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  1. I did pretty good on the opener last year on Honeoye. But I did better on Chautauqua the year before. Honeoye is WAY closer to home but I think there's better prospects for a limit of 18"+ eyes elsewhere.
  2. Honestly, it was luck. I'd heard that they cruise under the ice looking for smelt so I just spread them out randomly with 15' being my deepest. It was also freezing and terribly windy/drifty so I spent most of my day cleaning holes and didn't spend much time refining things once I got everything in the drink. On the vex, everything was on the bottom but it looked like schools of smelt. We downsided bigtime to try an catch some. We'd get tiny little ticks but nothing on. We also jigged the bottom with raps, kastmasters, etc, to no avail.
  3. It came on a tip up 8’ below the ice over 40fow. We had 8 tip ups out between 5’-15’ under the ice. That was the only flag we had all day.
  4. Thank you. I said Brown, my brother said LLS. Tail and mouth told me Brown. Very few spots below the lateral line and orange fillets told him LLS. I'm a walleye guy and it was my first time on Hemlock. I was going for Salmon but I won't complain.
  5. bosco


    Excellent. I got out of my lane for a minute there. I'll go back to flipping Bombardiers now.
  6. I know THAT!!! I meant male or female.
  7. So is anyone 100% sure on what this one is?
  8. I was wondering that also. I was thinking maybe access can be had at the Cross Lake Marina and Inn. They’re closed in the winter. I don’t know if they plow or if they implicitly forbid access from their property it or tacitly allow it. I’d like to know. I’d like to try for Crappies at night but it’s too far a drive to get denied.
  9. bosco


    brucehookedup….I thought you spent your winters chasing rabbits with the beagle? Keuka? For Lakers? You’ve changed.
  10. We went out of the south end launch yesterday and it was clearly NOT good everywhere. We trekked north until we got to where this wind blown chunkiness began. There was a huge East/West crack on the north side of that, also. So we knew we couldn’t get any further than 40 fow on this day. A couple guys that arrived after us tried spudding through, and eventually got around it, but they were REALLY determined and spudded their way almost all the way to shoreline in order to get around it. In the end, they didn’t get more than 150 yards north of where we were fishing (which tells me that either they knew exactly where they wanted to fish and we’re willing to go through a heck of a lot of extra effort to get that 150 yards…or that they simply couldn’t get any further north). Meanwhile, the snow blew and drifted hard all morning and almost completely covered the visual warnings mentioned earlier. Another guy came out later and was walking right past us in an effort to get out to where the other guys were. He, having no idea of the extra effort and precautions those earlier guys took to get out there, simply saw people out there and figured it was safe to walk straight out to them. I yelled to him to stop and trotted over to him to explain that it was unsafe and the extent to which those other guys went to get out there. He had no spud bar and decided 40 fow was good enough for him too. So there’s the lesson. People here can graciously share what they believe to be accurate conditions (and we thank you) but it may not be accurate. You can look with your own eyes and perceive what you believe to be true…but even that, also, may not be true. You owe it to yourself to know for yourself…first hand. By the way….we froze our arses off but finished with just 1 fish, a beautiful 24” LLS.
  11. Thank you. And good...I can get those locally easy enough.
  12. I'm going to break from my usual Walleye/Perch ice fishing and try and get a landlocked Salmon. I'm reading that Smelt is the best bait to put under tip ups but I'd rather jig for salmon than jig for smelt to put on my tip ups. I'm also reading that "Icicles" are a good bait for this. So my question is...are Icicles the same as Emerald Shiners? Thanks
  13. I get it. My preference is Walleye, Perch, and Crappie in that order. I specifically target Crappie less than a handful of times a year. Perch, no problem. Crappie are a challenge. There's certain spots at certain times of year but the window is tight with no guarantees, times of disappointment.
  14. Well...just outside the high Peaks, really. Southern Franklin County. They're always small though. I've only caught 1 keeper for the dozens caught over the years. Mostly open water, by the way. I just have an area that's close to the heart the happens to get ice on the earlier side. Scratches the itch until it freezes down here.
  15. bosco

    Fall perch

    They're still hitting. No ice on the horizon, open water, and temps in the 40's meant I had to get the boat out. Kept just a dozen of the biggest ones. Of the three times I've been out I'm noticing that the dinks have largely disappeared. If the ice sets up it's going to be an awesome season.
  16. Good times. Not big numbers. Not big fish. But beautiful surroundings and enough perch, Pike, walleye action to book again for the long weekend next month. I think it'll be awhile before us flatlanders can get on the ice locally.
  17. Webcams are showing some bodies locked up. Unwrap some presents on Saturday....put 'em to use on Sunday. Safety first but I think it's on!
  18. bosco


    We started in the day. About 4PM. We thought we’d spend a good chunk of time looking for fish on the graph to get on them before the sunset bite...and into dark. But we marked a lot of fish quickly in deep water 27’ so we threw down some jigs. We got 3 on that program but they didn’t come quick or easy. The screen looked great but there was never a steady bite....for us, anyways. The rest came after dark close to shore.
  19. Otisco, hands down. But if you’re in the neighborhood of Conesus, Honeoye may be a closer productive bet. They run smaller there but they’re good eaters. I don’t know anyone who fishes Conesus specifically for Walleye. I can’t say from personal experience but I’m of the impression that most eyes taken on Conesus are rogues caught by Pike and Bass fishermen. There are a lot of big eyes in Conesus but they’re hard to get from what I understand.
  20. Pardon my ignorance, please. But what does W.O.C.S. stand for? Walleye Ontario Charter Service, perhaps?
  21. bosco


    3 guys. 6 keepers, 3 shorts. Honeoye. Had to work for them for sure. Still better than any opener I've ever had on I-Bay.
  22. bosco

    Getting close

    Yeah...I was originally going to try last year's plan and shoot for Erie / Chautauqua. Last year on Friday night 12 mph winds were enough to force me to hug the break wall in my 16 footer on Erie and I only got 1. Next night (Saturday night) with even stronger winds forecast I decided I'd better just put in at Chautauqua and got 6. 1 pig, 2 eaters, and 3 shorts. But as the forecast starting to get dialed in a few days ago I decided on Honeoye. Close to home, small body of water. Wind wouldn't affect me too much. But when the hourly temps on weather.com reached out as far as Saturday AM, I saw that and said "nope". Probably wouldn't be a very enjoyable night. If I had a bigger boat and was down with trolling, maybe. But my boat is small and I hate dredging for fish. Especially Walleye.
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