOU's home page. https://www.lakeerieunited.com/
  5. Because a couple decades ago you had to catch 15 eyes to get one over 18. The lake was loaded with smaller fish. At the time, I welcomed the 15. It meant I got to actually keep a couple from time to time.
  6. bosco

    New World Record Walleye!!

    I was going to say that (even if true) it's still nearly 2 lbs shy of the legendary Mabry Harper's 25 lber out of Old Hickory Lake in TN.
  7. bosco

    walleye stocking lake ontario

    I've got a buddy who charters out of the Genessee and he says he gets an odd ball Walleye now and again while fishing for the trout and salmon but as far as targeting them in the open water apart from the Niagara and St. Lawrence area I would think would be futile.
  8. bosco

    walleye stocking lake ontario

    I do very well on the eyes in Irondequoit Bay in May, July, and August but only at night. I haven’t figured them out in the day and, frankly, with all the drunks and recreational boaters/jet skiers tearing it up out there I’m not inclined to put the time in to find them. I’d heard the DEC had been quietly stocking the bay a bunch of years back but I’ve never caught a tagged one.
  9. bosco

    Hardwater report !!

    Yup. I get them in the Honeoye Perch all the time. I pop 'em out like a zit with the tip of my fillet knife and fry them up. It's not ideal but I like Honeoye and I like Perch. I don't fish the gills but even so, yours is the first story I've heard of those worms showing up in the gills. Or was it in the Crappie? I'd guess the gills because the Crappie are often higher in the water column and the gills tend to hang toward the bottom, which is where I think the fish are getting their food containing this parasite.
  10. bosco

    Night fishing

    I surely would've preferred mid lake. My folks used to have a cottage just south of the Ranch so I could park there and walk across to the trench with little difficulty. They sold it last year so now I'm either Sandy Bottom or State Launch and a lot of hoofin' it. I'm just not yet in a position to take on that distance. Hand augering wasn't terribly comfortable either. Maybe in another week or so.
  11. bosco

    Night fishing

    I went out of Sandy Bottom yesterday figuring the water might be less stained being so far from the inlet. I started in 13' and was able to see me lure go down to the 7 foot mark. The fishing on the other hand...I had a real hard time marking ANY fish. Bounced all over the place. Finally I found a spot that got me about a dozen or so dink perch. I stuck in that area and fired up the lantern after dark to try and call in the Crappie. Not a single blip on the Vex for nearly 2 hours. Anyways, I was grateful just to get out. I went up to Quinte over Christmas break for a couple days, started to get a bad stomach ache on the ride home and 4 days later I was on the operating table getting my appendix removed. That was followed the next week by a bad infection at the largest incision point. Anyways, I was finally feeling good enough to try and get on the ice last night so I was extremely grateful just to catch a dozen dink perch.
  12. bosco

    Headache from propane

    I call it "propane brain". I rented a hut on Quinte for a day over Christmas break. The heater provided gave me a headache and made me want to lie down and sleep. The next day I went out with my Clam and a Mr. Heater Buddy and with a little ventilation and it was absolutely night and day.
  13. bosco

    Night fishing

    I'm going to Honeoye after work today to fish for Walleye through sunset and then for Crappie by lantern light. I enjoy this kind of fishing because I usually have plenty of solitude. As far as targeting Walleye after dark, like pulling an all nighter, I've tried it on Honeoye and didn't get anything until twilight the next morning. I plan to try an all-nighter for Walleye again in the real near future but not around here (Rochester/Finger Lakes area).
  14. bosco

    Icing BIG whiteys

    Caught one by accident on Lake Nippising a number of years ago. I was in a rented hut with a buddy, set my pole down on the bench with the line reeled up just to to keep the bait barely submerged under the water. I went outside for a moment and when I came back in I walked over to the bench, glanced down the hole and saw a fish swim right under and grab my bait and just keep on going. I had to lunge and nearly lost my pole down the hole but grabbed it just in time to pull my one and only whitefish through the ice. Threw it back though. I'm a walleye kind of angler.
  15. bosco

    Who's ready??

    December 27/28/29 if ice conditions allow. If not, I'm going to take those days and go SOMEWHERE in NY that has good conditions. Maybe Simond Pond up at Tupper Lake, maybe Black Lake. Not sure yet but I've been following the 10 day outlook on Weather.com and dang if they aren't getting some cold days and nights up there.
  16. bosco

    Who's ready??

    I like the look of those Walleye above. I'd like to go to western Erie or Quinte but I'm too cheap to buy an out of state license when I've already got a good NYS one. So I'm holding out for good ice on the St. Lawrence. I've been planning (and then cancelling) trips up there by Massena and Ogdensburg for the last 5 years. This is the year though. New Clam flipover, hotel booked, locations scouted. Now it's just hurry up and wait.
  17. bosco

    Adk mini gold

    Well...I didn't get out much this year. I'd been spoiled all these years. I'm used to pulling out of my driveway and throwing the first cast 20 minutes later. Having to tow to the Webster side to launch and then motor 5mph to get to some good water meant an additional hour plus of travel time. I did have a few really good nights but had an equal number of tough nights too. I've been coming to this area of the adks for decades and mostly I get bass and small pike here. It's just what the lake seems to offer up more of. So to get a couple small eyes (got another on the sunset run) on this overlooked castaway of a lake is kinda meaningful to me.
  18. bosco

    Adk mini gold

    Adk mini gold I know. It's nowhere near Lake O but still...happy to have a weekend on Little Wolf Pond (Tupper Lake). Access to a little 12' aluminum. Brought a trolling motor/battery, bare bones tackle, and mustered up this little fella. Throw in four small bass and that's not a bad hour of fishing.
  19. bosco

    walleye stocking lake ontario

    I don't know that it would even be worthwhile. There are already Walleye in every Lake Ontario bay and tributary from the St. Lawrence to the Niagra, from Quinte to Irondequoit. The Eastern basin is loaded with them. There's nothing stopping them from migrating to the rest of the open water if the habitat were desirable to them. I think they just reject the open water west of Chamount and Henderson.
  20. bosco

    Walleye in I bay

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojGhaGwGPg4 Bleeding Walleye
  21. bosco

    Walleye in I bay

    Short answer...a pair of garden pruners to their throats. Long answer....for me anyways....just before heading back to the launch, I take them out of the live-well and snip their throats, and throw them back in the live-well. Then I throttle back to the launch and while I'm motoring, the live-well drains while the fish bleed out. When I get to the dock and stop the boat, the live-well fills up again and gives them another good washing over. I pull my boat out, the live-well drains again, and I drive them the 1 mile to my garage and clean them immediately. I know this scenario can't work for everyone but that's the program I've developed for my circumstances.
  22. bosco

    Walleye in I bay

    I, personally, eat many Walleye out of I-Bay every year. When I first started fishing on the bay I thought they were not as good as the eyes from Honeoye that I grew up eating. I now follow the instructions as described above and they're perfectly fine in my opinion. Bleed them and filet them with great care and they're great. I generally sift through the 23"-28"ers that are common and just keep the 18"-22"ers. I usually don't have a problem fishing until I find some smaller ones. And I do believe it's a matter of Alewife diet over water quality.
  23. bosco

    Ok Folks, Where are ya headed for the walleye opener

    Yeah...I hear ya. Staying up late isn't the problem for me. It's getting back to feeling normal after the sleep depravation. Good luck to yourself as well.
  24. bosco

    Ok Folks, Where are ya headed for the walleye opener

    Yeah Devo. My personal best from I-Bay came on opening night 2 years ago. It was the only fish I got that night though. I'm having second thoughts about staying home. Fifty degrees and light rain forecast. I can handle that from for a few hours in the darkness. Should I look for you out there or are you a daytime fisher?
  25. bosco

    Ok Folks, Where are ya headed for the walleye opener

    The unthinkable....I might just sit this one out. Opening night has always been more of an annual rite than a particularly good night of fishing for me anyways. Usually around the last week of May and the first week of June is when I-Bay starts to turn on for me anyways. I think I'll enjoy the warmth of a fire, stay home with the Mrs and then proceed to ditch her in the pursuit of ol' marble eyes for all the weekends in June.