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  1. 1,000 copper I think I would have to brake out the Fish Wench we use for Tuna , 600' kicks the normal's guys rear ....after a couple of take downs.. I do love copper for Lakers on Oregon lakes....nothing deadlier
  2. Just ask the American Indian how gun laws worked out for them....
  3. Pete Some say the NFL has moved in to a new era of offence, but this could not be further from the truth.....Go back to when I was a kid you saw more quarter backs rushing, then one day a long down the field pass opened it all up and was never the same. Even the great YA Tittle with his 56.6 rating was considered one of the greats in 1955 What it looks like to me is teams have gone back to old style hitting and running in the mud and snow football. The NFL has gone through a lot of changes since 1965. They had painted dirt, then moved to painted grass, then the 1st domed stadium 1965 Huston TX, then to Astroturf 1965 .
  4. Tom old buddy I have been a fan of the 9er's since 1958. BUT NO MORE..........I am upset the way Harbaugh has treated Alex Smith...He knew back before the season when looking at Manning he told a big one about Alex is our guy....Now the # 3 quarter back in the NFL has been benched. So I am looking for a new team to jump up and down about even in the bad years.. Alex Smith just can not get a brake from coaches is 8 years. 1st seven year went through a bunch of different coaches , then Harbaugh gets there and Alex takes them all the way to Division play offs. Keapernick will find out he is only as wanted as long as his legs keep working.....If he ends up like RG3 he will be selling cars some where.
  5. Helping a friend sell his TR-1 2000 was hooked up to an Evenrude 8 horse kicker. It's in good shape and works with no problems, used less than 6 hours. $1,350.00 plus shipping from Redding California
  6. Bob Pull up your skirt and stay home. Rent a video of Florida while relaxing in your recliner. Try Remember Wayne County Loves you
  7. Pete I am 4th generation on the same piece of land out here. Both my brothers live on that same piece of land. The population of our town is 22, we had a population explosion during the 90s. when three families moved in down the road after the Clark's sold off three sections of their ranch. Sounds like in your description above is more like White trash..... I don't know anyone up here with such toys in their front yard. Now if you go down the road about 12 miles to the nearest city, where people from the big cities have moved up to ,you will witness that kind of behavior. We call them want ( Want A Bee's ). They are always getting lost while out hunting. The Sheriff has to hold search and rescue for these want a bee's taking him away from more important jobs. If it was up to me and my kin , we would let these want a bee's find their own way out of the mountains or perish, we call in natures natural selection. They shot out of a truck and call it hunting, sure wish the Deer and Elk could shoot back at the fools. Well I could go on for hours about this, but I think you all get my point. Pete hope you held up to Sandra ok...
  8. The news out west is showing 25 footers for you all out there....Hope you all came through this ok......Will someone PLEASE tell Ray to put the Canoe back in the garage.
  9. You all be safe out there..........Keep the hatch button up....Ray close the widow and stay inside....
  10. Sacramento River, Calif. Winter Run Kings Oct 2012...1st mate Chuck on the net. Boat is a 23' North River
  11. Pete I am not going to make excuses for the 9ers. We will see you guys in the play offs
  12. Congratulation NY, was a heck of a good game. Thank you for making some people come back to earth Ray sorry no Star Bucks here in my little town with a population of 22. The nearest one is only 42 miles down the mountain
  13. Pete I can't believe your NY Sports writers slamming the giants in this article.... " Why should they bother showing up? The New York Giants have no chance of beating the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, October 14 at Candlestick Park." By Adam Martini This guy Adam Martin is a piece of work. Would love to know how he writes about politics. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/giants-no- ... --nfl.html GOOD LUCK, SHOULD BE ONE HELL OF A HARD HITTING GAME.
  14. And the GAY BAY... It should be one heck of a game on Sunday.....Some papers say it's going to be the biggest game of the season. Try and remember when the game is over, there is no crying in football
  15. That same dealer out here carries the NORTH RIVER. Take a look at the 2012 North River 24' Seahawk Cuddy before you head back east. They are made with heavier metal, they are also more fishermen friendly with out paying for extra options.
  16. San Francisco 49ers make NFL history 300 yards Passing against Buffalo 300 Yards Rushing against Buffalo
  17. 2 Down and 1 to go I hope you and Vince will still be able to fish after watching this game...I have been wondering where the 9ers would be today if the managers would have lesson to all the outside commendatory that wanted to get rid of Alex Smith for years........... This next game should be something to watch, don't for get the popcorn and pizza and a crying towel
  18. Vince Last year it was the bounce of the ball that cost the 9ers a win against Manning. I don't think you will see that happen again. Oct 14th we will see if Manning and company can hold up against a pounding by 9ers Defense . By the way how do you like that Qualia reel from San Diego ?
  19. Vince Last year it was the bounce of the ball that cost the 9ers a win against Manning. I don't think you will see that happen again. Oct 14th we will see if Manning and company can hold up against a pounding by 9ers Defense . By the way how do you like that Qualia reel from San Diego ?
  20. Tom We will treat your Bill's to some ocean run salmon while their out here next Sunday , Just how many teams do you Yankees need ?
  21. What, you guys don't love your Jets ? Heck I even got up at 4 am out here to put ribs and a Tri-Tip in the smoker for the games today........... Should be a good game.....
  22. Ray Don't you mean your a proud POLISH AMERICAN ,
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